About 10 years ago talking about sex in long-distance relationship would seem strange and senseless. Waiting for letters from your sweetheart, which could take months to get to you, all you could do is just wait; however nowadays there are a lot of ways to go through the challenge of kilometers and keep the fire of passion burning. Read our article to find out which ones. 

Sex tip for long-distance relationship #1. Photos.

Having a lot of opportunities to take good photos anytime and anywhere, it would be a crime not to follow this advice. Both you and your partner can put on beautiful sexy underwear, choose the right position and you will definitely get the needed effect. Sending such a photo to each other, you will surely get excited.

Sex tip for long-distance relationship #2. Sexting.  

Sending “playful” text-messages to each other is not a dirty game, it is exactly what will help your long-distance relationship last longer, nourish your emotions and go through time apart without giving into temptations. What is more, with the help of sexting you can express the bravest fantasies, which can be hard to do looking your partner into the eyes. You can even invent your special “sex-language”, which only two of you will know. This will surely add taste to your long-distance relationship.

Sex tip for long-distance relationship #3. New e-mails.

Having correspondence with your love partner under different names, making up a new story about your meeting is something which will spice up your life. Both you and your lady will enjoy it and your routine will be brightened with different colors. 

Sex tip for long-distance relationship #4. Sex-toys.

This is a very good idea. Just imagine, being far from your beloved, you could use a remotely-controlled sex toy, led by you, and literally make love through distance. With modern-day technologies there is nothing impossible. 

Sex tip for long-distance relationship #5. Strip Skype.

Why don’t two of you surprise each other with a strip dance to the camera? If you have not tried using your Skype in such a way you should definitely try it. It is much sexier than just talking.

Sex tip for long-distance relationship #6. Appreciate long distance.

Why? That is because after being away from each other for several days, weeks, months, years, your desire will only grow and your sex relationship will become even hotter. Being away from each other you will not get “over-saturated” and when you get a chance to meet, you will not want to get away from each other. 

Sex tip for long-distance relationship #7.  Plan your week-end.

Think of what your week-end was like, when you were close to each other. Some routine things like watching TV, going to the cinema or a cafe were your usual pastimes. And now, when you have a chance to see each other only at the week-end, for example, you will surely use every moment of it to disappear into each other having different sex games. I bet that after the parting the only thing you will think of is inventing new ways and places for that.  

Sex tip for long-distance relationship #8. “Quick sex”.

Just imagine, one of you is about to leave, the bags are packed, the taxi is due to arrive and part you… Do you think you should just sit and wait for it to come? What about throwing your clothes away and making “it” on the floor in the hall? Such spontaneous sex will make your relationship fresh for sure. 

Sex tip for long-distance relationship #9. Make use…

Make use of every moment spent together. Physical contact is something that you lack being far from each other. That is why, when you meet, make use of every touch. Hold each other’s hand, kiss and hug your partner whenever you get a chance to do it. All in all, enjoy touching each other. 

Sex tip for long-distance relationship #10. Don’t be afraid.

Some people think that spending all time together, they will have a lot of things to discuss, and if they part, they will drift apart from each other. You should not be afraid of it, as, in fact, you will get more topics for discussion and you will spend hours telling about how your day was and sharing the news. All you need to do is just learn to listen to each other and be ready to share everything without any hesitation.

Sex tip for long-distance relationship #11. Prepare for emotions.

When you rarely see each other, you can get washed away with a rainfall of emotions. Every relationship is full of disappointments, happiness, love, passion, spontaneous and crazy decisions, etc. So, even seeing each other not every day, you will go through this range of feelings too. 

Finally, if you cannot change the situation, accept what you have and make the most of it.