10 ways to show a woman you’re interested

Do you think it`s easy to show a lady that you are interested on the first date? Are there any special techniques? Our body language talks more than words. Mind your gestures on a date, especially if it is the first one.

What are the most important body language male attraction signals? Always facing a girl, wide open arms posture, lifting eyebrows, looking directly in the eyes and others.

The first date is at the same time exciting and emotional, but also stressful. How to show interest in a girl without saying anything? To start with, you can use such attraction body language signals as eye contact. Our eyes speak more than words. By looking at a lady, you send attraction vibes. When you look with admiration and excitement, she feels it on a subconscious level.

Verbal flirting signs from men play an essential role. Flirtatious smile, your eyes help you in showing interest in a woman.

Only body language attraction is not enough for successful dating.

Follow these 10 tips which may help you:

  1. Listen to your lady. Don`t swing from topics to topics. If she tells you about hobbies, share yours too.
  2. Give compliments. Pay attention to a new dress, hairstyle, manicure, the way she smiles. Details matter and play a big role in relationship. Express your feelings through pleasant words, set a positive atmosphere around you.
  3. Get to know a girlfriend better, ask about preferences, which movies she likes, cuisine and activities, so you may later make plans according to what she likes more.
  4. Ask about a family. It is an important part of her life, if a man is planning something serious with a woman, he must definitely know family background.
  5. Tell how pleasant it is to meet her, describe your feelings when you are next to each other. It means you have intentions to start a relationship. Then she is going to understand that you don`t just spend a good time, enjoying a nice company at the restaurant or a park, but also have some serious future plans.
  6. Take a hand gently. It is a very romantic gesture, usually not at the first meeting. It is an intimate moment, if you both feel comfortable with each other, take her both hands in yours, it will create a strong vibe between you. She can feel relaxed and definitely is going to consider you as more than a friend.
  7. Make surprises. Take your girlfriend to a concert of a favourite singer. Maybe she has been dreaming to attend that particular course of tennis or a foreign language.
  8. While choosing a place for your next date, listen to her advice. She appreciates you taking her preferences into consideration, women like confident men, but it doesn`t mean you have to decide everything by yourself.
  9. Try to get to know a friend`s circle. Express your willingness to meet them one day for a party to get to know them better.
  10. Enquire about weekend plans, maybe you would like to spend a weekend together. Plan something special, explore the city or just drive out to the country side where you can enjoy each other`s presence.

One of the nice ways to show your intentions is to pay for your girlfriend. When my female friend goes to see a man for the first time, she pays attention if a guy gives the chance to order what she wants, not what he thinks is good, if he offers to pay for a taxi. It is an important factor, if a man asks how she is going to get back home, insists on paying. It means that he is interested. If he just says goodbye, ignoring the fact of getting a girl safely home, there are not many chances to see a lady again. It is a feature of our culture when a man has romantic feelings towards a lady, he shows it by paying on the date. Caring is an essential part, especially at the beginning of relationship. She will judge your attempts to be courteous and polite, which reflect on future meetings and developing of your relationship. Be generous, either it is your money or time, devote it to the person you like.