10 qualities that make a woman fall in love with a man

How do women fall in love? There are no golden rules, each person is an individual and has different reasons for falling in love, but we will share with you some common truth which you must definitely follow.

Do you believe in love from the first sight? It`s a rare thing nowadays and even if you feel this is your soulmate on the first date, it might be an illusion. What is that overwhelming feeling when you see a person for the first time then and you heart beats faster than ever? It may be a strong physical attraction, lust or chemistry. It really happens between people, but might be misinterpreted. Everything comes in time.

How to make girls love you?

  1. Impress with your sense of humor and optimism. In many surveys, the sense of humor is one of the most frequently mentioned qualities an ideal man must have. Do you want to make a lady like you? Be witty, optimistic, have a sincere smile and be able to joke or make a prompt compliment. She will feel easy and relaxed with you. However, do not overdo, know exactly when it is time to stop and be serious.
  2. The next thing, which can help a woman falling in love with a man, is eccentricity and extraordinary personality. Are you better than everyone else is at something? Can you play the guitar or cook something delicious? Do you have a collection of rare plants? It is not necessary to have extraordinary talents, be original in everything – presents, dates, sudden pleasant surprises, and she will be yours.
  3. Care about your appearance. When you go on a date, be neat, cleanly shaved, wear nice clothes. It goes without saying. Things like these play an important role in relationship.
  4. Moderate generosity is another thing to make a girl fall in love with you. Ladies do not like greedy men. We are not asking you to give her diamond rings and organize dinners in posh expensive restaurants. What you must do is to be generous enough to give a bouquet of flowers or a small gift. Occasionally take her out to a restaurant or a café.
  5. Be honest. Lies is what females cannot stand, we feel it from the far distance. So, if you want to make a woman like you, be sincere and honest. It is one of the key factors in healthy trustworthy relationship. If you break a trust once, it is not easy to win it again. When a woman is in love with a man, she might not notice dishonesty from your side, she wants to believe you 100%. But better not to experiment with it, trust is very fragile.
  6. Be able to take control of the situation. Ladies like determined and confident guys. If she has a problem, don`t be afraid to offer help and solve it.
  7. Learn the art of sex. If you aim at a long relationship, you cannot do without it. Read appropriate literature, discuss this question, and when time comes, do not think of how to charm the lady in bed, just be romantic, gentle, do not hurry and force.
  8. Be persistent in your courtship. If she does not show interest in you immediately, do not get despaired. Females like when you try to win their heart.
  9. Don`t give fake promises. So, if you ask her out to a café, do not even think of forgetting about it and going to a pub with your friends instead. If you have promised to give a bouquet of field flowers in the middle of the winter, do it or don`t mention it at all.
  10. Loyalty. Women value it the most. It has much broader meaning than just physical loyalty. There are ups and downs in relationship, being patient and knowing your partner`s weaknesses, not running away and turning your back in tough times means being loyal. It takes your relationship on the next level. There is always a temptation to find a younger girl, more beautiful, energetic and interesting. But to see the beauty in your partner for a lifetime is what everyone dreams about, to be unique and special for a particular person.

Observe couples in the streets or at the restaurant, you will definitely notice a girl who is in love with this particular man. Her eyes focus is concentrated on him, she smiles a lot and there is a spark between them. It is not easy to find true feelings, but when you do, you become the happiest person in the world.