Have you ever wondered what your girlfriend thinks about your sexual relationship? I bet you have. Do you want to know how we, girls define if you are good in bed? Then this article is definitely for you.

Sign #1. The first thing that can help us is the way you eat. It is thought that if you, men, are enjoying every bit of your food without being in a hurry, you will enjoy every moment spent with your girlfriend, which is very important. We girls agree that haste makes waste, especially in sex.

Sign #2. What you drink can also tell whether you are good in bed or not. If you like fanciful cocktails, this is the sign showing that you are an imaginative lover.

It is also thought that men, who like white wine are too reserved, and martini fans are not good in bed since they get drunk quickly and have smaller chances to prove themselves in sex. Beer lovers are considered to have a good sense of humour, but they are sexually immature.

Sign #3. Believe it or not, but even the way you are spending money makes sense. If, while making the order in a restaurant, you feel self-confident (no matter how much money you have) you are not shy in bed and are open to any experiments. Any woman would love that.

Sign #4. If you keep fit, you are surely ready for long and intensive activities. However, do not overdo with taking care of your “divine” and “perfect” body, since you may forget about your woman and think only of your own pleasure, while a man who is not as handsome as you will know “what buttons” to press and be a fantastic lover.

Sign #5. Women also think that a man is good in bed if he is well-educated and wants to explore the world. Why? Because this is how he will behave in bed trying to explore his woman in detail. Such a man is not afraid to discuss both his and his woman’s fantasies and, what is important, to bring them to life.

Sign #6. You are surely good in bed if you listen to what your girlfriend asks you to do and react to what she says (for example, if she does not like to be kissed on the neck, you do not continue doing it only because you like it or one of your ex-girls thought it to be very sexy and exciting). If you are such a man you are sensitive and careful, and you will act so that your girl can get maximum pleasure from the sexual act.

Sign #7. Your kiss can also tell whether you are a good lover or not. If you feel confident, you will hardly try to reach a woman’s throat with your tongue while kissing. Your kiss must be both tender and passionate at the same time, meaning that both you and your lady are enjoying it and when you get in bed, this enjoyment will not end.

Sign #8. We, women, see sex as a step to serious relationship. So, if you do not pay too much attention to our buttocks or breast and show your utter sexual attraction in public, you will be considered a serious man, whose aim is not only to get a woman into bed, but who is also interested in getting to know her as a person. Since, as we have written in one of our articles, women get the greatest pleasure in bed with their own boyfriends, which immediately makes them good lovers.

Sign #9. A woman will also think you are good in bed if you always keep an eye contact with her. By doing so, you show that you are a good listener and very attentive, which is a necessary quality for good sex.

Sign #10. Finally, if, after a sexual act, your woman does not hurry to jump out of bed and run somewhere, or turn away from you and fall asleep immediately, you can be absolutely sure that you are good in bed.