5 more reasons to visit Kharkiv

You obviously know that Kharkiv is located in the Northeast of Ukraine and it’s quite easy to find it on the map. Are you looking for flights to the Kharkiv Airport (HRK)? It offers some useful amenities to travelers. The old terminal was built in the 1950s employing a neoclassical style. Nevertheless, with the selection of Poland and Ukraine to co-host the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship, a new modern international terminal was built.

It goes without saying there are plenty of things to do in Kharkiv and tons of opportunities to have fun in Ukraine. This article is devoted to a wide range of entertainments and shopping activities which are open to tourists and able to make your trip unforgettable.

The first reason to visit the first capital — Kharkiv most famous attractions

Do you know that the former capital of Ukraine has its own Disneyland among landmarks? Originally designed for horseback riding and nature activities, Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure today offers scenic walking paths, fountains, sculptures and a large amusement park suitable for all ages. Spread over a vast wooded area, the site was created in the 19th century; by 1932, its size had reached 130 hectares (320 acres). You can also play tennis here, grab a drink or dine at one of the restaurants or watch a movie at the cinema. Check the program of events in advance; numerous performances take place here.

The second reason — Parks and gardens

Internationally Kharkiv is associated with manufacturing and commerce, a reputation that has persisted since it was the third-largest center of industry in the USSR. However, a vast majority of foreigners are surprised with the amount of greenery around the city. Needless to say, our local forest park seems to be the largest one in the country.

Besides, there’s Shevchenko Garden starting almost from Freedom Square, one of the largest squares in Europe. This is the oldest park in the city, which was laid in 1804. And none other than Vasyl Karazin, the founder of the classical University, did it. It is now decorated with a central fountain, a cascade fountain, a mass of sculptures, monuments and memorials.

Should you want to experience a journey above the treetops, you’ll be able to use the cable way, next to which you’ll find a botanical garden and a picturesque Sarzhyn Yar — the main source of the drinking water. Therefore, there are a lot of places to walk and breathe the fresh air.

The third reason — The oldest Zoo in Ukraine

There are two zoos, one of which is the oldest in the country. Founded in 1896, it has been renovated in 2021. The central zoo contains 7000 animals of more than 400 species. Tourists can also enjoy a dolphin performance and swim with these fascinating creatures at the local dolphinarium.

Besides, let me advise you to attend Feldman Ecopark, a multilateral project that combines animal care and assistance, therapy for children, rehabilitation, research and educational facilities, as well as leisure for those who love nature. It offers a zoo, cosy cafes, a lake and many cool events for kids and adults.

The fourth reason — Fancy restaurants

Food culture is highly developed throughout Ukraine, Kharkiv is not an exception. The city is teeming with restaurants of all varieties and cuisines, from traditional Ukrainian food, to Italian, Asian and more. I can say all I want about Kharkiv’s dining scene, but it’s better to come and taste these delicious dishes. Most restaurants attract customers with bling, shiny settings, the lovely atmosphere and the quality of service and food.

The fifth reason — Super shopping

Kharkiv seems to be one of the most convenient cities for shopping. There are many souvenir shops, bazaars and market places for shopping. It’s a rich city in terms of shopping centers including outlets. Barabashovo is the largest clothing and retail market in Eastern Europe and offers great deals. In addition, big and fun shopping malls such as Karavan Mall, Dafi Shopping Center, Ave Plaza, Palladium Shopping Mall, Nikolsky and French Boulevard can be preferred for shopping. In these shopping centers, all kinds of products are sold from clothing to jewelry, furniture to electronics.