10 Questions To Ask Yourself About Your Relationship

Do you ever question your own mental processes and ask self- reflection questions for introspection? Sometimes we have to take a moment to clarify our thoughts in the moment of doubt, to be sure that everything is going the way we want. If you haven`t done it, you should, it is a good psychological exercise, which helps you to grow.

By understanding our own motivations and values, we have the power of fulfillment. Many reflection questions to ask yourself. What does it mean to reflect on yourself? It is not that scary as it sounds. We got used to asking other people about their opinion or advice. But what about questions to ask for yourself? What for? You probably look in the mirror every single day and you know how you look like: your hair color, if you have a beard or not, eyes color, etc. But how often do you look inward to become familiar with your inner self? How good do you know yourself on the scale from o to 10?

  1. Am I taking care of myself?
  2. What worries me the most?
  3. Have I ever gone out of my comfort zone?
  4. What do I want most in life?

You may also reflect on your actions for the past month or week.

  1. Have I made someone smile today?
  2. What has been spoiling my mood lately?
  3. Why am I so aggressive with the clients I dealt with recently?
  4. Is something missing in my life so far?

It is useful to self-reflect in order to know yourself better, there is less anxiety and stress in your life. To be able to talk to yourself, it is preferably to be in a quiet environment, so that no one can disturb you. It means solitude, think about such place in your house, it might be a garden, a warm bath or a bed. Some people might find it useful to write their thoughts down. If we don`t self-reflect, we might be stuck rushing through life from one level to another.

It is important to ask such reflection questions about relationships too:

  1. Are happy most of the time or feel down 90% of the time?
  2. You should feel happy overall.

  3. Do you grow in a couple?
  4. The right person should encourage you, support your ideas, feel happy if you reached a goal.

  5. Do you sacrifice a lot for a partner?
  6. If you feel like you are going 9 steps out of 10 shared per couple, a partner is not very interested in it then.

  7. Do you have the same future plans?
  8. Future plans is the topic which will come up anyway one day. If you are looking into opposite directions, it is unlikely to keep the flame.

  9. Do you fight more than you have fun?
  10. Disagreements must not take up most of the time.

  11. The most important question for relationship. Do you really love the person you are with?
  12. Frequently people love an image not a real person.

  13. Does a partner add value to your life?
  14. You should feel inspired, not drained.

  15. Would your life change without her?
  16. If there is no difference, then do you need this relationship at all? If you imagine yourself happier and more productive alone then the answer is obvious too.

  17. Do you see you as a couple five years from now?
  18. We are just humans, we cannot predict what is going to happen exactly, but also we tend to imagine and have some idea what progress we make in a couple. Either you live in your own house and have children in 5 years, or you don`t see any progress at all.

  19. Do you spend time with a woman?
  20. Despite being busy, find time for her.

If your relationship is slowly drowning, then it is time to ask questions to save it. Remember not all relationships are meant to be saved. If you feel that you are compromising your core values, it is one of the reasons for leaving.

Think about real reasons why you have difficulties, sometimes you might have issues at work that trouble you, but please don`t use your partner as a punching bag and blame her in all the evils of the world. Talk face to face about your issues, do not leave serious conversations to messages and phone calls. While speaking directly to the person, you can look into the eyes, share the vibe, touch hands and hug after. Instead of celebrating only birthdays and anniversaries like an obligation, celebrate just because you have each other any day. Appreciate a partner, surprise her with little gestures, make her feel special with compliments.

Here are the worst things you can do to save relationship:

  1. Have a child. When your own lives are a mess, it is not a good idea to bring another life into the world. Some couples think that a child can unite them and bring positive emotions. While a new baby can be a miracle and joy, on the other hand it brings new responsibilities. Are you ready to take them? Think one hundred times before taking such a responsible decision, maybe just a romantic getaway does you both good and fixes your problems.
  2. Taking a break and separating “for some time”, while a small break can contribute, separation for a long time unlikely brings the needed results.
  3. Taking a long vacation tour. When you are on the verge of breaking down and the reason is very serious, Maldives won`t be a solution to your problem. Even though it might be planned with the best intentions, it might bring frustration.