11 Sex Tips For People In Long-Distance Relationships

20 years ago talking about sex in long-distance relationships would seem strange and senseless. Waiting for letters from your sweetheart, which could take months to get to you, all you could do is just wait; however nowadays there are a lot of ways to go through the challenge of kilometers and keep the fire of passion burning. Read our article to find out which ones.

Maybe you have just received a dream job, miles away from home and your beloved one and you cannot miss a chance to have an opportunity working abroad in a developed company on a higher position than in your hometown. It happens a lot in life when you have to sacrifice in order to have a better future and income. Maybe you have met online or through matchmaking service. More couples now are separated.

Sex games for long distance relationship are not something extraordinary to be embarrassed.

Here are some tips for people in long distance relationships. It doesn’t mean you are less attracted or less serious about your woman, it is just when it comes to sex, you should be a bit more creative. I would like to share new sex things to try in relationship:

  1. Pictures. Having a lot of opportunities to take good photos anytime and anywhere, it would be a crime not to follow this advice. You can put on sexy underwear after a shower and you definitely receive the needed effect.
  2. Sexting ideas for long distance relationships. Sending “playful” text-messages is not a dirty game, it helps to keep the spark longer, nourish your emotions and go through time apart without giving into temptations. You can express brave fantasies and freaky things to do with your girlfriend which you don`t dare say looking into the eyes. You can even make up your special “language”, which only two of you understand. For a better effect, send a “hot” video. Sexual games for long distance relationships are a good way.
  3. Trust a partner. Sometimes block in trust cannot give the chance to sexually relax.
  4. Sex toys in long distance relationship. Being far from your beloved, you could use a remotely-controlled toy, led by you, and literally make love through distance. With modern-day technologies there is nothing impossible.
  5. Strip Skype. Why don’t you surprise with a strip dance to the camera?
  6. Appreciate this time. Why? That is because after being away for several days, weeks, months, years, your desire is only going to be bigger.
  7. Discuss which different intimate games you might play.
  8. Quick sex. Just imagine, one of you is about to leave, the bags are packed, the taxi is due to arrive and part you… Do you think you should just sit and wait for it to come? What about making “it” on the floor in the hall?
  9. Enjoy every moment together while physical contact is something that lacks now.
  10. Some people think that spending all time together, they will have a lot of things to discuss, but not so many when they are apart. While living together, you see what each of you does, but when you don`t, you discuss what you do every day, where you go. Learn to listen as well as speak your mind.
  11. Prepare emotionally to see each other.
    1. There are many activities to use for long distance relationships. You shouldn`t pause your sex life while being apart. One of my friends, Nancy from England has a boyfriend abroad. Let me share with you their advice for long distance relationships. They keep in touch every day as much as possible. Facetime, whatsapp, Skype and telegram are the best friends now in their couple. They are both very romantic, they always have something to look forward to. She does her best to buy new lingerie to send him hot pictures, videos- “teasers”. In return he sends a lot of pictures and videos too. It happens very natural and doesn`t burden them at all. Nancy sends him audio texts and always keeps him updated about every day life. They set a goal to see each other no matter what and then their intimate life is the most incredible thing ever. Last time they met in summer, they were enjoying each other during 2 months, each day they couldn`t be apart day and night. Now they are miles apart, preparing to see each other on Christmas, but they are still in love. Love knows no borders.

      I have one more personal story to share. One of my friends lives in UAE, in a hot Dubai, but her boyfriend is temporarily in Russia. So they have to make up something to maintain their sex life. She has always been dreaming to be fit, so now as she has more freedom, she devoted herself to gym. She works out every day, so she managed to build a good body shape, which influenced her boyfriend`s interest. He adores looking at her pictures on the beach and gives much more compliments than before. She sends him teasing videos of her body on a sunny beautiful beach and at home too. This time apart made them want each other more. She used distance to contribute to physical appearance and it led to his stronger desire of having her. There are many successful stories to share. My cousin was also in such conditions, she took a gap year after a university to study in China. It was a perfect year in her life, despite the fact her boyfriend was in Ukraine working on a big project. They were always in touch, she showed China. He was very excited and proud. They managed to keep romance until now and that year was only a contribution. They are happily married and have two children.

      It can get complicated sometimes, but if you really want, nothing is unachievable. Do your best to work it out. Good luck!