Things to do in the Ukrainian Carpathians

Needless to say, among the best and the most picturesque places in Ukraine we need to pay close attention to the Carpathian or Karpaty (in Ukrainian) Mountains or, in other words, the Carpathians, creating a peculiar arc across Eastern and Central Europe. What should be highlighted among the facts about the Carpathian Mountains is that Hoverla (2,061 metres or 6,762 feet) is the highest peak in Ukraine.

If you consider sightseeing and exploring a great number of attractions in the Carpathian Mountains in autumn, spring or summer, you won’t be disappointed. The crystal streams, majestic peaks and dense forests will enchant you. The region is not only famous for its fabulous nature but for the cultural richness and interesting habits and customs.

You can experience a lot of adventures including an exciting trip along the mountains on a tram on narrow-gauge railway built in 1898. Cycling, horse riding and rafting are also worth trying. Would you like to go hiking? It’s a great idea! Are you interested in castles and cathedrals? There’re lots of them! Are you keen on swimming? There are about 28 thousand rivers! Amazing, right?

Ivano-Frankivsk is one of the smallest regional centers, located in Western Ukraine. It lies on two rivers – Bystrytsia Nadvirnianska and Bystrytsia Solotvynska. It has a picturesque old historical center, which was almost completely restored from the ruins after Ukraine proclaimed its independence in 1991.

If you want to capture the magnificent daffodils in bloom, don’t forget that the valley of daffodils in April or May is the only place in the world where the flower grows at an altitude of 200 meters (656 feet).

Synevir is likely to be a natural Ukrainian wonder. It was formed about 10 thousand years ago as a result of the powerful rock shifts. Locals call the lake the Sea Eye because a small island in the middle resembles an eye pupil. A lot of myths and legends are related to the lake.

The architecture of monasteries, cathedrals and churches differs greatly from the European style. We are sure, none of them will be a waste of your time. The interior is impressive due to the extraordinary beauty.

Vorokhta is a tiny town in the heart of the mountains, famous for its spectacular views and fantastic landscapes. Also, in Vorokhta, a tourist is able to look at the ancient viaduct and one of the first lifts in Ukraine. It takes an hour to go up on a lift. It’s worth trying. When you reach the peak, you may taste mulled wine or herbal tea.

Verkhovyna is something you shouldn’t miss, it’s a must-see on everyone’s bucket list. This place was described by well-known Ukrainian writers. Today it’s a popular tourist destination due to its wide range of leisure options. Travelers will find many facilities for active winter skiing and cultural experiences here. It enchants with its rustic atmosphere, stunning landscapes and fine cuisine, offering unique Hutsul dishes for gourmets.

Weather is a crucial factor on the Carpathian Mountains trips, if you try to figure out when it is better to visit Ukraine in the context of tourism. However, New Year and Christmas tours to the Carpathians provide you with a wonderful opportunity to spend a few days gaining new experiences, enjoying the picturesque scenery, visiting fortresses, as well as trying local cuisine. In December or January, you can go skiing or snowboarding, admire fantastic views, look at the tops of mountains covered with snow, feel the scent of pine, or just stay by the fireplace, wrap yourself in a warm blanket and look at the falling snow outside.

Berehovo is famous for its unique thermal waters, which lie at a depth of more than 1,500 m and possess certain curative powers. Just imagine: it’s cold outside, and you relax in the outdoor pool and catch snowflakes. Isn’t it original and exotic?

Bukovel is a famous ski resort. However, here you can ride snow bikes, practice doing various elements on the perfectly even skating rink, play hockey or cheer the teams playing. If you want to relax, you are welcome to visit numerous spas.

Dragobrat is always ready to invite you to ski down the Stog Mountain slopes (1707 metres) until the beginning of May. Also, you can relax by playing Ping-Pong or enjoying the Finnish sauna.

To sum up, a demanding tourist is able to find a lot of different excursions to nearby towns and villages to have fun and taste the national cuisine. Last but not least, where is the most beautiful place within the Carpathian Mountains? It depends on your interests and preferences. Why wouldn’t you try to find the best one for you personally?