Hot mamas are modern kind of fabulous women who are wonderful mothers and beautiful and extremely good-looking ladies at the same time. Usually they are independent, confident and successful. They don`t hesitate to breastfeed the child on public, hot mamas are getting back in shape so quickly after giving a birth. They can find time for children, for work, for gym, for friends and for taking care of themselves. Hot mamas are like super women. But even they need love and man attention.

How to impress a hot mama and win her heart?

  1. Path to the heart of a hot mama goes through her child, of course. If the relationship gets serious it will be really important to have a friendly relationship with her child. You should like children in general and especially her child.  If you don`t have your own children it would be good to show her picture of you and your niece (for example) or you and your friend`s child spending a lovely time together. It will melt her heart for sure.
  2. You should have serious intentions. Hot mama doesn`t want to waste her time on playing games. She is looking for a future father to her child at the back of her mind.
  3. Be reliable. Hot mama will appreciate your help and support in any way. If you promise something don`t forget to keep your word. Don`t change plans last minute. Probably she puts so much effort to find the free time to meet you. She might organized a babysitting and if you change plan unexpectedly she would be really disappointed.
  4. Show her your attention and support. Every day she takes care of her child, does so many things to make the kid happy, that if somebody do something nice for her she will appreciate it more than a single lady. You could buy her flowers without any occasion or make a surprise dinner.
  5. You should be a family oriented person. You have to be honest with yourself and answer the questions as: Do you want to have children someday? Do you want to build a family? Are you ready to take this responsibility? If you answer three time “Yes”, my congratulations, you will be ready to date a hot mama and you will be opened for creating the family together!
  6. You should be interested in her life and life of her child. Would be really nice from you if on a date with a hot mama you ask questions about her child as well and show your interests. Believe me, it will mean a lot for her.
  7. Show your best sides. The main thing is be yourself. Be kind and polite not only to her but to people you are surrounded by. If you scream at a waiter it won`t show you as a nice person.
  8. You have to be able to maintain the family. It`s important for hot mama to understand that you are financially stable and she and her child will feel secure for the future. It doesn`t mean that you will support financially the whole family but she just needs to be confident that both of you can take responsibility for the family.
  9. You can impress a hot mama by being hot himself. You could hit the gym, wear a modern shirt and use your favorite perfume. Hot mama + hot you = perfect match.   
  10. You wish to be a loved husband of a hot mama, a lovely father and create a wonderful family.

Good luck!