Our lives turn around smartphones, gadgets, computers etc. Sometimes we don`t even notice where we spend more time in real life communicating with people face to face or in online life posting pictures on Facebook, Instagram, checking Twitter, chatting by Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram. We have started to meet people online, buy groceries online, study online, practice yoga online, date online and even flirt and seduce our partners online.

Let`s talk how to seduce her over text messages.

This topic is so relevant nowadays because of our rich and diverse online lives. The situation where you have never seen each other face to face but you would like to start conversation online.

It`s better to start your message from introducing yourself and writing the reason why you have decided to write her.

Very often ladies receive messages from stranger with a picture of flowers in it or just with one word “Hi”. Such sort of messages are replied by 10% of women. Do you want to be in these 10%? Of course not! That`s why you should spend two more minutes of your time and don`t be lazy to explain to the lady you are interested in, who you are and why you are texting her.

Real example of failed attempt to start conversation with a lady via text messages:

  • HB 2 months n` 30 days late, November 20th was mine” I needed some time to decrypt that first message from a stranger. The meaning of it was that he wished me a Happy Belated Birthday 2 months and 30 days later. He didn`t even say Hi, didn`t introduce himself, made tons of mistakes in spelling what is usually very important for ladies and they pay attention to it. Of course he didn`t seduce me with that message. I ignored it and received one more angry message from him.
  • Template letters. I will open a little secret now: ladies see when you just change the name and send her a template letter. It feels robotic.

Example: “Hi Helen. When I saw your profile I understood that you were the one I wanted to have a walk with on the beach under moon light, holding hands, looking in your deep eyes…”

What you have to do is just be yourself and write your thoughts, write how you feel at the moment.

  1. Your messages are your attention to beloved lady. Pay a little bit of your time every day and send her a cut messages to make her smile at the screen of her phone. Show that you are thinking about her. It`s not an excuse that you are busy at work. If you are really interested in the lady and want to keep in touch with her and seduce her you will find time to send a message. Am I right?                
  2. Do not play this usually girly game where if your message was last it would be her turn to write now. If you want to write your lady just do it. Don`t sit and wait for her replay. But don`t overdo it as well. She might think that you are a stalker and after that will be difficult to seduce her over text messages.
  3. There are some examples of flirty messages to help you to seduce your future second halfe:

-I can’t think of anything better than getting a reply from you.

-I want this message to be the reason you smile at your screen.

-Do you ever feel like something really great is about to happen? I kind of feel that way now.

-If you respond to one message today, let it be mine.

-Could you please reply to this message and make me feel like the luckiest person in the world?

-Rawr means hello in dinosaur. RAWR!

-I will always tell you when you have something in your teeth. That’s just the kind of person I am.

-My atoms are attracted to your atoms. It’s chemistry.

-I want to be the reason you look into your phone and smile.

-I was more excited to see your profile photo than pizza. And I really like pizza.

Good luck!