A kiss… what pictures come to your mind when you hear this word? I am sure, you will agree that it is a pleasant thing to do and it is something we cannot imagine our life without. It seems that we know all about a usual kiss; however, we have found some interesting facts about kisses that might surprise you. Interested? Then read our article up to the end.

Let us start with physical facts about kisses.

  1. I think that you have heard that kisses are healthy. And it is absolutely true. Scientists have found out that a kiss stimulates the work of heart muscle: men’s heart beat rises up to 110 beats and women’s heart beat rises up to 108 beats per minute. People who are kissing make 60 intakes of breath instead of usual 20 ones. This activates bloodstream, improves the supply of oxygen to organs, and has a good influence not only on cardiovascular system, but also on lungs, stomach, etc.
  2. A “French kiss” is a medicine against ageing. During such a kiss 29 muscles of your face work, making your bloodstream more intense. This procedure improves the nutrition of facial tissues, building up the skin tone and in such a way smoothing the wrinkles.
  3. The last of physical facts about kisses we will mention is that during a kiss about 278 kinds of bacteria travel from one person to another. The good news, however, is that 95% of them are harmless.

I truly believe that a couple or two of historical facts about kisses will add taste to the article.

  1. Ancient Egyptians knew nothing about kisses. They rubbed each other’s noses. Can you believe it? The famous Cleopatra, known as men’s heartbreaker, might have never had a real kiss…
  2. In medieval Italy a man who kissed a woman in public, had to marry her. Moreover, in Naples the law was even stricter:  if someone was caught kissing in the street, they could be put to prison, or even executed if one of clergymen had seen this sinful act.
  3. In ancient England, there was a custom: during a fair, women took an apple, stuck little carnations into it and offered this apple to the man they wanted to kiss. The man, in his turn, had to take out a carnation, chew it and then kiss the girl. He had no right to refuse to kiss the girl and the more carnations there were in an apple, the more kisses the girl could get.
  4. The first kiss was filmed in 1886 in a Tony Edison’s 30-second film, which had the name “A kiss”. And the first longest film kiss lasted for 3 minutes and 5 seconds. It was a scene from a movie “You are in the Army Now” in which John Raegan’s ex-wife Jane Wyman was kissing Regis Toomey.    

Finally, we cannot help sharing a couple of everyday life facts about kisses. I am sure that you will be surprised by some of them.

  1. Believe it or not, but people are not the only living creatures who kiss. Kissing is what cows, squirrels and even snails do. However, only chimpanzees kiss in a way similar to the way we do. The rest of animals just poke each other’s noses.
  2. People, who kiss their partner before going to work every morning, get tired less, get into car crashes on their way to work less often and, what is more, live 5 years longer than those who don’t.
  3. According to a Scientific American magazine research people make most kisses on St Valentine’s day, what is more, about 65 percent of kissers bend their heads right.

Summarizing everything written above, we can make a conclusion that a kiss, even the shortest one, is something that makes our life better. That is why, do not waste a moment and kiss the person who is beside you to make you both a little bit happier and healthier.