5 Most Important Talks for a Great Sex Life

The key to a better sex life is communication. If you are on the same page with your partner, you will establish great intimacy and won`t encounter many problems. Even though physical intimacy is not everything, it is very important too. Conversations about sex should be normal and not embarrassing at all, it is going to contribute to your understanding in a couple. Don`t sweep hard-to-tackle problems under the carpet, be open for talking about sex.

Each person is unique, even though there are some common features for females and males, we are all individuals. What turns one woman on, might turn off another. There should be a balance. There is no certain amount of times a day or a month you must make love, it is very personal. But if you want it every day, whereas your partner is fine with once a month, then there is going to be a problem. If you both are fine with doing it only once a week or three times per day, that’s fine too. The main thing you both meet your needs and desires mutually. In the opposite case, you are going to accumulate anger and dissatisfaction. If you don`t share, she will not know and think that it is ok. She won`t understand the reason of your bad mood, will overthink and stress herself too.

Amazing sex is not only about frequency, in order to have the best emotions, you have to establish intimacy, which is not just mechanical moves. Make your woman feel wanted not only when it comes to bed, give compliments, cuddle more, say “I love you” more often, be friends, go on dates, always keep the spark. A person you love should be a priority.
Let`s talk about the importance of sex in relationship. It helps to reconnect with a person you love on all levels including emotional. Show her what you like, experiment and be open to try new sex things in relationship in order to improve your experience. You should not underestimate it in your life, even though it is different for female and male. Women fall in love first and then go to bed, on the contrary men initially are attracted physically and then fall in love.

Communication about sex is vital, but when and where to talk? You should find a perfect time and place, when you are both relaxed and open. Do you think it is a good idea to start sexual talks while eating? I don`t think a lady is going to be flattered. It is not the best topic when you are hungry or tired. Neither in bed or just straight after making love wouldn`t be a good idea too. Intimate talks aren`t just about pleasure. You may touch such topics as how to tolerate differences of each other, don`t be offended if a woman says she cannot reach orgasm with you sometimes, let her explain why. It is good that she can be honest with you in order to make both of you happy, you should be ready for an open conversation.

Discussing such delicate questions might be intimidating, but there is nothing wrong in it. Most women are capable of climaxing, but it depends on the connection you established.

How to talk to your partner about sex? You may arise such topic over a glass of wine while watching some movie at one cosy evening. Don`t be shy to use some “naughty” words, it is not taboo. Bring up your phantasies, be receptive to your partner`s ideas too. Because if you want to bring to life an idea from “Fifty shades of Grey” and she told you before that she doesn`t like it, it is better not to push and find a compromise. By sharing your preferences and expectations, you improve the way to please each other. Be positive and don`t criticize, avoid using “You” all the time. Rather use “I would like us to….”, “It would be nice if we….”, “Let`s try this….”.

How to tell someone you want to have sex? Kiss each other, you will feel if a lady has the same emotions, if electricity runs through her body, she wants you. You can just say: “You are such an amazing kisser, you turn me on”. Depending on a woman`s reaction, you will understand if you should take it any further. Also sexting is going to hint on your desire of being intimate with your partner. It is a fun and flirty way to be connected with a girl, to start the fire before the real action. But do it when you really feel desire and you are comfortable, it is also good to make sure in advance if a woman is not at work or at an important meeting. Build a conversation gradually, starting with words and then continue with pictures. You can be free in making naughty compliments, reveal your desires and make it visual with pictures. You can also spice up your talks with audio messages, trying to lower your voice or send short videos to provoke imagination. Play a teasing game, don`t be too serious. Keep your SMS short and digestible, there is no need to write a novella. It is amazing ideas for couples to keep the spark.

Healthy sex in relationships is not only absence of transmitted disease and being physically healthy. It is being secure on mental, emotional and physical levels. It mutually brings you positive emotions and satisfaction, increases heart health, makes your immune system stronger, your level of trust becomes stronger too.

How to have a great sex? Here are 5 important conversations for a greater intimacy:

  1. Discuss your desires.
  2. Exchange your opinions on experiments in bed.
  3. Discuss what really turns you on.
  4. If you realize that a woman doesn`t always climax, carefully find out why.
  5. Speak up, if something goes wrong.

Intimacy is more than just a physical release, it is a way of connection with a partner.