10 Signs of A Good Woman

How to find the perfect woman and where is this secret place? We all humans, no one is ideal. However, there are some signs of a person with whom you will feel perfect, turning small imperfections into benefits.

Signs she is a good woman:

  1. She will celebrate your promotion or any other victory of your life. She doesn`t only supports everything you do, but gives a true feedback, gives advice and wishes you to become better.
  2. You feel lucky as if you won a Jackpot, thankful every day for such an amazing gift from the Universe.
  3. How do you know that you have a good woman? Despite individual goals, you work as a team.
  4. In everyday routine it is easy to pay less attention to intimacy, but she knows its importance and always finds time for pleasures in bed and outside of bed too. Are there any signs she will be good in bed?
    • Pay attention to the way she takes care of appearance, how she treats herself, a girl who loves herself, knows how to give pleasure, she will definitely share charm and sexual energy with you.
    • She likes having massages. It is the sign that she knows how to relax.
    • The way she kisses will tell you a lot. If she uses hands while kissing, moans with pleasure, she is going to be a nice lover. Some females create sexual anticipation, they can start with a slow baby kiss, then continue with something more extravagant, touch your hair, so you can imagine her in bed.
    • What about a dance? If she dances well, she is self-confident and sexy. Invite her to dance bachata and feel her energy. It doesn`t mean that only dancers are amazing in sex. Many females don`t dance professionally, but have a well-developed sense of rhythm.
  5. What else to look for in a good woman? Being secure and self-confident. When a lady is secure, she won`t get jealous over your female coworker or a friend just because they look beautiful, thinking you might have an affair. Confidence is an important both male and female trait.
  6. While looking for a good woman to be your life partner, pay attention to the way she keeps house and cooks. It is really an important factor. Not all females are the best cooks, but the place where she lives shows a lot about personality and attitude to life. When you enter a house of a lady, you should feel positive vibes, you might see house plants, which she takes care of, fresh environment, maybe some pets. In Ukraine ladies know how to run things in the house, cooking delicious food, taking care of kids and pets.
  7. She gets along with your family. She joins family celebration and is not going to be upset if you hang out with friends sometimes, as she is also independent and has friends too.
  8. You can have deep conversations , tell everything you think and feel. Even if she doesn`t understand something, she is going to help as much as she can.
  9. She is consistent and stable. It means she doesn`t have a mask of a “good girl” at the first months of dating, then changing all of a sudden to someone completely opposite.
  10. Being family-oriented.

Where to find a good woman?

In the modern world Internet plays an important role and it is the place where most people find a partner. If we are talking about real life, there are some places where you can meet a possible partner:

  1. Friend`s birthday party or wedding. Usually there are many people, some of them you haven`t seen before, in a relaxed atmosphere you may acquaint with a lady.
  2. Airports. If you wait for your flight, you have time to observe people around, maybe there is a pretty lady spends her time waiting too, you can initiate a conversation. Either you will just find a nice companion to talk, a friend or maybe a potential girlfriend, just don`t forget to ask for a phone number.
  3. Recreation places. Meet someone who is interested in the same things as you.
  4. Eat out or have a cup of coffee at a coffee shop. Ladies do eat alone too, maybe she has lunch during her break at work or just spend a day by herself.

There are plenty of places, but the main thing you have to define what is a dream girl, you may even write down the features that attract you. Maybe you are dreaming about someone, who is perfect in everything, but are you going to meet her expectations too? Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Am I interesting?
  2. Do I take care of my health?
  3. Are you aware of your own imperfections?
  4. Are you ready to be in long-term relationship?

If you know the answers for these questions and you want to have a quality search that is going to bring a result, you may choose offline matchmaking service, which is aimed at serious relationship. If you want to save your time and get a result, it is the best option.