10 Things To Remember If You Love A Strong Woman

What first comes to your mind when you imagine a strong woman? An iron lady with a cold heart who has never loved anyone and actually doesn`t need anyone to be happy? Let me give you a definition of a strong woman. She is a person who doesn`t rely on someone else to achieve goals in life, she is strong-willed, confident and ambitious, loves herself and knows what respect is. She does everything to reach a goal, but it doesn`t mean she doesn`t need an equal partner, on the contrary she fully reveals the identity together with a man. A strong woman definitely needs a strong man.

What makes a woman strong?

  1. She is persistent and knows what she wants in life, having a clear plan how to make it happen in the best way.
  2. She doesn’t waste time on unnecessary drama and gossips, she is just not interested in something that distracts her from the main path.
  3. She is comfortable in telling you things like they are, she is not embarrassed to ask for help if she really needs it at the moment as well as her desires, she knows how to communicate directly. Being open is important and she would share with you what is on her mind.
  4. She knows how to take care of body and mind. As a smart lady she understands the importance of looking stunning, she prefers to look natural, but groomed. Her hair and skin look always shining, she also keeps to a healthy diet, because she understands that being healthy from within impacts an overall physical and psychological health.
  5. She is independent, not clingy. She doesn`t mind being alone, but eagerly meets friends, who have the same character, she surrounds herself with smart females, when they are together, they would most probably discuss some business merges, latest news in the world rather than making up a gossip office.
  6. She can accept that she is not perfect. Loving a strong woman can be challenging. She always keeps up to date, attends different seminars and classes, either for career or personal growth. She is always on the move.
  7. She is not afraid to dream big. She can afford the sun, the moon or the stars if she really wants it. It may sound weird and unrealistic first, for example she makes notes now and loves writing, saying that soon the whole world will find out about her talent and she is going to be famous. Many people would doubt it, but step by step she really writes a book and manages to publish it, becoming famous. She doesn`t only believe in a dream, she makes small steps in order to fulfill it. Even if no one believes, she will find strength and inspiration to go further. I was reading an autobiographical romance, where the author is a very determined, when all friends lost hope that their best friend would come back to reality from dreams to become famous, she continued writing until she received a call from Russian agency in New York with a request to publish her book, because the topic she was writing about was on demand among females.
  8. She is not an iron lady, she knows how to be vulnerable, which actually shows her courage. She doesn`t compete with a man, she has a tender side.
  9. She speaks up if there is something wrong, she wouldn`t stand injustice towards weaker people.
  10. Strong women in relationships are grateful for attention, love and respect, small and big surprises, no matter what you do, do it with all your heart.
  11. Do men love strong women? They are definitely attracted to their energy, they stand out from the crowd. One of my male friend told me that he had been always attracted to such ladies, that`s why he married an independent woman. He doesn`t say it is easy, because not all men can share equality. They are both enterpreneurs, he owns a small restaurant and she is in charge of Internet clothes shop. She respects his environment and he treats hers with the same amount of respect. They give advice to each other if needed. They don`t divide household chores for only female and male duties. Whoever is available and can spend time to prepare dinner or breakfast, just does it. They equally participate in taking care of the house.

How to date a strong woman?

  1. She prefers having space. There is no need to send a hundred texts per day controlling each step she takes. Either you accept each other`s privacy or avoid getting involved in such relationship. Give up an idea of controlling.
  2. She knows her worth, treats everyone with respect and expects the same from others. She is going to observe your behavior not only towards her, but also to people around you: waiting staff in the restaurant, shop assistants, bank workers, colleagues and friends. If she notices your arrogant attitude, she is unlikely to tolerate this.
  3. Listen. She needs to be heard as any other person.
  4. She won`t stand manipulation and abusive treatment. Don`t try to violate her boundaries.
  5. Equality. Be equal and don`t try to dominate her decisions.
  6. There is no room for lies in her life. She doesn`t tolerate dishonesty in any kind and under any circumstances.
  7. Independent woman is usually successful in career, must probably she is in the limelight and attends different kinds of meetings, where there are a lot of as successful males as her. You should learn to accept it and do not express jealousy without any valid reason.

How to love a strong independent woman? She is not a “snow queen” with a cold heart, she needs your love and support. She is vulnerable and sensitive too as any other girl, she is just more determined and knows what she wants in life. She is not immune to being sad and lonely or doesn’t have a special pill against all the troubles in life, she can guard down only if she trusts you. Surprise with gifts not only on birthdays and anniversaries, give her compliments and create an atmosphere of happiness.

Now you have a guide on how to love a strong woman, it will definitely help you in relationship with such females!