10 Signs of Chemistry Between Two People

Surely you once heard or experienced chemistry between two people. Or maybe you have heard about this magic word so many times that you want to know the signs of chemistry, so that next time you can find it within yourself. The smallest touch or a brief eye contact can send these shockwaves through a body.

What does chemistry really mean? It is a romantic powerful connection, based more frequently on mutual interest, reciprocal candor and eye contact.

How to recognize chemistry? It is a magnetic attraction between two people, sparks are flying in the air, it is impossible not to notice it. It may be quite short though, and after some time you may have doubts. Were they really sings of unspoken mutual attraction or it was just me? In order to be sure, pay attention to these signs of mutual chemistry, which help to identify it:

  1. Body`s natural reactions of a partner. We can control what we speak, but a body language is difficult to navigate. At one of the dates I was translating, we were taking a walk in the park. I was in the middle as an interpreter, a lady was on my right side and a gentleman on the left. They asked me to walk like this because it was more convenient for translation process. While we were taking a stroll, a gentleman was constantly leaning on the right side almost crossing me. I noticed it a couple of times and he noticed too, then we were laughing, because his attraction was too strong, he couldn`t resist gravitating towards a stunning lady.
  2. Teasing. As children, boys tend to pull girls` pigtails just to get their attention, sometimes it is happening unconsciously. While adults do it on purpose, to get the attention of a particular person, imitating one another, mocking the way you talk but in a positive way (without hidden desire to harm or embarrass in front of other people).
  3. Desire not to let go. Time flies in her presence, even though you can be in the company of other people, you don`t notice anyone except her. You feel like you just entered a restaurant, but the waiter is already hinting that the restaurant is about to close soon. You might have had a deep meaningful conversations for hours, continued talking on the phone and it is still not enough. You may have noticed with some people you don`t check the watch and then you realize it has been 4 hours together. With some people you can spend 1 hour, which feels like eternity.
  4. An intense gaze. It is known that eyes are a window to your soul.
  5. Touching. Unconsciously you sit closer to each other, place a hand on her waist, knee, etc. Even if you feel like, better not to rush with such gestures unless you get really close during the date.
  6. Smiling all the time. You always find something to laugh at. It is an indicator of chemistry for sure. If you look around once while having dinner in the restaurant, you will see some couples are having bubbly talks, they laugh a lot, a woman`s eyes shine with happiness, they definitely have connection. That`s why it is always good to break the ice with a funny personal story or a joke, which is appropriate to the place and moment.
  7. You pay attention to details. You observe how she eats, how she takes a cup of coffee, the way she smiles at you, your mind clicks load of pictures, which you can never forget. You can notice when a person in love, he or she talks about details, which are unnoticed by people around.
  8. Sexual gravitation. One of the first things you are attracted to is physical appearance, no matter how much people will deny this fact, but it is true. You cannot resist touching the person and have a sexual desire. But be careful with this one, it can be just lust. After having a passionate sex, you might realize that there is nothing left besides it, because you were chasing just your sexual needs. It should never be the center of romantic life. Being intimate with a partner is important, but do not let your sexual needs dictate your actions, learn to self-control your desires.
  9. Missing. You cannot wait to see each other again. But don`t be obsessive, when you are it turns into a disaster, and instead of giving positive emotions, you chase a woman, which might bring the opposite effect. You think if you don`t send her 125 messages per day with your breakfast, lunch and dinner reports in photos and all your daily routine, she will forget you. No, she won`t. Give her time to miss you too. Obsession can kill relationship, when you want a person 24/7, it is not healthy. The person you are with may have her own priorities. And you should have too.
  10. Silence talks. You don`t need words to communicate. A hug or a hand touch is enough.

Chemistry is not something to be forced. It comes naturally and unexpected, you cannot predict a perfect time and place where it may strike you. Even though chemistry is important, it is not everything for relationships. It is the beginning of something beautiful for sure and it is up to you to develop it and help it blossom. Meeting someone you have a strong connection doesn’t happen every day. The intense connection can put you into a phantasy world, you should make sure that your core values match, which is fundamental. Your values are how you see a family, how committed you are, what is loyalty for you.

Here are the things to make your relationship work:

  1. Trust. One of the fundamental things, without trust your “ship” is not going to sail far. It comes in time, it makes you feel vulnerable, but it is essential for a couple to feel secure with each other.
  2. Communication. It is a gasoline for love. To be on the same page with a partner, to know her needs and desires, express yours is very important.
  3. Loyalty. Your partner might not be that attractive as your model colleague or that funny as your ex, but you chose this particular woman and you stay loyal to her.
  4. Emotional support. It is essential in a couple to listen to each other and hear.
  5. Friendship. The most underrated but not the least important. It is a characteristic of a long-lasting relationship. When you are friends, you have common interests and emotional connection.
  6. Forgiveness. You should genuinely accept a partner`s mistakes which she regrets, if it is something that is worth forgiving.
  7. Independence, not codependence. As well as you have common hobbies, you should have some interests different from your woman. Men and women are different in nature. Obviously you may have only male hobbies that a lady doesn`t need to be involved in it. Don`t expect a partner to have commitment in all your hobbies, you can show what you do, share, but don`t be upset if a woman doesn`t really want to get up at 5 am with and run, because it is your passion. Keep doing your passions, your relationship is another passion in your life, but not a complete replacement of all the joys you had before.
  8. Keep seeing your friends and relatives. Don`t skip important holidays with them, just because now you have a partner and she is everything for you and you must dedicate your all time to her.
  9. Fulfill yourself as a personality. Be interesting and inspired, in such a way you can transmit happiness and you will always be reflecting positive energy from within.