You have met HER… but she does not see you as her love partner. That is why you ask yourself a question: “Is there an effective way to make a woman fall in love with a man?” There is no single answer. However, there are the so-called golden rules that can bring you success.

  1. Be persistent in your courtship. If the girl does not show interest in you immediately, do not get despaired. Girls like when men are trying to win their heart. If we need to make a woman fall in love with a man, we must use both standard methods (flowers, serenades, sweets, etc.) and original ones, which can vary depending on your imagination and financial opportunities. However, do not be too harsh with the courtship not to scare the girl away. You must learn to distinguish between the strict “No”, meaning “No”, and the flirty “No”, which can soon turn into “Yes”.   
  2. The next thing, which can help to make a woman fall in love with a man, is eccentricity and extraordinary personality. Are you better than everyone else is at something? Can you play the guitar or cook something delicious? Do you have a collection of rare plants? It is not necessary to have extraordinary talents; still you have to be a passionate man. Be original in everything – presents, dates, sudden pleasant surprises, and she will be yours.
  3. Think over every next move. Try not to commit blunders or get into a hobble. Women do not like careless actions. So, if you ask her out to a café, do not even think of forgetting about it and going to a pub with your friends instead. If you have promised to give her a bouquet of field flowers in the middle of the winter, do whatever it takes to get them.
  4. Moderate generosity is another thing that can make a woman fall in love with a man. It is widely known that girls do not like greedy men. We are not asking you to give her diamond rings and organize dinners in posh expensive restaurants. What you must do is to be generous enough to give the girl a bouquet of flowers or a small gift when you meet her. Ask her out to a restaurant or a café occasionally.  
  5. Be honest. Lies is something that girls cannot stand. It becomes revealed in 90% of cases. So, think carefully before lying to a girl. So, if you want to make a woman like you, be sincere and honest with her.
  6. Be able to take over the situation. Girls like determined and safe men. Be the one, who makes a decision, let her feel herself unprotected without you. Men’s power, willful decisions, reasonable sticking to your point of view solves the problem of how to make a woman fall in love with a man.
  7. Care about your appearance. Going on a date, be neat, cleanly shaved, wear clean socks, brush your teeth, and use a deodorant or perfume. It goes without saying that your clothes must not be scruffy. Your date will unlikely be happy to have a man wearing a worn tracksuit next to her, who is wearing an evening dress and high-heeled shoes.
  8. Strike her with your sense of humor and optimism. In many surveys, the sense of humor is one of the most frequently mentioned qualities an ideal man must have. Do you want to make the girl like you? Be witty, optimistic, have a sincere smile and be able to joke or make a prompt compliment. The girl will feel easy and relaxed with you. However, do not overdo and turn yourself into a clown. Know exactly when it is time to stop and make a serious decision.
  9. Learn the art of sex. If you are aimed at long relationship with a woman, you cannot do without it. Read appropriate literature, discuss this question with the girl, and when time comes, do not think of how to charm the girl in bed, just be romantic, gentle, do not hurry and force her.
  10. Do not become a henpecked man. Trying to satisfy her whims and wishes, do not forget that you must keep your individuality. Do not become dependent on what a girl wants. It is the highest art to satisfy the woman making your own decisions. Of course, it is not easy to establish such relationships, but if you follow our advice, you will become an organic whole with your girl and will look the same way.

So here are ten hints on how to make a woman fall in love with a man. We truly hope that they will help you to become a real professional, who will undoubtedly know how to win the girl’s heart.