10 Things to Expect First Time Having Sex with a new partner

You may feel the whole range of mixed feelings while having intimacy with a new partner: from confusion and trembling to excitement and satisfaction. It does not really matter how experienced you are, having sex for the first time with a new partner is something which makes you very nervous. Women and men do not want to spoil the impression. You should have some sort of education for sex preparation. We will tell you everything you want to know about sex and are ready to give you some practical sex tips to use with a new partner for the first time.

  1. How to have sex for the first time? It is better to pick a certain day and place, which make you both feel cosy and relaxed. You already have too much on the platter, don`t experiment much. Being worried is quite normal and you cannot get away from it. The lady is also worried, even more than you. So you must not try to lessen your worry with the help of cognac or beer. The smell of alcohol, as well as its effect on you will influence the quality of the intimacy negatively. You may organize a romantic dinner beforehand, having a glass of wine to make you feel relaxed, have a playlist of background music ready. If you are planning to put a movie on the background, be careful, because one awkward phrase can totally ruin an intimate mood. Do not think of the process itself; just let your emotions be your guide.
  2. No matter how many women you had, it is not worth to rely on previous experience, as intimacy will always be different with different females. Therefore, it is desirable to put your partner as a priority and think about her feelings, and not about your ability to bring sheer pleasure to anyone. Believe me, your self-confidence can spoil everything. Still, if you are not experienced, it is not desirable to announce that either. What you must do is to be yourself and do not wait for the super excellent result from the first experience in sex.
  3. Do not overdo with perfume, but of course have a shower before the date. Unpleasant odor can scare the lady away and you will definitely have no intimacy. Not everyone has an acute sense of smell, but still both females and males love a pleasant scent.
  4. A woman’s organism is a very sophisticated little mechanism, which needs careful and delicate attitude. Gentle touch, foreplay and kind words at the initial stage will make the best impression of you. It is the way of showing attitude to the girl, which goes from the bottom of your heart. In such a way, with the help of your body language you say that you want the girl to feel good and she can relax.
  5. What to expect from your first time? It is always a kind of a research. Every woman has her own erogenous zones. Some girls like when a man kisses earlobes, neck or palms. Others lose their head when a partner pets their back or breast. In any case, you must not hurry and try to pet all the intimate zones simultaneously.
  6. First time sex expectations shouldn`t be high. Do not expect that it is going to bring you supernatural results. Mistakes are essential in everyone`s lives. You shouldn`t be afraid of awkwardness, accept it with a smile. Sometimes it is difficult to be in tune on a physical level with a new person, it requires efforts to know different person well to give him pleasure. The girl might not manage to relax fully to feel orgasm. It is because a woman’s organism is created so, that emotions play an important role. She has to get used to you and trust you. Only then she will feel relaxed.
  7. Think about the lady. Do not try to invent some extreme positions and show other unusual things you are good at. Remember: she is a new person, a different person, who may have absolutely different image of intimacy. It is not worth to neither talk to her about your preferences nor put them into practice at that night. Learn the basics and establish intimate comfort before you move on with experiments. If you twist and twirl a woman trying to demonstrate your endurance for hours and extravagance in positions, she might feel very confused. Don`t concentrate on quantity, but pay attention to quality. Keep up a normal pace, it is not a race.
  8. When couples think of having sex for the first time, they get very excited and might neglect the contraception question. It is very important though. Better safe than sorry. It will protect from unwanted pregnancy or illnesses. Moreover, if the girl knows that you are using a condom, she may relax completely.
  9. After intimacy with the new girl, you must not turn away from her, put on clothes immediately or call someone. She feels pleased if you are beside her. What you have to do is talk to her, just hug and let her understand that after the intimacy your interest has not faded away and you are still interested. “Post-sex affection” plays an important role in relationship. According to a research, those couples who spend more time snuggling are more satisfied with each other. Afterglow is chemical love cocktail which leads to a monogamous happy relationship. And it is even more important than foreplay.
  10. There is not right or wrong way to make love for the first time, take it slow and enjoy the moment. Be natural, don`t imitate pleasure. In return your partner will be open with you too.

Of course, you must not take the above written as the user manual. Every girl is different and she may be the one, who will set the pace and temperature of the process.