10 Sex Tips For Couples in Long-Term Relationships

You have been with your significant one for quite a while, you do everything together and seem to blend so perfectly that sometimes you think you have known each other forever. And it feels so comfortable that you noticed you better cuddle and sleep than have sex. It is difficult to keep the spark as if you met just yesterday, having so much passion that as soon as you see each other start making love. When people start dating, their sexual life is intensive, passionate, bright and frequent. Both of the partners try to do their best in bed. However, in two or three years the passion starts fading away. You used to plan your date and kiss and make love all night long, and now one kiss is enough. How to bring back the spark in a relationship? Read our article and we will share with you possible sexual things to do with your partner.

Why sex is important in a relationship?

  1. It creates not only a physical bond, but also establishes an intimate connection on emotional level. It is a mutual dance, where you have to be in tune with each other`s needs in order to have satisfaction. Besides emotional stability, you have lots of other healthy benefits.
  2. It relieves stress, a counterpart of a massage therapy, hot bath or yoga. Any sort of physical touch is beneficial, so don`t be concentrated on climaxing only.
  3. It boosts your confidence too, it doesn`t turn you into Brad Pitt though, but it definitely raises a level of confidence.
  4. Chemical released after intimacy makes you drowsy, so your brain and body re-energizes.
  5. It increases your total mental wellbeing and reduces irritability, a good chance to avoid small fights. Especially important it is for couples, whose primary love language is physical touch. Kissing and cuddling after sex is essential as the process itself.

Here are some sex ideas for long-term relationships:

  1. Play with each other. Flirt must not become history only because now you are together. Write sexy sms to each other, joke, seduce. The idea is not to persuade your partner to sleep with you, but to remind that you feel good together.
  2. Find the time for sex. Do not leave it for the moment when you want it and have the time for it. It is as important as breakfast or brushing the teeth. You need all of these for the health of your body, while sex is needed for the health of relationship.
  3. Continue dating. Pretend that you don`t know each other and see your woman for the first time. Introduce yourself in extraordinary way, you may even make up a new name and occupation, have an imaginary conversation. Have a drink, which you haven`t tasted before and then invite her to “your” apartment.
  4. Kama sutra exists for a reason. It does include 64 acts and it is a guide to all possible positions, pick the one you like the most and put it into practice. You won`t master them all, no need to stand on your head during the process or do other freaky things to your girlfriend. You may find some tips on better sex there.
  5. Try something new. You will be able to revive the feelings you used to have. It helps couples to keep passion. Implement your ultimate fantasies, maybe someone is adamant to liking surprises in real life, but no one is going to refuse surprises concerning sex. Some of the fun sex ideas for relationships is to meet a lady naked in the apron.
  6. Remember everything. Remind each other about your first dates. Discuss what you like in sex, what you expect from your partner, what new things you could try. Such a mixture of the old and the new will be very useful and quite passionate.
  7. Make compliments. Say that you are happy to have her without any special occasion and your partner will also start complimenting you. By doing so, you will gradually revive the fading passion.
  8. Know what you want and think about yourself. Do not offer a sexual roleplay, which does not excite you. Think of what you would like to experience and try to bring it to life. The more you are excited, the more excited she is going to feel. If you just read an article and you doubt how it is going to be or watched an awkward porn scene you have no idea how to implement, better not to do it to avoid sex problems in relationships.
  9. How to keep sex interesting in a relationship? Spend more time together, without anyone else around. Your usual surroundings like friends, parents, children are unlikely to encourage any sex. Therefore, you should leave everything behind for some time and go somewhere. For example, take a day off and go to the countryside. Just you and your partner, no noisy companies. Or, you could even rent a flat for 24 hours and spend a great time there. You could even remember the time when you were students, who have such a big desire to make love to each other every time.
  10. Sexting. It is a technological version of a foreplay and a great way to spice up a routine. You might watch porn together, not only men like doing it, women do it as well. In the era of technology, you may even add some toys. There is plenty of choice, pick the one you feel comfortable with, but read the instruction beforehand, because if you don`t know how it works, there is no use of it. And when you offer a partner to try something new, you should present this idea with confidence and give reasons why you should do it. If you decide to do a striptease for a lady, be prepared, because it might look very awkward if you are unprepared and shy, not confident in moves, it may bring the opposite effect and turn a supposed seductive atmosphere in a strange situation. Always think ahead before you implement it in real life.