10 romantic restaurants in Kharkov

Kharkov, the former capital of Ukraine offers a lot of different entertainments, but today we’d like to consider the top 10 best restaurants and bars, because it’s a well-known fact that our guests and tourists are often pleasantly surprised with a variety of cozy and romantic places in Kharkov.

Nikas is a popular venue, located in the oldest square of the city, where the ancient monastery keeps quiet and the Museum of History reveals the secrets of the past. Here everything is perfect: service, atmosphere, design, staff and, of course, the menu. It features signature European, Mediterranean, Italian and pan-Asian dishes. It boasts an extensive assortment of wines from all over the world, but the key feature is its open, fiery kitchen.

The Terrace is a grill restaurant, located in the heart of the city. What should be mentioned is its unique interior and design that combines classics and modern style. The stunning view of the city’s central square opens up through the panoramic windows.

City café 16/54 is believed to be not only one of the best and the most interesting restaurants in Kharkov, but also one of the most popular dining establishments in Ukraine. Actually, 1654 is the year of the foundation of the city. This fabulous café serves substantial breakfast all day long. Therefore, in the morning it can give you a great opportunity to stay in bed longer with your soulmate.

Gingerbread serves fresh homemade gingerbread and plenty of fascinating desserts with a nice herbal tea. It helps to keep you warm on a cold winter day.

Should you want to taste excellent meat, Argentina Grill will be the perfect choice. The meat range includes grain and mixed-fed veal from Ukraine, the USA and Argentina. Cheerful camareros are ready to help you to choose a steak according to your taste preferences and recommend the degree of doneness.

Myslyvskyi Dvir is a great place to feed your body and soul. It is situated in the center of the city in a multi-story building. The ground floor hosts a cozy hall and bar; there is an upper hall and a small room with a fireplace. Do you want to try traditional European cuisine? In Myslyvskyi Dvir the food is prepared exclusively from high-quality products.

Chekhov Restaurant is imbued with aristocracy and elegance and a charming interior. Every detail of the restaurant has been scrupulously chosen to make the interior feel homey and inviting. The feeling continues with the staff, which is friendly and caring.

Panorama Lounge is one of the trendiest restaurants in the city. It has a panoramic view of the city and consists of two levels. It is known for its signature European, Japanese and Italian dishes. You can also taste a variety of dishes made on the grill, as well as delicious marble steaks.

Sky Lounge is located on the eleventh floor of the fashionable Premier Palace Hotel Kharkov. From the panoramic window seats, you can marvel at the beautiful views over Freedom Square. The decor in the restaurant is minimal, but incredibly romantic. The venue’s unique specialty is fusion cuisine.

Apparently, Kharkov’s citizens are in love with Italian cuisine, because Parma is a popular family restaurant that serves authentic pizza and pasta. Every dish is prepared according to old Italian recipes and in a traditional oven. A sweet tooth will be pleasantly surprised by the tasty desserts, like Italian panna cotta and tiramisu.