As our readers and subscribers already know, has announced Premium Singles Events for “young adults”. I think that many people will compare such format with a simple dating tour to Ukraine that was created many years ago and still used by many agencies and dating sites. Let’s name 10 features that differ Premium Singles Events by from ordinary dating tour to Ukraine.

10 reasons to choose Dating tour by in 2019

  1. Various and unusual program. We planned an amazing program that includes 7 memorable days and every new day will be not similar to a previous one. Usually a dating tour to Ukraine includes several dinners with other guys from the group and ladies and maybe one general sightseeing tour. We decided to organize for our clients different activities, master-classes, parties, events and of course introductions with beautiful young Ukrainian ladies.
  2. Small group of the same age. We really believe that the healthiest atmosphere for such dating tour to Ukraine and new introductions is when all male and female members are of the similar age. They have more common interests to share and topics to discuss. Also a small group of male members allows us to provide the most personal service and to pay attention to every client.
  3. Ladies of the exact age group. All the ladies that attend Premium Singles Events by are of the appropriate age according to our male members. So the chances to meet someone during this tour and to build serious relationship in the future are really high. You have an opportunity not only to spend an unforgettable vacation, but also to change your life.
  4. A real meeting with Ukrainian culture and traditions. Most of the activities you have during the dating tour to Ukraine with are connected with its interesting culture and traditions. You will have even one full day “Unique Ukrainian culture and new flavors” that is mostly dedicated to Ukrainian culture. Every day of the tour will have that magical Ukrainian spirit and mood.
  5. Personal manager-concierge. has a very good habit to provide a real personal service to its clients. That’s why every member of the group will have his personal manager who will be available during all the time of staying here. A personal concierge can help with understanding of cultural differences, planning, ordering flowers for the date and even choosing the outfit for a date or activity.
  6. Time for individual dates. During this dating tour to Ukraine our male members will have an opportunity to invite the ladies they like for the individual dates. We already have planned several exciting activities that will help you to come closer and get to know each other better. You will have a full day for that.
  7. Organization by the professional matchmaking company. is a boutique matchmaking agency and is well known all over the world. Our reputation is very valuable for us and we create all our projects with love and true professionalism. At we are absolutely sure that our clients have the right to choose among the best.
  8. The most appropriate atmosphere. All the planned activities, parties and events are chosen to make the atmosphere the most positive and appropriate for introductions with Ukrainian ladies. You will meet in a natural way and continue your communication after.
  9. The best vacation that can change your life. You don’t need to plan or overthink anything. Everything is already planned in a best way for you. You will remember this journey, because it will be a short, but very bright and emotional. You can not only learn our culture and traditions, but become a part of it by meeting a wonderful Ukrainian lady that will change your life and maybe marital status.
  10. The first all-inclusive service.  Usually a dating tour to Ukraine includes only accommodation, 2-3 dinners and sometimes an interpreter.  If we are talking about Premium Singles Events by then the price includes transportation, accommodation, interpreter and ALL the activities. So from the beginning you will know how much it will cost you. You will have different activities every day, meals in the best restaurants, services of the highest level during the Premium Singles Event by

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Katerina Romanenko