10 Red Flags in Dating

You can wander around and be tired, exhausted, have serious financial problems, have a cold, but at the same time be absolutely happy … Absolutely … just because SHE is waiting for you. And, on the contrary, you can be healthy, promising, successful, and be absolutely unhappy, well, because your beloved isn’t waiting, and no one else seems to wait either.

You also have a phone, but nobody dials your number because she doesn’t dial it. At the same time, her number, her cherished number, burns in your brain with some fiery numbers. You understand in no case you should press those buttons and call her because it will only get worse. But you did it, and it immediately got worse. You heard short beeps, which means she’s talking to someone. With whom? Long beeps – she does not pick up the phone. Why? Do you need to call from a phone she does not know? Or you hear the operator’s voice saying the subscriber is not available. Or her voice, which is not happy with you, and some emotionless answers, or some completely indifferent questions. And you understand at this moment you are probably not needed by anyone at all. What can you do with this? If she doesn’t need you, then no one needs you. How can you deal with this?

Unhealthy relationships are worse than their absence. They soak up the energy you could spend self-developing, destroy social life, harm your health, and prevent you from finding a partner to create a happy couple.

The worst thing in everyone’s life is to wake up in ten years and understand there is an absolutely strange person beside you. And I do not mean the morning after a breathtaking party, I am talking about your personal doubts, which could be the result of special signals, the red flags on a first date, let alone everyday evidence that you are not a good match.

Sadly, very often people continue unhappy relationships only because they are afraid of loneliness or do not want to solve divorce problems. I am sure it is never late to become happy, so I advise you to make sure you have met your ONE right now. All you need to do is go through our dating red flags checklist.

So, what are some red flags in dating a girl?

  1. She insults you, hurts your feelings, or humiliates with words or doings. Even if your “love” apologizes later, do not get fooled. Such behavior is unacceptable.
  2. The second of red flags when dating is the partner’s being aggressive and threatening to hurt either you or herself in case of a breakup. You are kept a hostage. It is time you set yourself free.
  3. Using ignoring you or being cold as a punishment for minor infractions. You are being manipulated!
  4. Scolding, shouting, hitting, or even slapping you. Isn’t it the signal?
  5. Suddenly disappearing for some time without any explanations.
  6. Behaving as described above, but blaming the failure in your relationships on you or your ex-lovers.
  7. Concealing some information about her life. You do not take part in making decisions, solving the lady’s financial or family problems.
  8. Your opinion does not matter. Any of your proposals are rejected.
  9. You do not take part in the girl’s social life; she communicates with her friends while you just wait for your appointment in her schedule.
  10. The last of red flags when dating a woman is the absence of trust and your feeling jealous.

I believe now the question “what are the red flags of dating?” has received quite a good answer. Therefore, if you notice some features described above in your relationships, it is time to leave. You deserve a better life with someone, who will love, appreciate, and take care of you.

People, who have managed to find their soulmate and have support from friends and close people live longer and fall ill more rarely than those, who are lonely or try to maintain unhappy relationships, which leads to loneliness, depression, worries, chronic anger, and other problems. The only way to get rid of these symptoms is by breaking the vicious circle of constant negativity and finding the love of your life.

Valeria Matskevich With Love.