10 Useful First Date Tips

So, you have caught luck by the tail and are about to spend an evening out with the girl of your dream, which is great news. The min thing now is not to add this event to your list of “the most embarrassing moments in my life”. How to act on a first date so as to impress the lady but not to seem self-centered? What to expect on a first date not to get disappointed? In our article you will find some simple tips for the first date, using which you are bound to succeed.

  1. Choose a place where you both feel comfortable. But not too secluded one.
  2. It does not matter whether you think of how to meet someone from online or offline, it is better to start with public places.

    Of course, restaurants head the list of spots where to go on the first date, but if both of you are open to extraordinary scenarios, nothing prevents you from, for example, walking the dogs together in the park.

  3. Wherever you agree to meet, do not be late
  4. It might seem obvious, but being late is still one of the top three failures on a date. There can be a thousand different reasons for this, from wishing to postpone an exciting event to the brain’s ability to underestimate a familiar route.

    Although late-comers are believed to be more creative and optimistic people, such an explanation is unlikely to help you. Being late is seen not only as a sign of insecurity but also as a sign of disrespect. A good tip here is to never plan to be on time. Set yourself a goal to arrive 15 minutes in advance and figure out what to do if you have to wait.

  5. Give her a little present.
  6. A good idea for a first date present is giving a beautiful, but not too pompous bouquet or even limit yourself to one very beautiful rose. This is just a gesture of gratitude and admiration for female beauty, nothing more. Any woman can easily accept it, without feeling that you want to buy her. As for the payment for dinner, the old unspoken rule applies here – the person who invites pays the bill.

  7. Turn off the sound on your mobile or do not take it out at all
  8. Digital etiquette is new, but there is definitely nothing worse than push notifications distracting both of you in the midst of a conversation. It is considered bad form to answer calls and messages during a date, or even leaving your smartphone face up on the table.

    Interestingly, it’s bad if your phone screen is broken as many women believe this is a bad characterization of a man. So, if yours is of such kind, do not risk even taking it out 😉

  9. Take as much interest in the interlocutor as possible
  10. The first evening out can easily turn into your performance: being nervous for a first date and the desire to pull all your strength together and look like the best version of yourself is completely understandable. YOUR favorite directors and philosophers are mentioned, the funniest stories from YOUR life are shared, details of YOUR genealogy are revealed, and so on. Stop. Remember what matters for the other person is the ability to ask questions about their life and listen.

  11. Do not overdo with revelation.
  12. Probably, your unsuccessful romances or marriages are not the best choice of what to talk on a first date about and will immediately make a negative impression. Moreover, you should not complain about your life and inform a new lady about your financial and personal problems, in a word, whine and complain in every possible way. The girl has come to enjoy herself and wants to see a cheerful companion, with whom she has great dating questions to chat about and laugh merrily, in short – to have a good time.

  13. Keep track of what and how much you drink.
  14. It is not a surprise that many romantic dinners begin with the words “let’s go and have a drink”. The argument “for” is clear – alcohol temporarily (temporarily!) improves social skills and increases confidence in your attractiveness. The arguments against are obvious too.

    In any case, no one knows better than yourself about your relationship with alcohol, so it’s up to you to decide what and how much to drink.

  15. Do not fight too hard for the bill.
  16. It might seem strange advice for a date, still, if a woman decides to pay for herself, let her do it and do not consider it to be a threat to your masculinity, or a refusal to have any business with you.

    Try to look at it from a different angle: the insistent desire to pay the bill shows only that a woman doesn’t want to feel obligated – whether it is a kiss, the continuation of the evening, or the second date. So if you share the idea of ​​equality, don’t persist if your lady offers to pay the bill, share it.

  17. Do not hurry.
  18. This advice is perfect for those who met on social networks or dating sites. Now people are very busy, unfortunately, there is very little time left for their personal lives, and many correspond for a long time before seeing each other offline, which makes them think they are ready for a more serious relationship like sex and even marriage. Do not rush the situation, and even more so, do not make any oaths and promises before a personal meeting!

    Firstly, there are a lot of scammers of both sexes on the network now, striving to profit from the passionate desire of lonely hearts to find a family.

    Secondly, a great electronic relationship can instantly turn into a disaster in reality if your chosen one turns out to be completely different from what you imagined her to be. So don’t make any promises and check your new girlfriend before getting into a serious relationship.

  19. Don’t be afraid to continue (or not)
  20. Suppose you have followed our advice on how to have a great first date and successfully reached the end – there is not just sympathy between you, but a spark, and maybe a flame.

What to do next?

Frankly speaking, the continuation and sex are not that impossible, still, it is a very worrying step for women, as they are confident that men would judge them for such a desire. This is why ladies do not hurry to “cross the border”. The conclusions are very simple and, like everything in relationships, are tied to the principle of voluntariness: sex is an optional item on the program, and you certainly shouldn’t draw conclusions about a person by whether it has happened or not.

Valeria Matsckevich With Love.