10 signs you are good in bed

Have you ever wondered what your girlfriend thinks about your sexual relationship? I bet you have. Do you want to know how we, girls define if you are good in bed? Then this article is definitely for you.

  1. The first thing that can help us is the way you eat. It you are enjoying every bit of your food without being in a hurry, you will enjoy every moment spent with your girlfriend, which is very important. Haste spoils everything, especially sex.
  2. What you drink can also tell whether you are lover or not. If you like fancy cocktails, it means you are an imaginative lover.
  3. It is also thought that men, who like white wine are too reserved, and martini fans are not the best lovers since they get drunk quickly and have smaller chances to prove themselves in sex. Beer lovers are considered to have an amazing sense of humour, but they are sexually immature. Think about your favourite drink and ask yourself: “Am I good in bed?”.

  4. Believe it or not, but even the way you are spending money makes sense. If, while making the order in a restaurant, you feel self-confident (no matter how much money you have) you are not shy in bed and are open to any experiments. Any lady would love it.
  5. If you keep fit, you are surely ready for long and intensive activities. However, do not overdo with taking care of your “perfect” body, since you may forget about your woman and think only of your own pleasure, while a man who is not as handsome as you will know “what buttons” to press and be a fantastic lover.
  6. Women also think that a man is good in bed if he is well-educated and wants to explore the world. Why? Because this is how he will try to explore her in detail. Such a man is not afraid to discuss both his and his lady’s fantasies and, what is important, to bring them to life.
  7. It is surely a plus if you listen to what your girlfriend asks you to do and react to what she says (for example, if she does not like to be kissed on the neck, you do not continue doing it only because you like it or one of your ex-girls thought it to be very sexy and exciting). If you are sensitive and careful, you know how to pleasure women in bed.
  8. Your kiss can also tell whether you are a good lover or not. Your kiss must be both tender and passionate at the same time, meaning that both you and your lady are enjoying it.
  9. We see sex as a step to serious relationship. So you should be interested in getting to know her as a person. Since, as we have written in one of our articles, women get the greatest pleasure when they establish trust and intimacy.
  10. Keeping an eye contact with her. By doing so, you show that you are a good listener and very attentive and you know what a woman wants in bed.
  11. Finally, if, after a sexual act, she does not hurry and run somewhere, or turn away from you and fall asleep immediately, you can be absolutely sure: “My sex is good”.

I believe everyone can master techniques of a good sex. You just have to work on it diligently and genuinely want it. When it comes to sex, confidence wins the first place. You should be sure in your actions.

When the sex is good, it boosts your mood and contributes to developing a healthy relationship. But what if it is not the way you want it? What should you do? How to be better in bed?

Sexual relationships like any other come down to communication. You cannot rely on moans and gestures, rapport is what drives sexual satisfaction. Beyond the basics of anatomy of a girl`s body what goes where, the best thing you may do is listen to your partner`s needs and desires. Because if you read in an article that all females get aroused by caressing their earlobes, it might not be applicable to your lady in particular. Be specific about your likes and dislikes. Don`t drop “the big bomb” at the beginning of the date like :”I would like to be choked with a rope. And I want to experience everything described in “Fifty Shades of Grey”.” It might be scary. But talk about it later on anyway. If it is what makes you gain pleasure, it is important for your lady to know. She might share your desires.

In order to know how to be good in bed you should consider several factors:

  1. You should consider a major orgasm gap between male and female. Men can climax in 3 minutes of intensive sex, on the contrary women need 15 minutes of stimulation to receive an orgasm. Bear it in mind during an act.
  2. Experiment with new positons, it prolongs endurance as per relationship experts and therapists. Routine foreplay and positions may not bring that excitement as before.
  3. Improve your overall health. Exercises as swimming, gym workouts, cardio jogging contribute to your sex life, you become more endurable.
  4. Non-penetrative foreplay is a good way to prolong pleasure and come to culmination.
  5. Compliment a woman on her appearance more, so that she feels comfortable while naked. Tell her how much you love how she smells and feels.

These are the simple things you should take into consideration. To satisfy a lady, you don`t have to have 1000 Instagram followers on Facebook or six packs, choose the right partner, be committed and be open to discuss your desires, pay enough attention to a lady and show her love every day.