My dear men, you are so nice and sweet. Believe me, we, women, do not imagine our life without you! Still, sometimes we are ready to kill you! Do you want to know why? Then read this article and, please, never ever do the following things.

  1. The first thing that baffles women about men is drinking blind. Imagine: you tumble into the apartment at dawn, slam the door, take off your shoes loudly, go to the bathroom LOUDLY, you do EVERYTHING LOUDLY, even breathe loudly at such moments. Next time you have an evening out with your friends, think of drinking fewer pints of beer. It is quite normal to be a little tanky, while being dead drunk is quite different!
  2. Thinking that cooking is women’s responsibility. Are you serious? You have your hands and head on its place. Why do you think we are the ones who have to cook? We work just like you, so it also takes us time. That is why, you could think of what to cook for dinner in advance and surprise us the other day.
  3. Your staring at other women is something that REALLY baffles women about men. We are not blind and surely notice when you are looking at a pretty waitress in a café. Please, do not stop it, but make it so that we could not see it.
  4. Missing out on work about the house. It is clear that everyone has a different definition of what a “mess” is like. Still, be so kind as to clear up the mess in the flat, especially if your better half tells you to. Just do it and you will see how happy your girlfriend will be!
  5. Watching “real men’s” programs and movies only. Your girl already knows that you are a football fan and likes watching movies about cars and war. You have seen them hundreds of times, but… can’t you let yourself make a nice evening for HER… pour a glass of sweet wine and turn on some drama like “Gone with the wind.” Isn’t it good for a change?
  6. Leaving dirty plates in a sink and not clearing up after your activities. Yes, another thing connected with “cleanliness” which baffles women about men is when they leave dirty dishes and glasses in the sink. You will not disappoint your girl if you wash them up. It is also “nice” to find your nails after you cut them. You have shaved and left your stubble on the washbasin, haven’t closed the tube of toothpaste… Can’t believe that there are men, who behave like this… Please, respect the place where you live and the girl you live love me
  7. Not going shopping for food with us is also something that irritates girls. Do you hate shopping? It is OK. We are strong enough to bring these heavy bags full of products home. But do not be surprised if you do not find your favorite food in them.   
  8. Snoring all night long. Oh dear, we, girls, do understand that you are not doing it on purpose. But if you know that all you need to do not to snore is sleep lying on your back, why don’t you do it?
  9. Picking your nose, ear, teeth, etc. No matter from which part of your body you are trying to get something out, for goodness sake, do it in private. We understand that it may be natural, still let us not see it.
  10. Leaving your hair on the soap. We, actually, don’t care where it comes from. Just make sure, it will not be there next time, will you?
  11. Asking where your things are. “Darling, do you know where my black sock is?” “Haven’t you come across my screwdriver?” asking this one or two times is normal, but if you are asking this once again and again, this is absolutely baffling. Do you really believe women know where you put your things? Or, maybe, they hide them from you?
  12. Spending ages in the toilet. Dear men, of course anything can happen, still we doubt that every visit to the toilet must last at least half an hour. Maybe it is where you hide from us preparing a global toilet plot? 😉
  13. Sniffing your clothes before putting them on. Do you want to know why it baffles women about men? Firstly, because it does not look nice. Secondly, we just do not understand why one needs to sniff clothes. If they have just been washed, they smell washing powder, if you have been wearing them for a few days, they will surely have unpleasant smell. Not very surprising, right?
  14. Playing computer games. This is quite interesting and we, girls, like it too. Still when you are playing a game, you are forgetting about real life. Remember, we are real and when you are at home we want to talk to you, not to look at you killing another enemy on the screen.
  15. Not keeping promises. What especially irritates is not that you don’t do what you have promised, but your inventing reasons why you cannot do it. If we, women, promise something, we find the way to do it. That is why, if you say that you will call at 6, do whatever you can, but call your girlfriend. Or do not even say this.

It is absolutely clear that it is not possible to find a perfect partner and there will always be something that baffles women about men (and I am 100% sure there are a lot of things that make you mad about us women), however you can think of meeting your woman halfway at least sometimes, since compromise is the groundwork of happy relationship. Who knows, maybe after your helping HER with shopping or cleaning the house, she will give you a night to remember!