How do girls signal that they feel something towards you? How can you see the signs a girl wants you?

Women do not always use words to tell about their feelings. Instead they can play with a lock of their hair, or touch you accidentally. If a woman wants you, she will let you know without saying a single word. She will make disguised sexual signals. But she will not be able to reach to you if you do not understand the language of gestures. We offer you the list of 12 signs a girl wants you which you must remember.

1.Close contact is one of the signs a girl wants you.

A woman approaches you accidentally, she wants to be close, she enters your «zone» slowly, about  40 cm close to your face. She is waiting for your reaction… She wants you to smile to her, hug. And when you hug her, do not let her go, until she makes sure that you have understood her signals.

2. Strange it may seem, but another sign a girl wants you is showing her armpits.

She leans back, imitating being relaxed and showing her armpits. You must know that she understands what she is doing absolutely clearly. She is doing it on purpose. A woman will never show her armpits to just anybody.

3.Playing with her hair.

If she is playing with her hair, her eyes on you – this is definitely a sign that a girl wants you to touch it. Which is a sure sign of her sexual desire.

4.Discreet exposure.

Her dress leans off her shoulder and she does not notice it. What is interesting, the shoulder gets naked exactly when you look at the woman. If your lady is making such a gesture, do not think that she feels hot. This is the clear sign she wants to  get closer.

5.Nuding up her neck.

A woman seems to show her vulnerability by nuding up her neck. Such a gesture is a real disguised sexual signal (DSS). So if you want to get something, say how beautiful her neck and hair is.

6.A shy geisha.

Another sign is when a girl averts her eyes the other side or down. She is so shy and decent. However, this is the sign she wants to get to know you. So keep in mind that if she looked at you again during a minute,  happiness is in your hands and you must take the bull by the horns and act immediately.

7.Her palm is also a sign she wants you.

If a girl is looking at you, her fingers on her chin and her palm is slightly turned your way, that means she is ready to do much. So if you see such a sign, act immediately, do not waste your time thinking because the girl can turn her palm away from you.

8.A silly girl.

A woman starts giggling, doing stupid things, reacting to what is going on like a child. Beware, this could be a game to give you another hint, but… this could also be a reality and your date is really a silly girl)))

9.Glance sideways.

A woman glances at you sideways. She does it again? And again? She is definitely interested in you. But she does not want to seem unabashed. However if a man knows DSS language, he will not be fooled. If there is no other man standing behind you, you can bravely come to her and start a conversation.


If a woman caresses her shoulders, hips and fixes her shoulder-straps, she is waiting for you to come up to her and start conversation.

11.Playing with jewellery.

If she looks at you playing with her necklace, she wants you to come closer. Do not think her necklace is tangled. It is a vivid sign for you to come up and she will treat you to something delicious.

12.Demonstrating her legs.

She sits with her legs crossed, changes their position, plays with her shoe… Mmmm… Keep in mind these are signs showing that she is full of sexual energy and ready to share it with you.

If you learn to use these tips and apply your knowledge, it will bring bright colours to your life and you will never go past your luck.