Active rest

In one of our articles, we have told you about the places to visit in Ukraine in winter. However, we did not tell you enough about one of the most beautiful places you must see – the Carpathian Mountains. There you can go skiing or snowboarding, feel yourself a nobleman riding a team of horses and just admire the fantastic views, walk in the forests looking at the tops of the mountains covered with snow, feel the scent of pine, or just stay by the fireplace, wrap yourself in a warm blanket and look at the falling snow outside. This and much more than this is what you can find in the Carpathian Mountains.  

We have decided to divide our article in two parts and in this part you will learn how and where to have a good time if you are going to have an active rest.

  1. Let us start with Kolochava village, which is one of the places place you must not miss in the Carpathian Mountains. It is the village of 10 museums and several peoples. When you come to Kolochava, you should go to a sheep breeding school, trout farm, a unique «Old village» and «Kolochava narrow gauge railway» – the only Transcarpathian railroad museum working since 2009. In Kolochava you will also see the church made without a single nail, visit a traditional cafe «colyba». You will be fascinated with unusual monuments, picturesque views and fresh mountain air.
  2. Go to Bukovel and you will feel as if you are the master of nature speeding down the ski slope. The Big-Airbag for jumps lets you feel yourself a professional athlete without any risk. However, Bukovel is not only for skiers as there you can ride snow bikes, practice doing various elements on the perfectly even skating rink, play hockey or cheer the teams playing. If you want to relax, you are welcome to visit numerous spas. Still not excited? Then what will you say to the following offers: the snow park, zorb, carting, snow groomer excursions, quadracycle, scooter and Segway rides? Not interested in very active sports? You are welcome to play billiards, bowling, sing karaoke or enjoy numerous entertainment programs.
  3. Winter Dragobrat is the place ready to invite you for a good family rest during which you will have a chance to learn to ski and admire the picturesque scenery of the Carpathian Mountains. Snow falls on Dragobrat at the end of November and you can ski down the Stog Mountain slopes (1707 metres) until the beginning of May. And after the active rest you can relax playing Ping-Pong or enjoying the Finnish sauna. You may think that Dragobrat is probably not as diverse as Bukovel; however, it is a cozy place with its own atmosphere and soul, which you must definitely visit.  
  4. If you are looking for unusual leisure activities, you must visit Vorokhta – a highland village resort, situated in green Polonynas and untouched forests surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains. There you will breathe fresh air filled with pine aroma and admire the views riding horses or having a quadracycle excursion. You must also visit the nearby towns to look at the quaint architecture of Khotyn and Kamenets-Podolskyi Castles and go to the National Park surrounding Vorokhta, which is the largest (more than 500 square kilometers) green area in the Ukrainian Carpathians.

These are four most famous places for active winter sports in the Carpathian Mountains, but if you come to any of them, you will find a lot of excursions to the nearby villages which have more options for extreme sports and having a good time. In any place you will feel the real Ukraine and will be able to try traditional cuisine, as well as learn more about Ukrainian traditions.

However, if you feel you need a more relaxing holiday, read the second part of our article to find out where exactly your body and soul will have a well-deserved care.