15 Most Important Dating Tips for Men

It is not a secret that ladies are more inclined to work on relationships and change to become an ideal lover. At the same time, it is much harder for men to figure themselves out, still, many of them want to improve and do whatever it takes to make their girlfriends’ dreams come true. In this article, we give some hints to gentlemen in a relationship as well as advice for single men, to help them become successful in love affairs.

  1. Never stop wooing your lady. Continue winning her heart. It is quite simple, still one of the most important dating rules for men. So never stop loving your partner and showing the girl your true feelings.
  2. Protect your own heart. Of course, you have to look after your lady’s feelings, still, be as careful with yours. Open your soul to the world around you; however, leave only one special space, which nobody else except your beloved can reach.
  3. The next dating advice for men is to always see the lady’s better characteristics. Focus on what you like about her. As, if you concentrate on what irritates you, you will be blind to whatever good things happen around. Focus on your love and it will take over your relationships.
  4. It is not your duty to change or correct the girl’s character. What you must do is take her the way she is, without waiting she might change someday. Still, if she does change, you should accept your beloved as the new person whether you like it or not.
  5. One of the most important points in dating etiquette for men is being responsible for the emotions. Your girlfriend does not owe you anything, neither she has to create your mood and make you happy or sad every day. You are the owner of your life and it is you who decides whether you are glad or not. And you are the only person able to find YOUR happiness. So, when you find it, share it with your beloved.
  6. Never hurry to blame your GF. If she has done something that brought about bad memories and emotions, spend some time analyzing what has happened. Clear your mind and then you might see she did not mean to hurt you.
  7. Just let your woman BE. When she is sad, do not start asking why and what’s happened. Just hug her letting understand everything is going to be OK. She must realize you are there and she can rely on you without any explanations. Be near, stay strong, let your woman know you are staying in spite of everything.
  8. Not much men dating advice tell you to be here and now. It is substantial not only to devote your time but be absolutely attentive to your lady. Be with her physically and mentally when you are together. Treat her as the most VIP client at work as she IS your VIP.
  9. Wish for intimacy. Make your partner admire your manhood, strength, and passion. Reach the deepest parts of her soul. Let your dear be tender, gentle, and feel she is a real woman protected by a safe superman.
  10. Do not be an idiot, neither be afraid to look like one. Both of you are bound to make mistakes, therefore do not turn it into a storm in a teacup and learn from your failures. Nobody expects you to be MR. Perfect. Just try not to behave too foolishly.
  11. The next of our date tips for guys may seem too obvious. However, lots of men forget about it. Remember to leave your girlfriend some personal space. Even if you feel great together and need no one else, believe me… there are moments, when she needs to change the picture: communicate with friends or do some sports. This helps refresh. At this very time, you can do the same things.
  12. Be open. If you want trust from your woman, you must be ready to share with her too. Even if it is not pleasant to share some of your failures, do it. She must be ready to cherish both your bright and dark sides. Take off your mask, show real you. It is only then you will get a chance of experiencing true and relaxed emotions.
  13. Never stop developing and working on your relationship. Even if everything is fine now, it can change quickly. So, you should find common ambitions, dreams, future plans, and do whatever it takes together to reach your mutual goals.
  14. Do not worry about money. Accept it: money is something that comes and goes. It’s just a game. To win it, you must not quarrel, quite the contrary; support each other and you will win!
  15. Finally, when you start seeing a girl, focus on your future instead of carrying the burden of the past. Do not let your “history” possess you as it holds you back and prevents you from becoming happy. Forgive it and move on. Always choose romance!

Well, it seems to me, this advice for single guys or for men in relationships could be of great help to those, who have a strong desire to keep the fire burning. You could go through rises and falls, still, if you learn to analyze and accept everything that happens as well as learn from mistakes, you will get enough strength to always see the perspective and revive your endearment even if you feel it has gone.

Valeria Matsckevich with Love.