10 Signs She Likes You

Just imagine the situation: you communicate with a colleague you have been fancying for a while. It is unlikely that the girl will come up to you calling for close relationships. As a result, you see her every day, talk about something, however, take no action. We think it is high time you stopped wasting your time and learned how to tell if a girl likes you.

Undoubtedly, the easiest way to do it is by just asking. Still, we do not pick the easiest path. Moreover, it is not every woman who can sincerely answer your question. Even today, in the times of feminism, ladies give men the right to be initiative, which is quite good as it helps them become faster, better, and stronger. So, having read our article, you will approach your better self as you will learn to read female signs of attraction.

Close contact. She comes up to you quite often. The distance of about 40 centimeters between your faces is one of the signs she likes you and there is a chance you may “cross the line”, you know… Why am I so sure? Women do not make close contact with men they do not find attractive.

Showing armpits. This is a subconscious sign for a woman. Therefore, seeing it is quite encouraging. The lady who likes you puts her hands up occasionally. Of course, she doesn’t demonstrate the armpits directly, still, in different situations, she could adjust her hair, touch the back of the head, eyebrows, neck.

Denuding a shoulder. My friend, you should not think it is too hot in the room. This is a direct sign of flirting. Definitely, it is not desirable to “attack” the object of your desire, but it is the green light letting you prepare to act.

Showing palms. Still, ask yourself how to know if girls like you? Keep an eye on their hands. If they look at you their palms open, this is a sign demonstrating real feelings on a psychological level. Still, we do not talk about love, it rather proves they are interested in you.

Denuding a neck. Such behavior is based on the instinct to be protected by a strong man.

Remember – if a lady bends her head, demonstrating the neck, she is attracted to you. At this moment she seems flirty, tender, and cute. And if she starts licking the lips and her voice sounds so sweet, it’s a no-brainer.

Guys, do not forget to compliment the woman at this moment as it can help you get closer.

Behaving like a little girl. “How does a girl flirt?”, you may ask. Sometimes she says stupid things, makes slips of the tongue, giggles, or thinks for too long before answering your question. No, she is not stupid (though it depends). Still, most often, it is subconscious behavior showing the lady is nervous. What is more, the younger she is the tenser she may be. What do you do in such a situation? Relax her. Say it is all right even if she has said something stupid. And then act! All is in your hands.

Stroking herself. How to know that a girl is interested in you? Another subconscious instinct will expose her. The woman stroking her arms, legs, neck, hair is another of the signs when a girl likes you. So, if she is doing that looking at you with interest, you can’t go wrong.

Playing with jewels. This point is similar to the previous one. If the woman is touching her ear-rings, necklace, bracelet, or playing with rings on the fingers, she is attracted to you.

Showing legs. A girl is sitting her legs crossed is another positive answer to the question “does she like me?”. Being uninterested in a man, ladies try to hide their body under all the clothes they are wearing.

Social network communication. If a woman fancies a man, she uses emojis, brackets, and other icons that make a monotonous message friendlier.

So, these are the 10 basic signs she likes you. However, as a small bonus, we offer you a guide that will help you understand that a woman is interested in you based on her zodiac sign.

Aries does not hide feelings. If she likes you, she will tell you about it. in case Aries keeps silent, just ask and she will explain everything.

Taurus, on the contrary, keeps her feelings inside and does not hurry to reveal them. Ladies of this sign are always strong-relationship-oriented and do not tend to throw themselves into a pond for love. In any case, having noticed shared affection, start intensive wooing. Taurus appreciates generous and gallant gentlemen.

Geminis’ flirting is not always serious. Very often it is a way to spice up boring routine. What really proves she is interested, is the desire to contribute. The one who has never cooked before will be doing it excitedly to please you. The one, who has never been a football fan, will buy your favorite team’s scarf and a ticket to the nearest match.

Being reserved, Cancer is difficult to “read”. A good sign is when a lady starts opening her soul to you. She will never let such sincerity with someone she doesn’t care about.

Leos are used to accepting affection rather than showing it. Being in love they feel out of sorts willing to be the queen and the servant simultaneously. In such a case, Leo can become aggressive, demanding, or disappear for a while. Having thought what to do next she comes back to the object of her attraction.

Similar to Cancers, Virgos live through everything inside and show nothing. Interestingly, only criticizing or being picky proves she is interested in you. Oh, if she tries to touch you, it is a sure sign she fancies you.

Libras will not deny themselves the pleasure of contacting the man they fancy. Pretending to be untouchable is not their style. Still, flirting they always leave some escape routes in case they suddenly stop liking you, which happens to Libras quite often.

Scorpios use all their charm to show their interest. They turn into passionate, sexy femmes Fatale. Eroticism dominates in their appearance and behavior.

It is quite a challenge to understand what Sagittariuses really feel as flirting is their style of life. However, sparkling eyes and being nearby “accidentally” as well as a sudden invitation to go out somewhere shows the true feelings.

Capricorns are good at controlling themselves. Still, fancying someone they become more easy-going and show signs of flirting and being vulnerable.

Aquariuses smile in such a way that you have no doubts about their being attracted to you. Generally, people of this sign are interested in everything around them. As for the fondness, it is almost impossible to define it by external marks. Only starting friendly relationships, as well as common interests and opinions can be a kind of proof you have a chance for a relationship.

Usually adorable and flirty Pisces lose their charm being next to a man they fancy. They keep silent, blush, can’t put two words together. So, a sudden IQ reduction is a sure sign a fish is on a hook.

Now that you know how to detect a lady’s fondness, you may wonder how to talk to a girl who likes you not to scare her off. Well, the answer is simple: be yourself, show your true intentions and you will succeed.

Valeria Matskevich With love