10 rules how to impress a hot mama

Dating a single mom will have some peculiarities that you should keep in mind. But it doesn’t mean that to win a woman`s heart you have to win a child`s heart. Don`t expect a lady coming to a date with a kid.

Do single moms want to date?

Like other women they do need a partner to share the life with.

They are modern kind of fabulous women who are wonderful mothers and extremely beautiful ladies. Usually they are independent, confident and successful. They don`t hesitate to breastfeed on public, they are getting back in shape so quickly after giving a birth. They can find time for work, gym, friends and taking care of themselves. They are super women. But even they need love and man attention.

Whether you have chosen to date one of the hot moms or life has given you this surprise, here you are. She is nothing like childfree woman, she knows how to manage time and have priorities.

What do guys think about dating a single mom? It actually depends on many factors: what is the guy`s background, education, age, does he have a stable job, is he mature enough. Different men think differently. But what about a general picture?

  1. She doesn’t have enough money. Taking into consideration that the father of the baby is not buying diapers and other baby stuff, most of you think that as soon as you get into a relationship, you are going to spend all your salary on a kid. WRONG! She is perfectly capable to provide. But of course she would like to have a responsible man.
  2. She doesn’t have a job. When would she find time for career if there is a baby around? There are actually plenty of choices, guys. They juggle careers and babies at the same time, using help of relatives or nannies. They also may work from home and be pretty successful at what they do. They are multitasking.
  3. She is not educated. That’s totally wrong assumption. My neighbor is a single mom, she is 27. She has just graduated from medical college and got diploma in pharmacy. Everything is possible.
  4. She expects you to be a father of kids. No! There is a father, she needs an equal partner to be in healthy relationship with.
  5. Kid`s father is always around. She has terms and agreements when she starts new relationship. Of course there might be the presence of a father, you just have to accept this fact.
  6. She is going to take care of you too, check if you put a warm hat in winter and worry if you eat in time. No! She has enough on the plate already, she doesn`t need another baby in the family. She wants an independent partner, who is able to take care of himself.

What is it really like a single guy dating a single mother?

It is fun and romantic. It is more mature relationship, she doesn`t only think about herself, so don`t expect her to wake up at 3 am in the morning and go the night club with you. She knows what is time management and can teach you many useful things too.

How to attract a single mom and win her heart?

  1. To start with you should have serious intentions. She doesn`t want to waste years on playing games. Be clear about your future and your aims.
  2. Be reliable. She appreciates your help and support in any way. If you promise something don`t forget to keep your word. Don`t change plans last minute. Probably she puts so much effort to find the free time to meet you. She might organized a babysitting and if you change plan unexpectedly she would be really disappointed.
  3. Show your attention and support. You could buy flowers without any occasion or make a surprise dinner.
  4. You should be a family oriented person. You have to be honest with yourself and answer the questions as: Do you want to have children someday? Do you want to build a family? Are you ready to take this responsibility? If you answer “Yes”, my congratulations, you are open for creating the family together!
  5. You don`t have to love a child, but you should be interested in the life of a child. Be curious and respectful.
  6. Show your best sides. The main thing is be yourself. Be kind and polite not only to a lady but to people you are surrounded by. If you scream at a waiter it won`t show you as a nice person.
  7. You have to be able to maintain the family. It`s important for her to understand that you are financially stable and she and her child will feel secure. It doesn`t mean that you will support financially the whole family but she just needs to be confident that both of you can take responsibility for the family.
  8. You can impress a hot mama by being hot himself. You could hit the gym, wear a fashionable shirt and use your favorite perfume. Hot mama + hot you = perfect match.
  9. Be romantic. She would love to enjoy romantic date nights with you.
  10. Be affectionate. Hug throughout the day. There should be no reason for a kiss or a hug. If you pass by he in the kitchen, pit stop and give her a tight hug. It is a nice feeling to feel cosy with each other.

How to be a hot mama`s best friend? Keep your words, be an interesting communicator, establish emotional intimacy first.