12 signs a girl wants you

Women are very romantic, discreet and gentle, a woman who wants sex with you might feel shy to tell you directly. You should be careful before making any conclusions, maybe your mind is playing tricks and it seems that she wants you physically, hold on and make sure first that it is true, then you can take the next step. There is a certain sexual etiquette, a girl won`t be pleased if you invite on the first date to your hotel room or a flat, it is too rude. Sex is very sensitive and intimate matter, so don`t rush until you feel that you both are ready. What are the hidden magical signs that show you a woman is attracted to you sexually? How to know she wants you?

Women do not always use words to tell about their feelings. She will let you know without saying a single word. She will make disguised sexual signals. In order to understand them, you should learn language of gestures. We offer you the list of 12 signs a woman wants to sleep with you.

Let` start with innocent flirting signs:

  1. Playing with hair. Long hair is very sexy itself, if she twirls it, flirtatiously smiling at you at this moment, it is definitely a good sign, a girl is interested in you on a sexual level. Body language is very important, it tells you more than anything else. She might joke with you and reveal some parts of her body for you to notice: neck, shoulders and arms.
  2. The way she is dressed up. Girls that want sex try to express it in the style of clothes. She might come for a date in a sexy dress. It shouldn`t necessarily be a short one, it can be a nice elegant long dress with naked shoulders and a V-neck. She might put a red lipstick, which is considered to be a part of sexy outfit. A woman seems to show vulnerability by nuding up a neck. Such a gesture is a real disguised sexual signal (DSS). So if you would like to get closer, say how beautiful her neck and hair is. If she looks at you playing with a necklace or earrings, do not think they are tangled. It is a vivid sign she is attracted to you.
  3. Does she want me sexually? If she sits close to you, sometimes leans on your shoulder and touches your hand, sometimes caressing it, then she considers you as a sexual partner. Girls don`t allow to enter their personal space if they are not attracted physically to a man. If she lets you into her space, be sure it is one of the signs she wants to be with you.
  4. One of the strongest tools of seduction is the way she speaks. If she lowers voice while talking, is very expressive and laughs a lot, sometimes whispering some words in the ear she is definitely into you. When girls want to have sex they look directly to your lips.
  5. A kind of kiss she gives is also very important. You should differentiate a regular romantic kiss and passionate one. If intensity rises with each second, she kisses you hard, it is one of the signs she wants to sleep with you.
  6. Hugs will tell you a lot as well. If she hugs you very briefly and pat you on the back as a friend, either it is your first date and you don`t know each other too close, or she just being polite and is not ready for the next step, it is one of the signs she doesn’t want to have sex yet. But if she tries to come closer to you, giving you a chance to smell perfume, feel her body shape and curves, your hugs are intense, then she definitely hints you it is the right time to come to the next stage of your relationship.
  7. Compliments on your masculine body. Does she often mention how fit you look, how strong your arms, your abs, etc? Does she even ask you to demonstrate them? She is showing physical attraction to you, she definitely likes you.
  8. Messaging. She might send you a provocative SMS, it can be even some hot pictures and direct invitation to visit you.
  9. Licking her lips. While interacting with you, she intentionally bites lips and look mischievously at you.
  10. She is open for a conversation. She is comfortable to discuss preferences .
  11. A lady doesn`t rush to say goodbye after the date, offering to have a walk, invites you for a “cup of coffee”.
  12. A woman enters your «zone» slowly, about 40 cm close to your face. She is waiting for your reaction….

How to make a girl want you? If you are willing to have sexual tension, first you should build the romance. Everything starts with emotions. Show that you are a gentleman, you should care not only about beauty and gracious body, but as well about personality, feelings, interests and passion. Treat a lady with respect, give more compliments and make surprises. Be initiative, but don`t be too persistent. Take her out, spend more time with each other, express your feelings. When you reached the point of getting into a sexual relationship, be ready with the tricks on how to make a lady want you:

  1. Smell nice. All basic instincts start with a smell. Wear a nice perfume, which attracts sexually. Choose a scent that suits your personality, which she will remember and associate only with you.
  2. Dress sexy. When choosing clothes, reveal your best body parts and hide drawbacks. Looks play an important role. You can wear a shirt and unbutton from up a bit to show a part of your body.
  3. Touch her hand, or put your hand on her leg, it is a very intimate moment. If you are already close to each other, you can let yourself be naughty.
  4. Make it clear that you find a woman sexually attractive. If it is a mutual feeling, you will understand it.
  5. Make her laugh by teasing . Girls love witty men, if she genuinely laughs at your jokes, she is attracted to you.

Women remember everything from the start. So you should think about all the stages before sex itself. It is important to be romantic, spend as much time for a foreplay as you can, it depends a lot on how you prepare a woman before the action. She will pay you back with passion, don`t play only at one gate. If you care only about your pleasure, a girl is not likely to stay in relationship with such man. I want to share a story from university friend`s personal life, an example for a man which you shouldn`t follow. After ending long-term relationship, she was a bit devastated and in half year she actually decided to start a new life and try to date again. By a lucky chance the best friend introduced this girl to a very handsome guy. She couldn`t believe her luck. He was not only handsome, tall, had blue eyes, he had everything she was dreaming about. He was so charming, intelligent and caring. “Am I in paradise?” she asked herself. They were walking and talking endlessly about everything, going to restaurants and movies. She was already waiting for the intimate moment. One day he invited to spend an evening together. She choose the best lingerie to impress him, spent a lot of time deciding which one is better. When they came to the flat, she expected him to be romantic, offer some wine or maybe watch a movie. Instead, after opening the door, he removed all clothes, not even paying attention to beautiful lingerie, without kissing or saying pleasant words, they had their first sex. It was very awkward moment, she was thinking maybe it is just the first time. But he was like that even after that. So, guys, you should remember for women to enjoy sex you should take care about emotional part.

If you follow these simple rules, you just cannot fail.