10 Questions to Ask a Girl Online Before You Meet

Modern life dictates its own rules, and a greater number of men and women find partners via the Internet. It is much easier than in public places or on the street. But often, even on the Internet, after a greeting, you are puzzled inventing good questions to ask a girl in correspondence to attract her attention; what to inquire to get to know each other, etc.

At the beginning of the acquaintance, it is significant to make the lady write back and begin the dialogue. Therefore, it is worth showing qualities the opposite sex will definitely appreciate like: positivity; masculinity; confidence; observation.

The easiest way to attract a woman is to show positivity and observation trying to get some information about her.

Trivial queries about the place of work or the weather certainly cannot make the object of your interest think of you in a positive way. To strike up an interesting chat, it’s essential to study the woman’s profile on the dating site in detail.

Communication is bound to be active and rich if you adhere to simple rules:

  • it is better to use simple and understandable subjects;
  • do not inquire too many things, so as not to turn communication into an interrogation;
  • you should invent interesting questions to ask girls so that they want to reply to them;
  • it is crucial to carefully read the lady’s answers in order to form the correct opinion about her;
  • online date questions must not be about the woman’s feelings for you; neither should you constantly shower her with compliments. This shows your lack of self-confidence.

Things to ask a girl.

The success of the correspondence depends on the points able to evoke vivid emotions in the lady. Be sure to show you are interested in her opinion, she should feel special.

“Emotionals” allow you to evoke positive feelings in the interlocutor because even a cheerful person becomes more open. If the guy manages to amuse the interlocutor, the acquaintance has surely had a successful beginning.

For example, writing something like:

  • “If I were a wizard, what would you wish me to do for you?”

You make the woman’s imagination work actively, painting a vivid picture. Another way to enhance these emotions is by adding colorful descriptions during correspondence.

“Graders” do not need replies at all, they help the lass to see it’s you, who are evaluating, not she.

  • How would you spend a perfect day?
  • Do you like giving or receiving gifts?
  • What are you most afraid of?
  • Is the game “rock-paper-scissors” an effective solution to controversial issues?

“Trickies”. Thinking about what question to ask girls wishing to learn more, consider the following ones since, after answering them, it’ll be hard to say you do not know them at all. The frivolity of these “guys” helps to significantly get closer to your partner.

  • Do you know how to take risks?
  • As a child, were you a bully or a good lass?
  • Do you like to walk around the city at night?

“Provocateurs” are great to use in case you meet a girl online and she is trying to pose as a shrew as they show your insolence and confidence. Such flirting is bound to increase your attractiveness in the eyes of a bitchy lady. Of course, if such a type attracts you.

  • Do you like smart and handsome men?
  • Guess why I texted you?
  • Have you already guessed I am very different from the rest?

IMPORTANT!!! During the correspondence, you should not allow yourself to be rude towards a dame. It is also not recommended to reply with “What?” or “Why are you interested in this?”.

Any man should have such discussion points, which will help find a common language with any woman as well as be able to collect information so that the interlocutor is not offended and does not feel the chat resembles an interrogation.

Starting communication is a difficult stage for a gentleman because he does not know anything about the lady except the data from her profile. Therefore, in order to attract female attention, you need to be able to feel what to inquire in correspondence. It is major for a man to be different – funny, cocky, amusing, and even arrogant. Do not be afraid to show your true self since it’s a great chance to become closer to each other and get maximum pleasure from your communication.

Valeria Matsckevich with Love.