5 proven tips how to seduce her over text messages

Our lives turn around smartphones, gadgets, computers etc. Sometimes we don`t even notice where we spend more time in real life communicating with people face to face or in online life posting pictures on Facebook, Instagram, checking Twitter, chatting by Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram. We have started to meet people online, buy groceries, study, practice yoga, dating and even flirt and seduce our partners.

Let`s talk how to seduce the girl over messages.

This topic is so relevant nowadays because of our rich and diverse online lives and lack of time. What does it mean to seduce a woman in general? It is easier to seduce a woman in real life by looking at her with your mischievous look, playing with your smile, using body language and gestures, giving compliments and setting a playful atmosphere face to face, but how about words that seduce a woman? These days are gone when you can win a woman`s heart only by appearance and sixth packs fitness body shape. You should use your imagination and know some tips on how to text a girl.

Very often ladies receive messages from a stranger with a picture of flowers in it or just with one word “Hi”. It is proven fact that such sort of SMS are replied by 10% of women. Do you want to be in these 10%? Of course not! So you should spend two more minutes of your time and don`t be lazy to explain to the lady you are interested in why you are texting.

Real example of failed attempt to start conversation with a lady via text messages:

“HB 2 months n` 30 days late, November 20th was mine” I needed some time to decode that first text from a stranger in Facebook. He was trying hard to wish me a Happy Belated Birthday 2 months and 30 days later. He didn`t even say Hi, didn`t introduce himself, made tons of mistakes in spelling what is usually very important for ladies and they pay attention to it. I ignored it and received one more angry letter from him.

Template letters. I will open a little secret now: ladies see when you just change the name and send a template letter. It sounds cliche.

Example: “Hi Helen. When I saw your photo I understood you were the one I wanted to have a walk with on the beach under moon light, holding hands, looking in your deep eyes….”; “Dream about me tonight”.

Or “I have just seen your photos in social media. I cannot take my eyes of such a beauty. Do you do professional modelling?’’ and on reply “No I have never done modelling” you send a surprised emoticon with advice to try it, because it is really worth it. Do you think the only profession for a beautiful woman is becoming a model? Probably many ladies are tired of this question, so better avoid to be the next annoying person.

What you have to do is just be yourself and write your thoughts, write how you feel at the moment.

Your messages are your attention to a lady. Pay a little bit of your time every day to make her smile at the screen of the phone. Show that you are thinking about your woman. It`s not an excuse that you are busy at work. If you are really interested in the lady and want to keep in touch and seduce her, you will find time to send a message. Am I right?

How to seduce women? Try to win with witty jokes and a good sense of humour. Men who can use their sharp mind in appropriate way gain success. When your woman laughs at your jokes, especially when she doesn`t see your face, by just receiving your sms while going to work or being at home, you know how to make her day, it is already a part of success. You can combine fun with teasing text messages for her.

How to tease a girl through text messages? When you are physically next to each other, you can poke a nose, tickle and a lot of different things but what about distance teasing? Observe your girl`s habits while being together, and then you have some tools to tease her via Internet. For example “ I bet you are hugging that teddy bear of yours, I wish I was there instead of him, he is the lucky one”; Let`s imagine that every time you saw each other she was drinking that particular latte with a sprinkle of cinnamon. “How is my coffee lady doing today? Have you had your favourite treat in the early morning, if not the Superman is ready to deliver it to you right now”. Give a chance to tease you back. She might answer: “I hope my Superman won`t forget cinnamon on top? But please be fast because I want it hot.” You can develop the whole story out of it. Give a playful nickname to your girl, which makes her smile every time she reads and reminds of you only, make it special. Teasing itself requires confidence, shows that you are not afraid of saying something wrong and feeling awkward, you are confident in your actions and words. Women like that male feature.

How to talk to a girl through text?

  • Be an interesting communicator, but don`t be too persistent and annoying. You shouldn`t exaggerate and bombard with 100 messages per day.
  • If you are always the one who sends long texts and she just replies with “Ok” or “Nice to know”, probably she is not that interested in you and by sending more texts you will just annoy.
  • Be polite and respect timings as well. If you want to engage in a sexual conversation late at night and she is not ready or just sleeping, it is not a good idea. It must be a mutual desire.

What to ask a girl in a text?

  • Depends on what kind of conversation you are willing to get, choose your strategy:

  1. if you want it to be light and flirty, send a picture with a joke or just ask how the day is going;
  2. if you are willing to find out more about a woman`s personality, share the latest movie you watched and discuss;
  3. if you want to meet again, talk about places she likes, or tell about a new location opened in the city you want to visit and invite her there.

If you want to send seductive text messages for her stay away from inappropriate language and dirty jokes. Play with your imagination, give compliments not only about appearance but also about personality, set a desirable atmosphere, words are the power, use them wisely.