15 + Basic Ukrainian Phrases for Your Trip to Ukraine

It is not a secret that English is an international language, so it will be enough for communication almost in every country. Still, if you travel somewhere it will be good to know several basic phrases that can help you if there is nobody, who can speak English around. Nowadays more and more people learn English and Ukraine is not an exception. It depends on the region as well, but people in big cosmopolitan cities speak several foreign languages. But there are some small towns, where the citizens speak only their native language.

And in this article we offer you 15+ phrases that you should know while travelling to Ukraine (you will learn how to say hello and thank you in Ukrainian language).

Being polite is very important, there are some phrases to say hello in Ukrainian language.

Hello. Hi. – Pryvit.

Good morning in Ukrainian. – Dobryi ranok.

Good afternoon. – Dobryi den.

Good evening. – Dobryi vechir.

Of course, no conversation can finish without saying good-bye as well.

How to say good-bye in Ukrainian? – Do pobachennia.

Bye. – Poka.

See you. – Pobachymos.

Have a good day/evening. – Dobroho dnia/vechora.

Probably I should have started with that phrase, still, as they say, better late than never. So, first of all, you need to find out if the person you want to address speaks English. To do that you can greet them and ask if they speak English:

Excuse me, do you speak English? – Probachte, vy govoryte anhlijskoju?

If you want to sound polite:

How to say please in Ukrainian? – Bud laska.

Thank you in Ukrainian. – Diakuju.

It`s OK. – Vse dobre.

You are welcome in Ukrainian – Nema za scho.

How are you in Ukrainian – Yak spravy?

Nice to meet you in Ukrainian – Priemno poznayomitys.

This is fun in Ukrainian – Tse veselo!

These Ukrainian phrases will help you to understand your interlocutor and let them understand you:

Could you please repeat that? – Povtorit tse bud laska.

I understand – Ja rozumiju.

I don’t understand – Ja ne rozumiju.

Asking the way to a place:

Could you tell me the way to… – Pidkazhit bud laska dorohu do…

Do you know where the… is? – Chy znaiete vy de znakhodytsia…?

Can you show me on the map? – Chy mozhete pokazaty meni na karti?

I`m looking for this address. – Ja shukaju tsiu adresu.

Here are some other questions you may want to ask:

What`s this? – Shcho the?

Have you got a minute? – U vas je khvylynka?

Can you help me? – Chy mohly b vy meni dopomohty?

It is also good to know some Ukrainian phrases for extreme situations:

Look out! Be careful! – Oberezhno!

Help! – Dopomozhit!

What`s the matter? – V chomu sprava?

Are you alright? – Vy v poriadku?

Is anything wrong? – Shchos stalosia?

Ukrainian phrases for medical problems:

I need a doctor. – Meni potriben likar.

Call an ambulance! – Vyklychte shvydku!

I`ve cut myself. – Ja porizavsia.

I`ve burnt myself. – Ja obpiksia.

I`ve hurt my leg, arm, head. – Ja poshkodyv nohu, ruku, holovu.

We do hope that you will never need the following phrases, still, in case any crime happens you can use these:

Call the police! – Vyklychte politsiju!

My wallet/phone has been stolen. – Miy hamanets/telephon vykraly.

I`ve been mugged. – Mene pohrabuvaly.

I`ve been attacked. – Na mene napaly.

In case of fire you may need the following:

Call the fire brigade! – Vyklychte pozhezhnu!

Fire! – Pozhezha!

The building is on fire! – Budivlia horyt!

Some other problems you might have:

I`m lost. – Ja zablukav.

I can`t find my… – Ja ne mozhu znajty…

keys – kliuchi

mobile – mobilnyi

Phrases to impress a lady:

I like you. – Ty meni podobaieshsia.

Koshenia, kotyk – kitty. These Ukrainian terms of endearment sound tender and playful.

Zaychyk, zayunia, zayushka (some of endearment words) – rabbit.

Lapochka, lapulia, lapusik – lassie.

Mylashka, myla – cutie.

Pryntsesa, koroleva, korolevyshna, tsarytsia – princess, queen.

Tygrenia, tygriulia – tiger.

Krasunia – beautiful in Ukrainian language.

