What do women want? If you have ever thought over this question, look through the following secrets of good relationship based on a study of “healthy” and happy marriages and modern change of the gender roles.

  1. Feelings are the most important thing. A woman, especially if she is very disappointed, evaluates a man with her feelings. So, if you hug her tenderly, you will definitely make up the unpleasant situation.
  2. Gallantry matters. Every man should know that during love relationship a lot of women like the ones, who play a traditional man’s role, especially at the stage of courtship. Of course, a woman can move her chair herself or open the door, but she will be confused waiting for a man to reveal his gentleman self.
  3. Clothes do make a man. Fashion is a temporarily phenomenon, but a man’s attention to his appearance (hair and clothes) must be permanent. It matters for a woman from the first minute she sees a man till the end of the honeymoon and longer. You must do your best to make HER like you. So, if she likes men wearing tight jeans, think of becoming one of them.
  4. Do not hide your drawbacks. Nothing can have a higher chance to win a woman’s heart than a man’s wish to become better. Every man should know that women like developing men, the ones who are thoughtful and sensitive. In fact, women like when “her man” admits he has drawbacks, for example bad traits of character or bad mood after work, and makes an effort to fight them.
  5. Do not limit her freedom. If a woman is worried about something, the first thing she wants to do is to be heard without being given any advice. While men need to solve the problem, women really need to deepen their relationship with a man.
  6. It is not enough to nod your head. Of course it is very important to be able to listen, but a woman also wants to know if she has been heard. Just a nod of the head will not be enough. Since when she makes a pause, she wants to hear some supportive words from you. For example, if she says that she has not enough time to meet the deadline, say that such a task is really difficult to be done so quickly, but do not offer her your solution of this problem. That is not what she needs right now.
  7. A woman likes to hurry without being in a hurry. Men often want to come to sex quickly. Women also want sex, but they prefer to act in a different way. They want to feel the connection, mutual understanding and romance. Which means time, words, touch, or, in other words, prelude.
  8. Ask her what she wants to feel in bed. Women like discussing what is going to happen in bed, where she wants a man to like her. Approach the topic with tact and ask her what she likes.
  9. Share your pain. If for some reason you have failed in bed, your woman will also feel guilty because she cannot excite you. She needs to discuss it and hear that you do not think so, what you are going to do, especially if it repeats. Of course such a talk is not very pleasant for both of you, but talking is better than keeping silence.   
  10. Say this again and again… Women like men, who notice their beauty and tell them that they look gorgeous, or, for example, sexy in their new clothes. A woman will not keep you waiting with gratitude, but you must tell your compliment before she openly hints you about it. If she looks especially attractive, has wonderful hair, she is the best, let her hear it from you.  
  11. Do not be afraid to discuss your relationship. Every man should know and understand that if a woman wants to talk about relationship, it does not mean that he has done something wrong. An honest and sincere conversation can let you discuss a lot of questions, helping to improve your relationship and making you closer.
  12. Look into your partner’s eyes. You may like to sit next to each other, however a lot of girls think it is good to sit opposite their men. That is because they like to have an eye contact while talking. This helps to make your relationship deeper.
  13. Do not miss the right moment. How can you know if a woman wants to continue relationship? She will tell you herself. That is what women do sincerely, but they do not like talking about it too often. If you want to hear the answer to your question once again, you will have to lead your woman step by step to it again.
  14. Keep romance alive. Romance in relationship is what a woman is waiting, for no matter how long you have been together, and every man should know it. It can be banal romance like a bouquet of flowers, dinner in the candlelight, reciting a poem, but most women will appreciate your attention and will show their thankfulness when the lights go out.