You have found your love here in Ukraine and are hesitating whether you will manage to keep the relationship on distance? Then our article is for you. From it you will learn what to do and how to date a Ukrainian girl being far from each other.

10 Tips for Dating a Ukrainian girl on distance

  1.  Dating a Ukrainian girl on distance you have to start with defining what you expect from each other: are you in relationship or are you just friends. Maybe one of you thinks that you are ready for the engagement, while the other is not ready. Discuss if any of you is ready to move to another country. Stating the mutual goal both of you will know how to act correctly according to your hopes and dreams.
  2.  Dating a Ukrainian girl on distance try to do something together despite being far away from each other. What would you do if you were near? You could watch the same movie or TV show, play a network game, cook dinner, sing the same song or read a book. With such services like Skype, Viber, Whatts up, etc it will make no problem for you.
  3.  Dating a Ukrainian girl on distance communicate with her with any possible way. Being unable to see each other every day, it is important to maintain emotional connection. It is not necessary to talk long hours on the phone, you could write short messages telling about your victories, problems or joyful events. Ask each other’s advice. Send small presents without any reason, but try not to forget the important dates, especially YOUR common ones.
  4.  Dating a Ukrainian girl on distance try to meet each other as often as possible. Your relationship can develop only when you combine virtual and personal communication. So, plan regular visits and stick to your plan. This will help you to maintain your relationship.
  5.  Dating a Ukrainian girl on distance trust her, since your distrust and jealousy can spoil everything. That is why, starting long-distance relationship you have to be ready to face some difficulties and believe that your partner is honest and loyal. So, if she goes to a party with her friends, do not make an interrogation asking why she didn’t call, when she came home, why she stayed out so late, didn’t text you or did not pick up the phone when you called her. What is more, you have to continue your own life too. Meet your friends and have fun. However, both of you must keep the balance and do not leave the facts pointing at your partner’s cheating unnoticed, but at the same time you mustn’t spoil both your and her nerves with being oversuspicious.
  6.  Dating a Ukrainian girl on distance stay positive. Do not let yourself focus on the negative aspects of long-distance relationship. It is true that you are far away from your beloved, but this also lets you pay more attention to your work, hobbies, interests. Moreover, being in such relationship you will definitely become more creative inventing new ways of communicating. Your positiveness will “infect” your partner and you will feel each other’s support.
  7.  Dating a Ukrainian girl on distance give her some personal trinket of yours, that she will be able to take with her, touch at a difficult moment and feel your presence. Such sweet things bring  the feeling of happiness and make think about you.
  8.  Dating a Ukrainian girl on distance make up the list of the basics of your relationship and sign it. This will be your common goal to strive to. What could you include in it? Accept each other the way you are; try to be honest and trust each other; be ready to compromise; discuss your problems in relationship whenever they appear, etc.
  9.  Dating a Ukrainian girl on distance remember that you ARE in relationship and you must support her. In case she is in trouble, you must do whatever it takes to be beside her, or at least always be in touch. I mean, if you overcome all difficulties separately, on your own, then why do you need such relationship?
  10.  Dating a Ukrainian girl on distance you must take as much pleasure and advantage from the opportunity to be together, when you see each other, as possible. And it is also very important to keep staying attractive to each other as the feeling of excitement fades with time if you do not nourish it.

Remember, any relationship is a difficult job; and long-distance relationship is ten times more difficult. However, if it is important for both of you, nothing will part you. Stay positive and be happy!