10 Signs That Your Relationship Is Rock Solid

I can’t help admiring looking at my parents, who have just celebrated their thirty-fifth wedding anniversary. I can tell without any doubt that they have the relationship anyone (it doesn’t really matter, you, me, a stranger) wants. However, when I ask them to reveal a secret of their rock solid relationships or what makes a solid relationship they smile and choose to keep silent. Perhaps, they believe that the main reason is love or there are no words to describe the magic of their passion. Nevertheless, other couples and family and marriage therapists are more talkative, so they argue vigorously about the solid relationship definition.

For instance, here I’d like to enumerate ten signs of a good relationship, ripped from the pages of Cosmopolitan Magazine and reinterpreted by our psychologists.

People build different relationships with their partners, but all happy spouses tend to adhere to certain core principles. What are the fundamental signs that your relationship is healthy?

1. You prefer to create an environment with open communication and aren’t afraid of conflicts. Arguments are bound to happen, but how you handle stress and adapt to complicated situations talking with respect and honesty to each other determines your ability to stay together. Being listened to and understood is the key as well as a sincere interest in your beloved one’s feelings and your commitment to meet her or his needs.

2. The best couples could fight, but you’re able to resolve the issue. Even if you totally disagree with your better half, you’ll try to realize what she or he keeps in mind. If your differences are sorted out in a constructive manner, you’ll get an opportunity to figure out how to have a solid relationship.

3. You aren’t frustrated or disappointed when your soulmates spend their spare time with friends. Why is trust important in relationships? Should you be confident that your better half is able to make smart decisions, he or she will probably not put your affection in jeopardy. You don’t text her or him every five minutes, you don’t try to control him or her. There are no exact kinds of her or his shocking behavior you want to discourage. You know that she or he will come back to you.

4. You are definitely not snoopers. You don’t need to snoop on her or his mobile phone when she or he is in the bathroom. Your cute picture is the only thing you’ll find.

5. You try to be supportive, but you don’t always need your significant other’s help. No one wants to create a toxic atmosphere where people truly need each other every second seven days a week. People should be strong and pretty independent individually. Your partner’s support is essential, but you are required to deal with problems without resorting to outside intervention.

6. You can overlook minor mistakes. Yup, you might get angry or sometimes furious, we are human beings! But constant bickering with no trust in the relationship isn’t about your couple. For example, you aren’t arguing all the time whose turn it is to wash the dishes.

7. You appreciate your partner’s efforts. You are grateful, you say “thanks” and “please”, even if you live together. You exchange gifts not only on Christmas. In other words, you think it’s absolutely normal to express your appreciation to each other.

8. You’re (still!) able to have an amazing date, even getting older and having kids. You should spend quality time together, walking after lunch or getting a romantic boat trip, travelling, exercising in the morning or having dinner in a fashionable restaurant.

9. You laugh a lot. You believe your partner might be the funniest person in the world, at least for you. You may be vulnerable and silly and still loved and cared for.

10. You enjoy good sex as often as possible. Yeah, quality is much more beneficial than quantity, however, the more sex you have the better. Not only will it help rekindle the old flame, but also it’ll be useful for your health.

To sum up, if you remain yourself and don’t want to change your partner in order to like her or him, trying to fix “tiny” things, you are on a really good path.