10 sex tips every man should know

Having looked through a lot of literature devoted to sex techniques for a man, we have found out that there are a lot of tips on sex for you guys. After a long discussion, we have decided to share the best sex advice for you (men), which we (girls) really liked.

  1. What should men know about sex? It is not a race.

    What is meant by this? Sex is not a competition and you should not hurry. Use as much time as possible to “research” your woman’s body. Pay special attention to the lower part of stomach and hips.

  2. Say “Yes” to head massage.

    This one is a sheer delight and one of the secrets to make a woman relaxed. While touching her hair, you send sexual impulses over a body. We absolutely agree with it.

  3. Train together.

    Can burning calories be used as a prelude? Trainings with your better half increase the dopamine level and decrease nervousness, which makes ideal conditions for unforgettable lovemaking. Moreover, scientists claim the smell of men’s sweat to contain androstadienone derived from testosterone, which increases a lady’s excitability. Of course, we girls believe scientists, but we prefer a clean man who smells good. So please take a shower before intimacy. Hygiene is a priority.

  4. Be a gentleman.

    Yes, be a gentleman and do not forget to say compliments to your lady. Compliments must be exact and personalized. And we 100% agree with that. The more sincere you are at praising your lady, the better she perceives it. It is a sign that shows your interest not only in her body, but also in her as a person.

  5. Feet.

    Do you want to make something nice for your lady? Then think of a foot massage. If you do not know yet, then it will blow your mind: foot massage really raises the chances for a woman to get an orgasm. Believe it or not, but if your woman has warm feet (which is often not like this because nature, probably, has created us, girls, in such a way) she has a 30% higher chance to get an orgasm during sex.

  6. Shall we dance?

    When did you last dance with your lady? At somebody’s party? It is a pity if only few men consider a slow dance one of the sure methods to begin intimacy. It is not just a dance, but a ritual of sophisticated seduction, which nowadays is mostly sex advice for boys at the discos. However we, women, vote for the renewal of this tradition and implementing this method by you more often.

  7. Pretend to be my… .

    It is believed that women do not like role games, but if you have been in relationship long, you should definitely try and offer HER to become your wild Amazon, a nurse, or a strict school teacher, since it will surely bring a sparkle to your intimate life. Though we hide it, a lot of girls would love to have such a challenge.

  8. Choose the music wisely.

    Music can lift spirits or vice versa cause depression. That is why it is vitally important for a man to make a “correct” romantic playlist to use during the process. Keep in mind that the music must not be monotonous. It will be good if the playlist starts with light seductive songs and will turn into candid erotic and rhythmic melodies. Do not think you will be able to seduce a woman with AC/DC. Although, as they say tastes differ…

  9. Be spontaneous.

    Spontaneity is the key element which disappears as time passes. Your bed becomes a routine place. Do you remember that there is also a kitchen, a bathroom and other rooms in your house? The most important thing is to do everything the way other than you are used to. It is an ideal method to brighten the routine of your relationship.

  10. Try a new pose.

    Try to look through some literature and find the poses which will bring the highest delight to your partner. One of these is called “Cubin dip”. That is when a woman raises legs to a chest and puts them on a man’s shoulders.

  11. Talk to her.

    After an orgasm there is an emission of special hormones in a female’s organism, which makes her be happy and want to share happiness. That is why it is so important to talk after lovemaking. So make an effort and talk to your lady, at least for a short time. She needs to feel your love even after physically making love to you.

Finally, you must keep in mind that even if you have learnt all the best lovemaking techniques from our article, just knowing them is not enough. Put them into practice with your partner. And remember no matter how good the sex tips are, that sex without love will never bring you such satisfaction.

What should I know about sex? First intimacy is always awkward, it is normal, because you don`t know what to expect, you still haven`t explored her body and are not sure how she prefers to be touched. But what if you don`t have much experience under your belt?

Here are some sex tips for the inexperienced:

  1. An ability to bring and get pleasure doesn`t depend on how many partners you have had, with the right approach you can learn a lot of things with one person, the main thing is to be open and not shy about your desires.
  2. Realize that everyone has different wishes, what works good for one person, maybe absolutely opposite for another one. Don`t judge everyone by the same scale.
  3. Do not concentrate on the result, enjoy the process and it is going to come naturally.
  4. Be confident in your own skin. As intimacy is a physical act, what ladies pay attention to is the way you look and smell. Take care of your body.
  5. Keep it simple. Don`t go crazy trying all the poses you saw in porn just to impress her, go slow.

Taking into consideration all above mentioned sex tips for you young men, you are all armed to enjoy love making with your significant one!