5 Mistakes To Avoid When Dating a Beautiful Ukrainian Woman


Relationship…what do you think of first hearing this word? If someone asked me such a question, hard work and patience would be two things to come to my mind. It might seem quite an easy task to love and be loved by someone. However, if a man and a woman intend to keep their interest for each other burning, they literally have to work to make it come true and escape the following mistakes.

Jealousy is the first thing that has the power to break whatever relationship you have created.

Being a teenager, asking about anything connected with your desire to learn about the girlfriend’s circle of communication like “Who was that guy? Why are you talking to him? Who was on the phone just now? Who did you text to?” are a sort of showing your true feelings and young girls really like such behavior. We do discuss things like this and the one whose boyfriend is more jealous is the coolest in the company. Everyone wants to be with so tough a guy.

However, if you ask a grown-up woman what she thinks of such conduct, you will surely hear negative comments. The only thing that such actions prove is that a man has really low self-esteem, is not self-confident, and behaving so he only tries to prove himself not understanding that he is poisoning their connection.

Of course, every girl will be pleased when her partner feels something like jealousy, but it must have reasonable limits. Therefore, when you feel a desperate wish to spy on your better half on social network sites, check her text messages or do other “crazy” things like these, throw all this nonsense away.

Further error and one of the worst things that a man can do is nag or complain. I cannot even express my personal feelings if my man constantly complained about his boss being a complete idiot and not appreciating his work. Another popular topic is politics, lockdown, the spread of COVID-19 and other deadly diseases all over the world, the … you must be joking! You must be a backup for your lady, her knight, a Superman willing to save the whole planet and solve any problem. Not an old grump!

Naturally, there is nothing bad about sharing your worries with the girl, still such moments of revelation must be quite rare, and, of course, do not blame your personal failures on the surrounding world, stay realistic.

The next point to mention is, in fact, one of the most important issues: being a real part of your lady’s life. It is not enough just to be near physically; emotional connection does matter too… It is very important for every woman to understand that her man takes an active part in her life, he is interested in what is going on with her, helps to solve minor problems. This makes her feel needed and loved. Therefore, showing no interest in your woman’s life or work will kill your relationship.

On the other hand, you should think about yourself as well, as your girlfriend is not the center of universe; balance your “being-there-for-you” time with time for solving your own problems.

The point I am going to mention next is not cherishing what she does for you. Unfortunately, a lot of men get used to what their girlfriends do for them and take all their doings for granted. However, keep in mind that your lady does not owe you anything. She is not your servant and is not obliged to wash and iron your clothes, clean the house or cook for you.

If you want to taste all the delights of relationship, remember to say “thank you” once in a while and do not let even the most routine thing stay unnoticed. Then your woman will always be your personal fairy ready to fulfill your whimsies.

To conclude, if you think that a desire to take over your girl’s life is the best thing to straighten things out, you are deadly wrong, my dear reader. If you do not trust your lady, why are you seeing her? Asking constantly about where she is going, who with and when she will come back can exhaust relationship built by two independent people, who have the right for some personal space. If you doubt the girl’s honesty, it is better to discuss any stuff with her, or stop seeing each other if there isn’t any trust between you.

As you see, having managed to attract a woman you must not sit back and chill out. You have to make a contribution to your relationship. Understandably, she has to work for it too. Therefore, if you have found the right woman to be with till death parts you, preserve your relationship.