Kissing apparently connects your souls in the ultimate of ways. It’s a culmination of amazing emotions when we’re overwhelmed. It might be a passionate tongue kiss, sexual or romantic or it could be a sign of social traditions, a mark of excitement or expression of sympathy shared by people.
However, how many interesting facts about kissing do you know? Furthermore, in your point of view, is it just an intimate moment between a man and a woman in love or something more complicated? Here are some fascinating psychological and scientific facts about kissing.
Your dopamine level could increase when you’re kissing passionately your sweetheart for the first time
One of the neurotransmitters responsible for our ability to enjoy is dopamine, an organic chemical element. It’s dopamine that urges you to be connected with someone you like. Besides, it could cause loss of hunger, insomnia and a flare of enthusiasm.
Your heart starts beating faster, sending your brains oxygen
Your adrenal gland receives signals of your brain and a wide range of hormones are released making, for instance, norepinephrine, adrenaline and epinephrine pass through your blood. As a result, your heart gives even more blood to your brain.
Tooth decay could be prevented due to putting your lips together
One of the facts of kissing related to our health seems to be absolutely remarkable. The saliva flow is significantly increased protecting tooth enamel. A great number of bites of food is effectively cleaned between your teeth.
A vast majority of people close their eyes. But what is the reason?
As a result of your smooch, your pupil tends to dilate. Your nervous system is triggered with affection and responds automatically. Therefore, additional light is allowed to enter your eyes. Their oversensitivity makes you close your eyes.
A feeling of euphoria is provided
Nope, it isn’t a divine intervention. Your hypothalamus or, in particular, your pituitary gland helps endorphins release. That’s why locking your lips you’re likely to be thrilled.
A man passes on testosterone
Could you ever imagine or think that the male sex hormone causes agitation and recovers libido? Open mouth or French kissing makes a woman feel more plugged into love. Moreover, a good smooch might lessen a girl’s anxiety.
Putting your lips together helps you lose calories
Your metabolic rate is significantly enhanced!
Dozens of million of microbes are got into your body
Actually, you share with your partner a common microbe medium. That’s why your immunity is increased.
In some cultures kisses are… forbidden
For example, in Africa it’s believed that your soul may be stolen from your lips, so people avoid kissing.
More than three hundred hours we spend kissing
It’s about two weeks of your life. Is it a lot or is it a little?