5 myths about Ukrainian women looking for love abroad

“I`m not what you think I am. You are what you think I am”

There are so many myths about Ukrainian women. Some of them are good and some of them not really. Where is the truth about Ukraine? The truth is you can`t define people according to their nationalities, skin color or sexual genders.

Let`s dispel some of the myths about Ukrainian women.

  1. Every Ukrainian woman is looking for love abroad. It`s the biggest myth about Ukrainian women. Being in international marriage is more a challenge than a reward. Just think how many obstacles a lady should overcome in the beginning to be happy (or not) in the end. Language barrier, difference of mindsets, living far away from the family and friends, getting used to a different culture and cuisine, integrate in a new environment. All these factors are not very encouraging. It`s much easier to find a second half in Ukraine and live happily ever after. Everything unknown is scary, especially for those who don`t speak a foreign language, it is even more difficult. One of my closest friend Natasha got married to a local man, they have two daughters and she is only 31. When we communicate it seems like we are from two different worlds, I like travelling, she doesn’t. She has never been abroad and actually doesn`t really want to go. She is pretty comfortable having a family, she is not willing to open the horizons further than her own country. They prefer having vacation in the south of Ukraine every summer in the same place. They have been visiting it for the past 10 years since they met each other, they like coming every year and check how it has changed since the last time they were there and it is their family tradition. Of course not families are like that, but they seem really happy, there is something special and authentic about it. She is always surprised to hear my travel stories, asking a hundred of questions “how, when, where, why”. She says:” Where do you get the courage to travel? Sounds exciting, but I would never dare to do that.” I respect her point of view, even though I don`t share it. Once I asked her if she didn`t have a husband, would she consider dating a guy from abroad? She said definitely no. She was considering only men from Ukraine. She describes them as honest, reliable, supportive and caring. “I cannot imagine my life without my husband`s sense of humor. We love the same things and our children are raised in the same culture, which is great!”.
  2. Another myth about a girl from Ukraine looking for a wealthy overseas prince, because all men here drink “vodka” and have constant vacation on the couch with a remote control and TV. There are plenty of men in Ukraine who have a good job or own business, they are good looking, wealthy, understand our traditions and speak the same language. As well as they play golf, have different interesting hobbies and are active in sport. They do drink on special occasions such sophisticated drinks as liquors and other spirits like everywhere in the world. You would rarely see someone drink vodka in the restaurant, they would rather opt for a good bottle of wine. So, why should she look for love abroad if she has pretty good choices here in Ukraine or Russia. One of the main reasons they decide to share life with a foreigner is love.
  3. Every Ukrainian woman is dreaming to move abroad. Not every lady is ready to leave the country she was born in. Most people are patriots of the country and women too. Some females can`t even imagine how to raise children in a different culture and language. So as you see not a big percent of women who are ready to move abroad and start a new life far away from the family and friends. Among young generation there is a bigger percentage of ladies, who would like to move to another country, because they learn foreign languages and travel a lot. It doesn`t mean that the only option is to get married. They may study or work abroad. But as for females who are forty and above is going to be much more difficult. Less percentage of them would agree to leave everything behind and start everything from the scratch, but still some of them who wouldn`t mind moving under some circumstances. I know a single lady who is 45, she is divorced and now she is looking for a man. She has never been to another country before, so she is not even considering moving abroad. She has a house, which she has recently bought. She wouldn`t mind visiting other countries, but definitely not moving there permanently. Ukraine means a lot to her, her heart and soul belong here. I also have an example I would like to share with you. My friend moved with his wife to the USA, so they decided to bring their mothers there. Her mum was ok with moving, but his mum couldn`t cope with these changes. She is 55, doesn’t speak English and has never been abroad before. Even though she has watched movies about LA, she has never thought it might be real. Despite glamorous shops, skyscrapers and amazing lifestyle, she didn`t feel comfortable there and decided to return home. But despite the age, some ladies are courageous enough to change their whole life and move. One of our clients, who is 55 got engaged and moved to another country. She is really happy and doesn`t regret a single day about this decision. But before she was travelling a lot and learning English. It depends on the lifestyle of a lady.
  4. They want to get visa or an international passport. Nowadays it`s not a priority at all. Ukrainians have the opportunity to travel visa free to so many countries. There is no need to share life with a foreigner you don`t have any feelings to, just to travel visa free to a few more countries. Any Ukrainian can apply for a foreign passport and it costs 25$.
  5. They don`t mind the age difference. It`s a myth. Some women want to build a family with older men. It`s those who want to feel more secure or who didn`t have enough care and attention from their fathers. But usually the age gap is not big, they would accept 3-5 years difference.

To sum up all above said, all women are different, no matter where they are looking for love, their main goal is to find a man, who is going to love and care, make them feel happy and desired. They are educated, have a good job and want to have an equal partner to share the life with. Some of them find their significant ones inside the country, some outside. Both of them are equally happy.

You can`t range people according to the nationalities. You can`t say that all the Americans are cheerful and happy people but all the English people are depressive and boring. You attract the same people as you are. If you were cheated or scammed by someone in your life, first of all, you would think why did it happen to you? What actions led you to that situation. Maybe you were not honest with yourself, you were not honest in your intentions. Be honest, kind, full of love man and you are going to attract the right woman in your life.