15 Compliments for Girls

Compliments to girls are a very important part of showing attraction, romantic feelings and attention. But the way you deliver a message is much more important. It`s very flattering to hear good words about your appearance, the way you talk and smile.

It`s a perfect way to break the ice on the first date, saying how beautiful she looks, what a gorgeous dress she wears and matching hairstyle. Be genuine, don`t sound cliché and just for the sake of saying. Say something pleasant from your heart and she will appreciate it. Avoid using the same approach every time.

When is it more appropriate and how to compliment a girl?

Imagine a lady spends hours to prepare to meet you, must probably buys a new outfit, finds matching shoes, a bag, make up. She is arriving stunning, but still a bit nervous. Upon arriving a man meets a lady with a spark in his eyes saying: Wow! You are gorgeous! I am so lucky to sit next to such beauty. There is no specific hour for compliments to give to a girl, it will be appropriate to mention at the moment you see each other to set up a good mood, while seeing each other and at the end of the date.

Here is a list of the best compliments for a girl:

  1. Your smile makes my day.
  2. You are my sunshine. I start my day thinking of you.
  3. I like the way you talk, I could spend hours chatting with you.
  4. You are my world.
  5. The smell of your perfume takes to me to wonderland.
  6. My heart beats faster when I see you.
  7. You bring a spark to my life.
  8. You are a masterpiece which I am not able to resist looking at.
  9. The time I spend with you is just a moment, but apart from you takes forever.
  10. Your eyes are my ocean, so deep and beautiful.
  11. If I chose only one song to listen to all my life it would be your voice, because it`s the best melody.

Recently I was talking to my female friend and she was telling me about a date. It was their third date with a guy, he is handsome, dressed smart and was already waiting in the restaurant. She made a comment that he looked gorgeous and she liked his jacket so much. He was surprised and said that he has never received a comment from a lady before concerning his appearance and it is a very nice feeling. Guys also like to hear pleasant words, don`t you? Will it be pleasant to hear from your girlfriend that you are an excellent driver, a real man and look sophisticated? I bet so, it`s more or less equal among both males and females. Ladies want to hear phrases more often. Sometimes it seems so insignificant to mention a nice dress, shoes or make up, but it gives so much confidence and motivation to be even better.

Sometimes comments are not only about appearance. For example your girlfriend is in the process of doing a project, be interested in what she is doing, encourage her by saying: I am so proud of your results, you are so talented. It`s so important to receive encouraging words from your partner at such periods of life when you need it the most.

Women love when a guy enjoys their home made food. There are many good compliments for girls:

  1. Your food is amazing, darling.
  2. It is the best pancake I have ever tried in my life.
  3. You might add magic while cooking. It`s always so tasty, what`s your secret?
  4. I am the luckiest man on earth to have such a talented girlfriend.

You shouldn`t exaggerate while giving comments. Girls love compliments, but it`s always nice to feel natural, don`t push yourself. It`s not a task to complete as a must, there is no special rule of frequency, you shouldn`t do it exactly at eight in the morning, during lunch and before going to bed.

Just be careful not to compare her with your ex, mum or sister. Even if you say something nice, you cook better than my ex wife. Yes, there is nothing bad, but it is not very pleasant when you compare your partner with your past in any ways.

Ask yourself: how I feel about a girl? Express it through words and actions, keeping a spark between you forever. Even though you have been in long-term relationships, the importance of nice words don`t lose its value. It is vital during lifetime.