Ridna, ridnenka – my dear.

Lialechka – my doll.

Yangoliatko – angel.

Pupsyk – kewpie doll.

Rybka – fish.

Bdzhilka – bee.

Lastivka – swallow.

Zolotko – gold.

Tsukerka – candy.

Myshka – mouse.

Kulbaba – dandelion.

Ty naikrashcha u sviti – you are the best in the world.

Ty v mene yedyna. – You are the only one for me.

Ty dlia mene naikrashcha – You are my number one.

Ya zavzhdy budu poruch. – I will always be there for you.

Compliments to girls are a very important part of showing attraction, romantic feelings and attention. But the way you deliver a message is much more important. It`s very flattering to hear good words about your appearance, the way you talk and smile.

It`s a perfect way to break the ice on the first date, saying how beautiful she looks, what a gorgeous dress she wears and matching hairstyle. Be genuine, don`t sound cliché and just for the sake of saying. Say something pleasant from your heart and she will appreciate it. Avoid using the same approach every time.

Here is a list of the best compliments for a girl:

  1. Your smile makes my day.
  2. You are my sunshine. I start my day thinking of you.
  3. I like the way you talk, I could spend hours chatting with you.
  4. You are my world.
  5. The smell of your perfume takes to me to wonderland.
  6. My heart beats faster when I see you.
  7. You bring a spark to my life.
  8. You are a masterpiece which I am not able to resist looking at.
  9. The time I spend with you is just a moment, but apart from you takes forever.
  10. Your eyes are my ocean, so deep and beautiful.
  11. If I chose only one song to listen to all my life it would be your voice, because it`s the best melody.
  12. Be careful not to say some nonsense, which is going to bring disappointment. I will share with you some compliments not to use:

    1. Exaggerating compliment. It is good to compliment a lady sincerely, not faking it or exaggerating. For example a lady appeared in the restaurant in jeans and T-shirt, she had some force majeure and couldn`t manage to come in a dress and high-heeled shoes. You look at her and say: “Wow! You look extremely gorgeous today!”. First of all, she might think it is a sarcasm and you might put a lady in an awkward situation. Instead you may just say: “You look beautiful as always, I am very happy to see you”. Do not give “desperate compliments” just because you have to. It should be natural and come from your heart.
    2. “You look stunning for your age!” Age is a sensitive subject and it might be interpreted differently. What if she is younger than you think? It is a tricky topic, it is better to say: “You look gorgeous. I am a lucky man!”
    3. “You look much better now”. Seems like an innocent compliment, but still it might cause some misunderstandings. I remember a situation when me and my best friend were walking in a park and a handsome artist offered to draw a picture of my friend. He was flirty and charming. While he was drawing her, they were chatting, she was eagerly telling him about her travels and showing pictures from all around the world. And he said looking at one of the pictures in Bali where she was the happiest person that it is beautiful, but now you look much better.

      She was puzzled and then told me that this compliment offended her, because that picture was taken just one month ago and she really liked it. She started to doubt herself: “Was I looking that bad one month ago? Maybe that’s why I broke up with my boyfriend? Or was he just insincere about his compliment and I do look bad now too?” I calmed my friend and said that the guy was just being flirty and didn`t mean to hurt you at all. She seemed to believe me, but still was thinking about that compliment for a long time.

    4. Compliments with double sense. “This black dress looks perfect on you, it suits your personality”. In the first part you compliment her appearance, but second part gives her doubts what you really meant by this. In fashion black color means trendy and elegant. In psychology black implies intelligence, seriousness or even negativity, so which three of these character traits are you hinting on?
    5. “You are soooooooo sexy.” It would be not the best compliment on a first date. It might seem creepy or show that you are too focused on sex. You may keep it for later, when you get to know each other better and when you establish a level of intimacy. Be careful with intimate compliments and women. You may be excited by her looks and would like to express your overwhelming emotions. There are many ways to emphasize her sexuality indirectl

    Good compliments help to break the ice on a date, make her feel good about herself.

    The last Ukranian phrase will be the only one, but, to my mind, it is the most important thing you might say to your Ukrainian girlfriend in Ukrainian:

    Will you marry me? – Vykhod za mene!