11 Goals You Should Want in Relationship

Initial aims usually correspond to the actual results you achieve.
If you were hurt, received money, status
or formal relations instead of love,
YOU were the one who had chosen this subconsciously.

The urge to love and be loved is essential to every person. Though, many seem to see it as just a dream.

Uniting their lives, a man and a woman pursue their goals for a relationship, which could either make them stronger or ruin everything. Let us look at some instances together.

It happens that sometimes poverty or disfunction in a family makes two people marry and create their own union based on peace, love, and happiness. In such a way solving a common problem becomes one of the relations goals.

Let’s move on. As an example, giving birth to a child was among one lady’s goals in relationships. So, when she met a possible partner, she started discussing this question, which caused tension immediately and her boyfriends disappeared quickly.

A lot of people believe, which is quite strange, the best relation between the opposite sexes is built on things distant from being romantic like having regular sex, getting the routine chores done or receiving material support. However, having lived together a while, couples understand that they need other things to become happy.

There are many more unproductive subconscious goals for couples, which do not lead to creating a close connection. Therefore, having a desire to choose a partner, to love and be loved, setting the right and clear aims is vitally important.

So, what makes two people happy as a couple? We offer the list of relationship goals you must want.

  1. Staying in one room for some time doing your own business without feeling some discomfort. Being together and setting some free space at the same time is an amazing idea not to saturate each other’s attention.
  2. Not feeling guilty about having had no sex at night. That is because you were tired or felt bad. And, remember, we are not robots!
  3. Being able to discuss your ex-partners nice and easy. It is a great target for long term relations since sometimes you will have to go back to the past. So, if you decide not to make any rows and respect your love partner’s wish to share something about their previous “before-you-appeared” part of life, you will only win as it might help not to make the same mistakes again.
  4. Goals You Should Want in Relationship

  5. Enjoy being together. With the Internet being everywhere around, it is understandable you would like the whole world to know that you two are together. Still, it is better not to make a fuss around your happiness.
  6. Decide what you will eat without any fights in 15 minutes.
  7. Sleep in one bed and do not think it is a nightmare as the bed is too small for your night body positions.
  8. Another thing on your couple to-do list is being pleased you have common friends. It is wonderful, when people, who have known you since childhood, are friendly with your partner too.
  9. Find out as much as possible about each other, so that choosing even a small present would be a pleasure, not torture.
  10. Be proud of one another and have no jealousy.
  11. Learn to handle money. Decide how much money to spend and what to buy together. Find balance, do not argue about finances, and do not hide your actual salary is a worthy though quite daunting challenge.
  12. The last but not least substantial objective for your love relationship is learning to argue. Really, in case you find a way to solve the problems without shouting or insults, you are bound to succeed.

Valeria Matskevich With love