It does not matter how sexually experienced you are, sex with a new partner is something that makes you very nervous. Both women and men do not want to spoil the first impression. Do you want to know how to behave with a new sex partner to succeed? We are ready to give you some practical hints on how to do it.  

Sex tip#1. Being worried is quite normal and you cannot get away from it. The girl is also worried, even more than you. That is why, you must not try to lessen your worry with the help of cognac or beer. The smell of alcohol, as well as its effect on you will influence the quality of the sex negatively. Do not think of the process itself; just let your emotions be your guide.

Sex tip#2. No matter how many girls you have had, it is not worth to rely on your previous experience, as sex will always be different with different women. Therefore, it is desirable to think about your partner first, and not about your being sex-expert and ability to bring sheer pleasure to anyone. Believe me, your self-confidence can spoil everything. Still, if you are not experienced in sex, it is not desirable to announce that either. What you must do is be yourself and do not wait for the super excellent result from the first sex.  

Sex tip#3. Do not overdo with perfume and, of course, wash yourself before the date. Unpleasant odor of unclean body can scare the girl away and you will definitely have no intimacy.

Sex tip#4. A woman’s organism is a very sophisticated mechanism, which needs careful and delicate attitude. Gentle touch, foreplay and kind words at the initial stage will make the best impression of you. It is the same as show your direct attitude to the girl, which goes from the bottom of your heart. In such a way, with the help of your body language you say that you want the girl to feel good and she can relax without being worried about anything.

Sex tip#5. Sex with a new girl is always a kind of a research. Every woman has her own erogenous zones. Some girls like when men kiss their earlobes, neck or palms. Others lose their head when a partner pets their back or breast. In any case, you must not hurry and try to pet all the intimate zones simultaneously. You must show your partner that sex is not what interests you first, but it adds to the whole process of caressing. In such a way, the girl will relax and get used to you.  

Sex tip#6. VERY IMPORTANT! The girl must be ready for you to get inside her. If the girl is not ready, she will get no pleasure, or she can even feel pain.   

Sex tip#7. Do not expect that your first time with a new partner will bring you supernatural results. It is quite possible that the girl will not manage to relax fully to feel the orgasm at first time. That is because a woman’s organism is created so, that emotions and some natural alert play an important role. Therefore, intimacy is not enough to make a representative of the gentle sex relax. She has to get used to you and trust you.

Sex tip#8. Think about the girl. This time forget about what YOU want. Do not try to invent some extreme sex positions and show the girl other unusual things you are good at. Remember: she is a new person, a different person, who may have absolutely different image of sex and intimacy. It is not worth to neither talk to her about your preferences nor put them into practice at first night. The best variant is the missionary position.  

Sex tip#9. Do not forget about the contraception. This will protect both you and your partner from unwanted pregnancy or illnesses. Moreover, if the girls knows that you are using a condom, she may relax completely.

Sex tip#10. After the sex with the new girl, you must not turn away from her, put on your clothes immediately or call someone. It is very important for her that you are beside her. What you have to do is talk to her, just hug and let her understand that after the intimacy your interest in her has not faded away and you are still interested in her.

Of course, you must not take the above written as the user manual. Every girl is different and she may be the one, who will set the pace and temperature of the process.