Speaking of such a delicate process like sex, you must remember that it is very important to do everything in the right way. Believe it or not, but there even exists sex etiquette which you have to  follow.

To begin with, there are general rules of how to behave yourself in bed. Let us look at them first.

Sex etiquette rule #1. If you want to make love correctly, do not behave like a lifeless piece of wood. I mean you can moan, move and change position, though not very often.

Sex etiquette rule #2. Forget about shyness in bed. You must not be embarrased with your body or think that some movements or positions are indicent. If you want to behave in bed correctly, you must not forget that during a sexual act your woman will not look at your hair, etc.

Sex etiquette rule #3. After sex remember to touch your woman and tell her something nice. Do not turn away from your partner and snore, or run to the shower to «clean yourself» as soon as posssible.

Sex etiquette rule #4. If you want to moan during a sexual act, do not be shy to do that. Such sounds will only excite your partner.

These were the rules which have to be followed by both men and women. But we are more interested in telling you about sex etiquette rules which you, men, must know. So, let us continue and uncover some secrets of good manners in bed.

Sex etiquette rule #5. The first thing you must remember is that you will hardly find a woman, who can get an orgasm in such short time which you need to get pleasure. You must learn to make a sexual act as long as a woman needs to get an orgasm.

Sex etiquette rule #6. Before starting a sexual act with a woman, you must leave enough time for foreplay, as this is when a woman can get the highest excitement.

Sex etiquette rule #7. If you want to be a real gentleman in bed, you must know that women do not like to change the positions very often. They prefer to change a couple of positions in a sexual act. That is why, do not swing and twirl your partner every now and then. It is just not sensible.

Sex etiquette rule #8. It is very important for you to learn how to caress a woman in bed correctly. Try to read special literature to find out how to give your woman the highest pleasure.

Sex etiquette rule #9. It is not good to talk about business in bed, not to mention complaining about your problems. I am sure that sex is something that has to evoke other thoughts in both your and your woman’s head.

Sex etiquette rule #10. Never ever think of telling jokes about your woman’s appearance. When a woman has decided to do something about the way she looks or is already in the process of doing it, any critics will discourage her and add more complexes of inferiority. It is also not good to discuss her bad traits of character in bed. If you do want to discuss this topic, think of choosing a better time.

Sex etiquette rule #11. If you want to get real pleasure from sex do not try to make your partner do what she does not want to (of course if it is not a part of your role play). Be patient and listen to your partner’s wishes. In such a case you both will be satisfied.

Sex etiquette rule #12. Finally, remember that sex with different women is different and you will not find a simple answer on how to behave yourself in bed with any woman in the world. That is because every woman has her own character and individual preferences which you, being a real gentleman, have to find and satisfy.