Are you going on a date, which is about to finish at either your or your girl’s place? Then our hit list of sex tips will be of good help to you.

Sex Tips for Men 1. The way to bed has its start at the beginning of your meeting. Therefore, before going on a date make sure that you have taken a shower or a bath. Every man has his natural smell, which some women like, while others don’t. However no woman will stand the smell of sweat, if you do not look after yourself.

Sex Tips for Men 2. Having clean teeth is also very important. After the shower you must definitely brush your teeth. If you are going to kiss a woman or even just sit in front of her, you must understand that bad smell or pieces of food stuck between your teeth will not do you good. In case the girl is distracted from you by something during the date, she will immediately want to finish it as soon as possible.

Sex Tips for Men 3. Do not eat too much before sex. If you do, you can end up suddenly having to finish the love making process as you will need to go to the toilet. You could have a light salad and some fruit. Shrimps and prawns will help you to make the sexual act longer.

Sex Tips for Men 4. Do not drink too much alcohol. It is not a secret that after having a drink our sex desire grows, however the ability to have good one falls. Moreover, when you are tipsy, a girl is unlikely to want to have sex with you, since she will not want to have a boring, drowsy man thinking about something distant, and not about his partner.

Sex Tips for Men 5. Always use a condom. Even if you think that the woman in front of you is an angel and is as innocent as a nun, protect yourself to be on the safe side.

Sex Tips for Men 6. Do not hurry. It is desirable to start with relaxing massage, especially if your partner has had a tense busy day. Moreover, you yourself have to get excited. In other case, nothing good will happen. If you need help with that, you could ask your girl to give you a hand.

Sex Tips for Men 7. Remember that a woman has a lot of erogenous zones. Start with caressing her neck, ears, shoulders, a right breast, a left breast, her tummy, and only then move to the lower part of her body. The more you tease your partner, the more excited she will get and the more pleasure she will feel.

Sex Tips for Men 8. Women are non-flammable creatures. So, as you have read in the previous tip, you must tease your partner before reaching your final goal. Let her go mad while your hands and lips will be moving a little lower. You could rich the “triangle” kiss her there and go back to the breast kissing your way back. Do it a couple of times in a row. The girl will go crazy and pounce at you.

Sex Tips for Men 9. New positions during a sexual act are a good idea. However, do not turn the process into an aerobics class. The more times you change the position, the less pleasure the girl will get. The best idea is to use not more than 3 positions during one act.

Sex Tips for Men 10. Respect your girl. If you want to experiment or want her to do something which she is not ready to do, do not insist on it. If she has started doing something to give you pleasure, do not try to command and move her head forward or backwards or regulate the rhythm, let her act her own way. By the way, when you are about to finish the sexual act, let your partner know about it. Remember: ladies first, meaning that the girl must be the first one to reach the peak of pleasure and only then you can.