Communicating with many people from around the world, I have heard that Ukrainian women are the most beautiful. That is probably one of the main reasons why foreign men try to find their future wives here, in Ukraine. However, not everyone knows that among Ukrainians, Kharkov is thought to be a separate country. At least, I am the one who has heard something like that more than once: “How can it be? You are Ukrainians, you seem to be the same,  but you are a bit different.” So, let us try to find out, what makes us different from the rest of Ukrainian women as well as what makes us be true Ukrainians.

  1. Kharkov girls are beautiful. That is, actually true first of all because we are Ukrainians too. However, if you look at Kharkov girls, you will notice that they always smile. It is quite a usual thing here to catch a smile from a girl, who you do not know. Why? Just because she is in good mood and is always ready to share it with you. And, as we know, if a person’s inner world is beautiful, what you see outside will reflect it.
  2. Kharkov girls are housewifely. They can do whatever is needed to be a good housewife. They cook well, keep the house clean and tidy. They are also economic and thrifty. Why is it so? Since childhood we, girls, are taught to be good mothers and wives and pass our knowledge from generation to generation.
  3. Kharkov girls are sensitive. They are also very emotional and passionate. Communicating with them, you will definitely experience the whole range of womanly feelings: tenderness, delicacy, jealousy, mercy, the ability to forgive, understand and support when you need it.
  4. Kharkov girls are wise. They can find the way out of the most difficult situations, solve the most serious problems and even lead their men to success. These are the qualities, which can help them survive even in the most difficult life situations.
  5. Kharkov girls are loving mothers. If you look carefully at how they care for their children, you will definitely admire Kharkovites as well as the rest of Ukrainian girls. To tell you the truth, mother’s love has always been a distinctive feature of Ukrainian women, that is probably why we have so many songs and folk stories about mothers and their communication with children.  
  6. Kharkov girls are hard-working. If you look through Ukrainian literature, you will surely notice that the main epithet used to describe Ukrainian women is diligence. “Beautiful and hardworking” have always been the main characteristics of a pretty good catch. Kharkov girls are not an exception. Though years have passed, we are still hard-workers. Some of our girls have several jobs and at the same time they manage to be caring mothers and loving wives.
  7. Kharkov girls are talented. They really love dancing and singing and do it quite well. They also have a good sense of humour. They have different hobbies and almost every girl has some creative skills.
  8. Kharkov girls are intelligent. It is well-known that Kharkov is considered to be the city of students as there are a lot of educational institutions. Therefore, it is not surprising that the girls, who live in Kharkov are well-educated. Many of them speak at least two foreign languages and have more than one University degree.
  9. Kharkov girls respect their parents and religion. Like every person in Ukraine they follow our traditions, which tell to appreciate, love and respect parents and the traditions passed from generation to generation.
  10. Finally, Kharkov girls do want to become wives. Many of girls born in Kharkov dream to get married and create a good family since childhood. They believe that their mission is to make a house home, bring up children and be a good wife for their husband.