10 questions you shouldn’t ask on a first date

Let us imagine you have offered a beautiful Slavic girl to go out with you. Looking for good date questions? Is it appropriate to bring a list of questions to a date? Hardly! You don’t want to look like you both have a job interview, do you? However, what are the questions you do not have to ask on a first date if you’re eager to build a healthy relationship? Let’s assume you’re in a lovely restaurant together (the most private table has been booked beforehand). Furthermore, you’ve brought nice flowers to create a romantic mood.

Are you ready to enjoy your meeting? We hope you are! Therefore, we’d like to share the 10 worst first date questions you should strictly avoid asking.

1. Why did your last relationship end?
A first rendezvous should be devoted to getting a better picture of who both of you are, but it should be light and casual. Heavier topics such as this should be left until you are both much more comfortable with each other. In fact, your first meeting should be little more than a light-hearted conversation about movies and music tastes.

2. Do you have any health issues? / When will the COVID-19 pandemic end? / Are you vaccinated?
Detailed rundowns of lumpectomies, ultrasounds, mole removal, lap band surgery, any health issue whatsoever, don’t make for pleasant conversation. It’s awkward to listen to someone you’ve just met discuss health issues because you want to be sympathetic while also desperately wishing you weren’t hearing something like that.

3. Have you ever had sex on the first date?
Talking about the sex you’ve had with other people is irrelevant to the date you are on, assuming that part of your dating goal is to find a new person who might, in the future, build a romantic relationship with you.

4. Why are you still single?
It is awful. Is there any situation in which talking about it on the first date, regardless of context, won’t lead to an awkward pause or silence? Should it come up, pretend nothing was said and move right on past it to the next topic.
This question strikes fear in the hearts of long-time singles everywhere because we are used to someone’s Great-Aunt asking some version of this question with extreme judgment.

5. You look exhausted. Did you have a long day?
To be honest, it is a huge turn-off. The lady has spent hours getting ready for the rendezvous and she was looking forward to seeing you! She might feel less confident and try to finish your dinner as soon as possible.

6. What’s your opinion about esoteric and obscure pop culture?
Even if the girl is interested in the topic, it gets old fast when your conversation partner refers to ‘90s indie bands or ‘70s films or ‘80s sitcoms or magic signs in every other sentence.
Don’t make establishing your cultural bonafide a priority. There are many other ways to relate to another person that are not dependent on mass culture, and far more personal, so maybe talk about those?

7. How many men did you date?
Would you like to know about her sexual experience or bra size? Are you a teenager? No? Actually, this question makes you look immature. It isn’t an effective way to impress the woman.

8. As a typical Ukrainian woman / a lawyer / a psychologist, etc., what are you looking at the political situation in Ukraine / USA / Europe?
This is a heavy topic for a first date and could get very intense. You don’t want to lose your future meeting due to differences in political opinion, do you?

9. Would you like to share your darkest secrets?
You have not earned her trust yet! You’ve just got acquainted with the girl. Don’t share your deepest secrets either. It is extremely inappropriate, and will probably not be received well.

10. Are you going to finish your steak? I’ve paid 40$ for it!
If you ask a girl out for dinner, she is able to do whatever she finds necessary. She may eat it all, for instance, leave her salad on the plate untouched or just pick the olives out of it.

Remember, endlessly talking about yourself is rude. Your romantic rendezvous should be an easygoing conversation, more like a give and take where you both talk and listen. Be respectful and tactfully encourage the woman to speak English more!