When people start relationship, their sexual life is intensive, passionate, bright and frequent. Both of the partners try to do their best in bed. However, in two or three years the passion starts fading away. For example, you used to plan your date for hours and kiss and make love all night long, and now one sight and one kiss is enough. Is there any way to bring the passion back? We state that there is a chance for you and our sex tips will surely help you.

10 Sex Tips For Couples in Long-Term Relationships

  • Sex tip#1

The first thing you have to do is to understand that you do need sex. And the reason why you need it is not because everyone does it and persuades you that you will not do without it. The reason why you want to make love with this concrete person is because you love them and want to enjoy not only their presence but also their body.

  • Sex tip#2.

Find the time for sex. Do not leave it for the moment when you want it and have the time for it. It is as important as breakfast or brushing the teeth. You need all of these for the health of your body, while sex is needed for the health of relationship.

  • Sex tip#3.

Play with each other. Flirt must not become history only because now you are together. Write sexy sms to each other, joke, seduce. The idea is not to persuade your partner to sleep with you, but to remind that you feel good together. Flirt is that spark, which keeps the fire burning. If you have a good time outside bed, it will reflect on your sexual relationship.

  • Sex tip#4.

Try something new. Find new places for meetings and love-making. This will help your relationship stay fresh. You will be able to revive the feelings you had during your first dates.

  • Sex tip#5.

Get to know each other. Do you think it is nonsense? Still try to remember how interesting it used to be to tell and learn about each other’s day. This will help to refresh the feelings too.

  • Sex tip#6.

Remember everything. Remind each other about your first dates. Discuss what you like in sex, what you expect from your partner, what new things you could try. Such a mixture of the old and the new will be very useful and quite passionate.

  • Sex tip#7.

Make compliments. Say how you love your partner and how you like this very outfit on them. Say that you are happy to have love relationship with them without any special occasion and your partner will also start complimenting you. By doing so,  you will gradually revive the fading passion.

  • Sex tip#8.

Take the situation over control. Ask your partner to go to sauna together, role play some erotic story. Change your routine and get your partner to bed before brushing the teeth and taking a shower, or watching the next episode of your before-bed-sitcom.

  • Sex tip#9.

Know what you want and think about yourself. Do not offer a sexual role play, which does not excite you. Think of what you would like to experience and try to bring it to life.

  • Sex tip#10.

Spend more time together, without anyone else around. Your usual surroundings like friends, parents, children are unlikely to encourage any sex. Therefore, you should leave everything behind for some time and go somewhere. For example, take a day off and go to the countryside. Just you and your partner, no noisy companies. Or, you could even rent a flat for 24 hours and spend a great time there. The latter can seem a bit vulgar, still it can definitely add some spices to your sexual life. You could even remember the time when you were students, who have such a big desire to make love to each other, that they are happy to use any chance to be together.