Good time of day to you, my dear readers. This article can be a good help for those who are going to meet Ukrainian girls soon. Even if you have had thousands of dates, I offer you to look through this guide of the most widespread mistakes that can spoil your first date and leave you no chance to impress your lady. As they say: better safe than sorry.

Mistake #1.

As you know, every date begins with meeting a girl. That is why, planning your date, make sure you leave enough time for taking a shower, choosing the clothes you will wear, cleaning your shoes, warming up the car and the way to the place where you will meet one of Ukrainian girls.

It will be great to have 15 minutes in store, in case of some unexpected circumstances that can delay you on your way.

Mistake #2.

The next mistake is the absence of a plan of what you will do and where you will go. Do not even think of asking your lady: “What shall we do?” or “Where shall we go?”, “ What do you want to do?” As I have written in one of the articles, when a man meets Ukrainian girls, he must entertain them and be self confident. Do you think the girl will have a good impression of you if you cannot decide on where to spend a date with her?

Mistake #3.

So, you have got a plan and know where you will meet your Ukrainian girls. But, here is another mistake you can make. Do you know where to sit at the table?

If you sit straight opposite your lady, she may think it is going to be a serious talk and she has to control her gestures and words, which is not good for the first date, and both of you will feel uncomfortable.

On the other hand, many men sit next to their date and like to touch her, take her hand, shoulder… Such gestures are too personal for girls and are inacceptable for the first date.

So, what is the best place for you? Sit diagonally, which will let your lady feel herself free and look aside or tidy her hair if she needs.

Mistake #4.

When you get the menu, choose the dishes which are easy to eat. Do not order chicken, lobsters, or sushi. Are you sure that your lady knows how to use chopsticks? Will she be enjoying your date if she cannot eat her lobster?

Mistake #5.

Getting drunk. We all know that alcohol can decrease stress, and when we are nervous, especially at the first date, and want to be relaxed, we can drink a glass of “something”, but… do not get drunk. If you feel that you are too nervous, excuse yourself and go to the toilet, where you can wash your face, breathe in and out, and cope with your nerves. Say to yourself something like: “It is OK. I am doing good. I am having a date with a beautiful girl who likes me.” Then come back to your date.

Mistake #6.

When you meet Ukrainian girls do not make mistake that many men make. Do not talk only about yourself not to make your lady think you are an egoistic person. Tell something about yourself and ask what your interlocutor thinks. The amount of information about you and her has to be 50×50.

Mistake #7.

Trying to show you are “best of the best”. It is good to tell about your achievements, but do not overdo with this. If you say that you are a millionaire, you must be one. In other case, just tell the truth and your woman will love it.

Mistake #8.

Your ex-girlfriend. When you meet Ukrainian girls never tell them about your previous relationships, especially at the first date. Your girl will understand your feelings as well as the fact that you are not through with your past and are not ready to start a new life.

Mistake #9.

Of course your matchmaker has shown you HER pictures, of course you have communicated on the Internet or the phone and you like her so much, even think you can marry her, but… do not even think of telling the woman you love her or ask her to marry you at your first date. We, women, think that it takes some time to get to know each other and then get married.

Mistake #10.

Being greedy. I am not even thinking of you asking your date to pay for herself. Of course a man must do it, but… do not even try counting the exact tip you have to leave to your waiter, or not leaving tips at all. That will definitely spoil the lady’s impression of you.

Probably these are the main mistakes that can spoil your first date. So, when you meet Ukrainian girls, do not forget about them, be good-mannered, natural, reasonably generous and sincere and your lady will notice and appreciate it.

When time to say goodbye comes, be brave and try to give her a goodbye kiss on the cheek. And the way she will react will help you understand how she feels about you. And, it will be good to send her a short SMS with warm words about her and your evening.