Part 2. Entertainment and shopping


In the first part of the article you have read about the historical and architectural sites of Kharkiv. So, it is just the time to relax and have some fun. That is why this part is devoted to entertainment and shopping tourist attractions.

Reason to visit Kharkiv №1  – Green land

Generally, Kharkiv is known as an industrial centre. However many visitors, especially from abroad are not surprised with the powerful plants of the city, but with the amount of greenery around Kharkiv. It is true that even in the very centre, where the construction of a big office centre could bring big money to our government, there are a lot of trees and lawns. Needless to say that our forest park, which is in fact a real forest in the middle of a megalopolis, is the biggest one in Ukraine.

Near the forest park there is a children railway, where all the jobs – from the engine-driver to conductor- are done by teenagers. If you want to experience a journey above the tree tops, you can use the cable way, next to which you will find a botanical garden and a picturesque Sarzhyn yar – the main source of the drinking water in Kharkiv. So, there are plenty of places to walk and breathe the fresh air.

Reason to visit Kharkiv №2 – The battle of Zoos

If you visit Kharkiv, you will learn about its nature not only looking at the flora, but also see interesting fauna. In Kharkiv there are two zoos, one of which is the oldest in Ukraine. It has been in the center of the city since 1896 and contains 7000 animals of more than 400 species. Not far from it there is also a dolphinarium, where you can enjoy a dolphin performance and even swim with these creatures. If you want to see other sealife you can visit an Oceanarium which is in the same building.

The rival of the central Zoo is situated near the ring road outside the city. It is a private Feldman Ecopark. Its area is smaller, but in this zoo you can touch animals and play with a lion or tiger cub. Moreover, this park is free and young visitors also get ice-cream and drinks for free.

Reason to visit Kharkiv №3 – Kharkiv Disneyland

Another reason to visit Kharkiv is the central Gorky Park, which has become one of the brightest city attractions recently. After the reconstruction it hardly has any rivals in Ukraine and is not worse than other world famous attraction parks. It is the most beautiful and modern recreational park in the country.

The park is very clean. The territory is divided into thematic zones – children, Middle ages, extreme, etc. You can choose any ride you want: a breathtaking rollercoaster, a slow Ferris-wheel, which is 55 metres high, the house of horror with stunning special effects, etc. If you want a quiet rest, you can listen to music in the retro-zone or enjoy a cup of tea in one of numerous cosy cafes.

Reason to visit Kharkiv №4 – Mega shopping

When you visit Kharkiv, do not be surprised to hear that there is a big city in our city. It is a market called «Barabashovo». With its area of more than 75 actes, it is one of 15 biggest world markets. It has 16 parking zones, a medical center, a police station, several banks, a fire brigade and even its own newspaper. There are more than 20000 market stalls from which you can buy anything you need. So people from all Ukraine often come there.

However, if you are not a market fan, you can go shopping to many boutiques, which can be found in every street around the city, as well as in the shopping malls «Karavan», «Daffi», «French Boulevard». There you can buy food, clothes of different brands and have fun at the skating rink, play bowling, watch a movie in the cinema or have a snack in local restaurants.

Reason to visit Kharkiv №5 – The best specialised coffee house in Ukraine

If you are a coffee fan, you must visit Kharkiv and try a cup of coffee in our speciality coffee cafe «Kofein». Its baristas are the winners of many championships and any drink you will choose is made of the world elite coffee brands.

Finally, I want to assure you, that Kharkiv is a fantastic city not only because of its sights, but because of its friendly people. So, if you are still thinking whether to visit this city or not, you better stop, buy yourself a ticket and see everything with your own eyes.