Diolli.com is a professional boutique matchmaking service founded in 2008. From the very beginning I knew that I wanted to create a truly efficient high quality offline dating service that would help international singles find each other. At the very beginning we have experimented with the format of work, which has taught us a lot: what will work and what will work the best to fulfil the needs of our clients. Diolli.com is a first real professional matchmaking agency in Ukraine acknowledge by industry. After we have won the Best Matchmaker Award at iDate 2016 in Miami, the USA many dating agencies in Ukraine have decided to change their traditional “marriage agency” or “dating agency” into matchmaking agency in Ukraine. So diolli.com can be called a real trendsetter at the dating market of Eastern Europe.

Right now lets return to our main topic and discuss 4 main principles of

Diolli.com – professional matchmaking agency in Ukraine

Every client is a VIP

At diolli.com we offer our clients several service packages. They are different based on the number of coaching hours, the exact number of dates and matches that we oblige to provide, the requirements regarding potential matches, etc. Despite the fact which service package the client ends up choosing we will treat EVERY client as a VIP. Of course if the client chooses simpler package than VIP package he receives less number of services, but they would still be performed at VIP level.  Diolli.com is a premium matchmaking agency in Ukraine and we provide individual premium matchmaking services.

The “wow” factor

We try to exceed expectations of every male client. Not only we will fulfill all the services guarantied by the agreement, but also we always try to go over the top and to please the client in the way he hasn’t expected.  So often we hear from our clients that they have received so much more than they have expected. As the first boutique matchmaking agency in Ukraine we try to treat our clients the way we would like to be treated if we were the customers. Because we strongly believe that our clients have the right to choose among the best.

We are responsible to a client if we say “yes” to him

It is not a secret that before suggesting a potential client to sign up with Diolli.com – a premium matchmaking agency in Ukraine, we organize the first free interview with a potential client. Usually all first interviews are conducted by me personally. During this interview I try to find out more about the potential male client, his goals and expectations regarding the search of the best half, relationship, international dating and matchmaking process. It is important for me to understand if we can conduct a good service for each exact client and deliver him what he wants and needs. Each case is unique but of course there is a certain pattern. For example if during the interview I find out that expectations of a potential matchmaking client regarding dating Ukrainian ladies are too high and unrealistic I would suggest him coaching, but won’t sign him as a matchmaking client.

As a founder of the professional boutique matchmaking agency in Ukraine I value our reputation and love keeping our success rate high. So from time to time we have to say no to a potential male client if we see that what he claims he wants and needs is not something we can deliver or what our female members expect from us. For example, if a gentleman in his 60s wants to be introduces to a 19 years old virgin bikini model we won’t take him as a client, because we don’t want to give him false hope and to waste his time. On the other hand if we have said “yes” to a client we would do our best to exceed his expectations and deliver the best service.

We don’t conduct negotiations with terrorists

Usually our new cupids are confused by this principle. What does professional boutique matchmaking agency in Ukraine diolli.com have to do with terrorists? We all know that dealing with such topics as feelings, dating, search for a life partner are very emotional and truly touchy. Sometimes people tend to get too emotional.  I will explain on the example. Several years ago we have been working with a gentleman in his early 60s. We were conducting introductions with the ladies in their 40s so the age gap was quite big about 15-20 years.

We don’t introduce couples with such a big age gap often, but in this exact situation the gentleman really was in a great physical form, he was good looking, well-travelled, had many interesting exotic hobbies and spoke several foreign languages so I was really confident that younger ladies would be attracted to him. It turned out I was right. Out of 5 introductions that we have provided 4 ladies were really interested in the gentleman and he has established relationship with two of them. One of the ladies has travelled to his city to meet his friends and family. They have also spent a week on sightseeing together. After this trip the lady has texted us that she thought he was the one, because he was so thoughtful and attentive and also sex was really good. But our male client was not in a hurry to make up his mind and he has decided to spend more time with the second lady. She has invited him over to her country house and has introduced him to her friends and family. According to the lady they have spent a wonderful 10 days vacation together. She said that he was super attentive, romantic, thoughtful, really great in bed and they have discussed future and made some plans. You can imagine my surprise when our male client has emailed us and demanded more dates because in his opinion none of the ladies we have introduced him to were “attractive enough”. We were really shocked. We knew that he kept in touch with 4 ladies out of 5 and with two of them he was making plans to meet again soon. He had sex with two ladies we have introduced him to while he did not find them attractive? This doesn’t make much sense, does it? The gentleman has continued demanding extra free dates from us. In such cases we always stick to our agreement that we sign with every our client not only protect the interests of the client, but also to protect our interest. Each agreement includes the exact number of dates that oblige to provide, the exact requirements regarding potential matches  (age, level of education, etc.) and other right and obligations of the parties. But if our dear client gets too emotional and demands something unwarranted – we do not negotiate.

I hope these principles have helped you to understand the first premium boutique matchmaking agency in Ukraine diolli.com much better! We love combining traditions with new modern novelties in matchmaking and dating coaching. We never forget that we work with love!

Svetlana Mukha, with love