Summer is the time when many people have a vacation. That is why all of them expect to get new impressions and relax from work. To do that they travel to different countries. So, if you have decided to spend a summer in Ukraine, you will definitely be excited because our country offers a big choice of entertainment. You can either spend some time at the seaside, or open amazing unexplored parts of our country.

This article is devoted to 10+ ideas to spend a summer in Ukraine, each of which is attractive in its own way.

  1. If you do not want to go to the sea, you have a good alternative – the Buky Canyon, which is situated in a picturesque village Buky by the river Gornyi Tikich. This place is really charming. There you can find rocky cliffs and a waterfall, which used to be the first Ukrainian Hydro Power Plant. There, far from civilization, you can have a great camping rest.
  2. If you DO want to spend a “sea” summer in Ukraine, you must go to Kirillovka, Genichesk and Arabat Spit. The Sea of Azov will welcome you with warm water and shallow sandy beaches. It is good to have a family rest there. There is enough space for everyone, so the beaches are not crowded. Moreover, you can find a place to live for every taste. The infrastructure and entertainment are varied: from dolphinariums to water parks, circuses, extreme parks, cafes and discos.
  3. Do you like extreme rest? Try windsurfing in Berdyansk, which is considered to be its capital, as it has the best conditions for this extreme activity.  This town, situated at the Sea of Azov can offer lots of resort houses, guest houses and mini-hotels to live in. Here you will find a wonderful waterpark and the zoo called “Safari”, in which you can see more than 70 species of animals.
  4. If you want to get the brightest impressions from the summer in Ukraine, go to Odessa. Ukrainians call this city the Pearl of the Black Sea because it attracts people of different age and tastes: the youth like its Arkadiya beach with lots of discos, while people, who like more relaxed rest, can go to Langeron and Otrada beaches, not far from which they can go to the dolphinarium “Nemo” so loved both by children and by adults. Apart from the beaches, Odessa has a lot of sights to see like the Sea Harbour, Deribasovskaya street, Primorskyi Boulevard, Potemkin stairs and of course the most famous market Privoz.
  5. If you want to enjoy the sea and visit an old Akkerman fortress, go to Belgorod-Dnestrovskyi. For the sea and wine go to Koblevo, where there is a wine plant, which offers tours for tourists to see how the wine is made and of course to taste it.
  6. Another place, which will interest the extreme-lovers, is the South Bug River. The rafting routes of different difficulty begin at a small village Migey, which is called Little Switzerland in Ukraine. Rafting along the South Bug you will see a lot of picturesque places like granite rocky banks surrounded by greenery. Moreover, the water in the river is very warm, unlike the mountain rivers, so you will not get cold.
  7. Blue lakes in Chernigov region attract tourists by their crystal clear water, sandy beaches and breathtaking views. Near the Big Blue Lake you can find a VIP zone with camping, grill-bar, sports grounds and water slides.
  8. Another place you must not miss, if you spend a summer in Ukraine, is Shatsk lakes, which are a part of Shatsk National Natural Park in Volyn region. The biggest lake is Svityaz. Its depth is 58 m, and the water is so clear that you can see the sandy bottom in the depth of 8 m. And if you see the sunset at the island of the Svityaz lake, you will surely never forget it.
  9. Sorochyntsi Fair in the village of Velyki Sorochyntsi is held in the second decade of August. At the fair, you can not only buy different goods, souvenirs, and vyshyvankas (national Ukrainian embroidered shirts), but also take part in different crafts master-classes and look at the elite breeds of cows, pigs and hens.
  10. Green tourism in Vinnytsa region. If you are a fan of eco-tourism, you will enjoy visiting villages Kanava, Gubnik and Gamaki in Vinnitsa region. There you can live either in a cottage or a mud hut, breathe fresh air, drink sweet milk taken from the cow and have a picnic.

 10 +. The Carpathian Mountains will make your summer in Ukraine the one to remember. There you can have a quiet rest gathering mushrooms and berries in the mountains, as well as get some adrenalin hiking to the top of the highest mountain in Ukraine – Hoverla (1350m). Go cycling in the mountains, get to the most distant places in cross-country jeeps or even war down the Carpathians on a motorbike. See one of the most beautiful lakes in Ukraine – Synevir and improve your health in numerous SPA resorts.

Finally, I want to say that our list of ideas for a summer in Ukraine could be much longer because Ukraine is a really beautiful country, which will never get tired to amaze you with its picturesque places. So, do not waste a minute and come to get to know this wonderful “lady”.