I hope you will agree with me saying that a date is one of the most important parts of every relationship. People believe that it is a meeting meaning that a man and a woman want to continue communication. However, the most difficult thing here is to start the relationship. Which is why all of us try to prepare for the first date properly. But what if you are going to have the thirtieth date with a girl? It seems you do not have to make any impression, which you can still spoil. Not to make such a mistake, we offer you to follow the dating strategies, which will make your date a success no matter what its number is.

  1. The first and most important one of dating strategies for you is to be natural. I am talking both about your appearance, behaviour and communication. Do not play any games, do not pretend and wear masks, since it will not make a lasting impression on the woman, especially that she already knows you. So, if you suddenly start behaving like James Bond, she will be stunned and even play your game, but not for too long.
  2. Rule number two, that you have to follow, is to look after your appearance. Women care about men’s appearance. They like when men are neat and tidy. That is why, even when you are wearing simple casual clothes, they can show your individuality and you do not need to express yourself with the help of eccentric appearance.
  3. Zap her. Do it every time you meet. Looking back at previous dating strategies this one seems to be the most difficult to fulfill. However, it is not impossible. To impress your woman, you have to choose different occasions and places for the date, do not go to the same place ten times in a row. If you are going to the cinema tonight, you can go there again in 3-4 dates. Present her something, however do not overdo with this: if you have found out that she likes orchids, for example, giving them to her at every date will definitely be too much.
  4. Be reasonably sincere. Your lady is not your psychologist. That is why you should not tell her about all your problems, excite with colourful stories about your previous love affairs or demand immediate sympathy from her. Trust between two people is a thin matter, which forms gradually, during long years of living together.
  5. Forget about mobile phones. Yes, nowadays one of the successful dating strategies is like this. Turn off your mobile, give your attention to the woman you are dating, do not make her listen to your conversations with mother, boss or friends.
  6. Think of making intimate atmosphere. Of course, some people may like crowded and noisy cafes, where loud music is playing, but even a walk in the park can be much better since you need time and place to stay together with each other. If you decide to go to the cinema or museum, think of some time, either before or after, to have an eye-to-eye conversation. Of course a date with friends or someone else cannot be considered a date, so leave them at home.
  7. Do not set personal limits before the date, like saying: «We are going to my place after the cinema, babe. » You do not know how it will go. It is better to do that during the date when you feel that it is the right time. And if a woman is ready, she will find the way to let you know about it.
  8. Think over the financial issues. Usually a man pays because he asks a woman for a date. Do not give the girl valuable presents, if you are in the beginning of your relationship. Still, it is not good to sit on the bench without giving HER a single flower.
  9. Try not to be late and not to hurry. You will definitely disappoint your woman if the first thing you tell her instead of «Hi» is «I’ve got just one hour. And then I have to run home, go to the office, go on a business trip, etc. » Quick dates at lunch break are a bad idea.
  10. The end is remembered best. So, if it is time to go home, it is better to see your girl off. You can also give her a small present or a kiss of a proper strength. The end of your date must hint that there will be the next meeting. In that case, both you and your lady will be inspired and pleased. Thank your lady for the time spent together despite anything, even if your date has ended with an argument.

Finally, it is obvious that no dating strategies can guarantee you absolute success. However, it is also clear, that if you follow them, your chances to have a successful date will rise.