20 Ways to Love Big In Your Relationships

My dear reader, tell me, how often do you make small acts of love to your dear? Without any reason, just because you want to make your beloved feel cherished? Having thought a bit, you might conclude with surprise you are not that generous in revealing your true feelings. It is absolutely true routine makes us distant from our close people, and we end up talking on the phone or giving a quick must-be kiss. Let us do something about it. If you do not want your romance to fade go through this article to learn how to feel love in a relationship and let your better half know about it.

The most important thing bot for you and your dear ones is to use all possible and, sometimes even impossible, ways to let each other know what is inside you. Words are not always the best way of making your girlfriend happy; sometimes you need to do something special. Some men stick to traditional methods, others choose more creative and modern ones. It is up to you to decide which of the following ideas you will choose to answer the question: “how to make my girlfriend feel special, loved, and desired?”

  1. Cute nicknames.
    I am sure you will hardly find a woman, who gets irritated when a boyfriend kindly calls her babe, love, sunshine, princess, etc. (of course if she is not the twentieth princess, cutie pie, or love bug on your list). A lady can sense when she is just one of many and in such a case such nicknames sound disgusting and are not among the ways to make your girlfriend feel loved.
  2. Stop being a storyteller and become a magician.
    It is, actually, one of the sweetest things to do for your girlfriend. And this is why we, girls, not just love, but worship our boyfriends. There is a Russian cartoon showing a man, who promises his wife to “Get the star from the sky” while she is doing all the housework. So, don’t become such a person. We, ladies, appreciate gentlemen who do not promise heaven on earth but gradually create this paradise, which, by the way, can start in a small hut, not in a palace.
  3. Play the guitar.
    The first time I understood I fancied a guy was when I heard him play the guitar and sing. I knew, understood, and appreciated all his strengths, but it was the hoarse modulations of his voice that shifted some layer in my head, and I realized that I had been head over heels in love for a long time! And now I well understand the fans chasing popular singers – well, what can we do? A man with a wonderful voice is very, very sexy.
  4. Hug.
    “How to show love to my girlfriend?” you ask me… Hug her after wild sex, give your shoulder to cry on, or let her just “duck” into your armpit, which could let the lass understand you support her.
  5. Do not throw your socks around the flat.
    Socks lying around the house have become a symbol for women, a brand name, and a reason to neglect a man. They have become almost a measure of family life. We, of course, know this sin is ours too, but we will never stop expecting one fine day our husbands will regularly and carefully send socks along the route “legs – laundry basket” rather than “legs – floor”.
  6. Praise your soulmate’s cooking skills.
    How to make your girlfriend feel appreciated? Accept the following fact: the desire to feed the chosen one is inherent to ladies at the genetic level. Every day we get sophisticated in the kitchen, preparing consommé for the first course, ratatouille for the second course, and tiramisu for dessert, driven exclusively by female instincts. After all, when we please a man with such a gastronomic orgasm, we are flattered to hear: “Thank you, darling, well, you are a craftswoman!” This inspires and encourages new culinary feats – in the name of him, the only one.
  7. Be jack-of-all-trades.
    We want a guy to be perfect in everything! In my eyes, a man’s rating will drop significantly if he cannot repair an outlet, nail a plinth or fix a leaking faucet. Or, at least, solve this issue in a different way. A handyman, especially if he possesses all of the above abilities, receives another bonus in the piggy bank of respect for him.
  8. Let her be a little girl at any age.
    Each of us needs to feel her own, as psychologists say, “inner girl” from time to time. No, it is not about stomping our feet, or arranging “games people like to play”. All that is needed at this moment is to hear: “Well, what’s wrong, my girl?” And even if the “girl” has gray hair and grandchildren who go to school, she will still feel the happiest.
  9. Let your foreplay last as long as possible.
    Although we adore giving free rein to our feelings and instincts during this fascinating activity -sex, most of all we adore when blouses-skirts-stockings are slowly removed from us, then caressed for a long, long time, without removing the last obstacle in the form of a bra with panties, kissing all the places from head to toe, fingering our hair, breathing in our ear, whispering affectionate and exciting words, pouring champagne, teasing with strawberries, seducing with ice, restraining our impulses, leading to ecstasy, well, and so on, for which there is enough imagination. We love men for understanding how we function. And if you find an individual key to each of the locks, you could understand how to make your girlfriend feel wanted.
  10. Listen.
    The fair sex love with their ears, while males are not quite talkative and mostly do not tend to loooooong conversations, which their GFs like so much. Therefore, there is nothing left to us, but go to our mom or friends and cry on their shoulder dreaming that one day our beloved would at least listen to us. We adore guys able to spend hours listening, not to say joining our monologue, since this is how to make a girl feel important.
  11. Give us flowers.
    Flowers are undeniably one of the widespread ways of how to make a girlfriend happy; however, it does not always work well. They tend to fade
  12. Send us secret notes.
    These are not love letters, of course, but are quite a good idea of how to make a woman feel special. Write some nice words to your dear and put them in her pockets, bag, anywhere. It is not necessary to be a poet or writer, still, when she finds your message in the middle of a busy day, she will definitely smile.
  13. Surprise!
    Such a surprise has a very powerful effect. Especially if one of the lovers cooked it. You know so much about each other, prepare something for her. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a big gift or a small one, the main thing is to think over everything.
  14. Breakfast in bed.
    Breakfast It’s just a super idea! And it is most suitable if you both have a day off and are going to spend the whole day together. But remember, you cannot wake the GF up too early, otherwise you will ruin everything.
  15. A photo collage.
    Create a photo album with the brightest and most beautiful shared memories. By the way, this will be a great gift for a celebration, because you will put a part of yourself there and give a lot of warmth.
  16. Be interested in your soulmate’s on-goings.
    Sincerely, from the heart. It is not necessary to be aware of all the working ups and downs, but it will be pleasant for your GF if she can tell you about the problems and achievements in work, knowing that you are aware of who Black is and who Donelli is, and where the head office of her enterprise is located.
  17. Support rather than criticize.
    Perhaps this is one of the most significant ways to love big. Close people always expect support from us, even if they are wrong, imperfect, or frankly screwed something up. Don’t criticize your woman, even if you can see where her failure is. Instead, tell your dear that you support her in any situation and your love won’t diminish because of a mistake.
  18. Prepare the lady’s favorite dish.
    Not an omelet or a sandwich, but an apricot pie, for example. Something that your sweetheart loves, but for which there is often not enough time. Food prepared with love is filled with special energy, it is always especially tasty, and she will definitely feel it. (even if you are not a great cook; it will be even more touching).
  19. A gift without a reason.
    We would be dishonest saying that you are the best gift for us. Generally, it is so. Still, we do need this gold bracelet, a bouquet of flowers, or a bottle of perfume as material proof of your affection. It is so vital because by making a present to us, you mark your territory saying: “See? This babe is mine!”, which is veeeery flattering.
  20. The magic words “I love you”.
    Over time, when we get used to each other, the acuteness of feelings disappears and the need to talk about affinity decreases. But just imagine – in the morning you wake up, and your GF says “I love you” instead of “Good morning”. Captivating? Definitely. Therefore, say it, as often as you can, say you love your lady because this is pure truth.

Valeria Matskevich With Love.