Living in digital age, we cannot help using technologies. Moreover, we use them so widely, that we often forget about people around us. It is easier to connect with someone far away from us and even someone sitting in the same room with us by making a call, sending a message or an e-mail. Still, personal communication is what makes us humans, but we forget about feelings and romance, which, sadly, is gradually dying out. Loving relationship between people is getting worse, as they lack that romantic warmth.

However, we do believe that romance is not lost for this world and, if you want to know, how to heat your relationship and revive it in your life, look through our tips, follow them and you will see your relationship change for the better.

10 romantic tips in digital age

Romantic tip #1. Being a romantic person means making various surprises for your beloved. Therefore, it will be great to call and ask them to go for lunch together unexpectedly. You could order a romantic lunch in a café next to your beloved’s office, or take some food with you and spend some time in the park together.

Romantic tip #2. Continuing the topic of surprises, you could send your beloved an e-mail containing the invitation to the cinema, theatre, circus, concert, etc. In the e-mail, you could write something like “Hello, darling. This is a wonderful day to go to (where?)… and spend a wonderful time together. Will you join me? I love you.” Your name.

Romantic tip #3. As we have already written in some of our articles, romance must not be only a “one-day visitor”. You must be romantic every day. Therefore, do not forget about saying compliments to your better half, praise them, notice and mark even the smallest achievements. Your ONE must not doubt that you love them.

Romantic tip #4. A good idea is to choose one or two days in a month, which will be fully devoted to your better half. On these days let them be the boss and fulfill any wishes they have. Of course, you will change and you will have your day of being in charge. The best beginning of such a day is breakfast cooked specially for your beloved and brought to their bed.

Romantic tip #5. Sometimes you will have to part, since your better half will go on a business, for example. To let them know you think about them you can put a note with nice words into their suitcase discreetly. So that when they come to a lonely hotel-room and unpack their luggage, they will find your note and read what you have written. That is really romantic.

Romantic tip #6. Find the most special or memorable photos of you together and make a collage. You could print the photos and make a poster, or you could make a digital collage and send it to your beloved or post it on your and their page in a social network.

Romantic tip #7. You both work hard and get tired. Therefore, it will be good to make one day a day-off from everything. Put all the tasks aside, share good mood, try to relax and stay in bed as long as you want to, order sushi or pizza and turn off your phones, so that nobody could interrupt your privacy.

Romantic tip #8. Buy a small present for your better half and hide it. Write the directions on the pieces of paper and put them around the house. The more directions you will make the better. Or, even without any presents, write some nice words for your better half on the pieces of paper and put them on the walls of your place.

Romantic tip #9. Ask about your beloved’s hobbies and interests. Try to share them. Go to football matches together, or watch drama TV-shows and try to find something interesting to discuss.

Romantic tip #10. Finally, telling about your busy routine and how tired you are, say suddenly “I love you”, kiss and hug your beloved, and continue your story as if nothing has happened, saying “So, where did I stop? Oh, yes…”