5 Reasons to Learn Ukrainian

Let’s imagine that you are going to visit one of the largest countries in Eastern Europe or, for instance, you have a girlfriend living in Chernihiv, the city of ancient Slavonic origin and culture or, probably, your great grandma was born in Ivano-Frankivsk and you would like to give your children reasons to learn Ukrainian. For example, my uncle Alexander from New York whose great grandparents emigrated from the USSR to the U.S. at the beginning of the twentieth century met an amazing Ukrainian girl and fell in love. Unfortunately, she wasn’t pretty fluent in English, so Alex gave their relationships some serious thought in the context of communication.
Therefore, the main question is why should you learn Ukrainian?
The first benefit
First of all, being able to speak with your sweetheart or relatives and colleagues in their language is a fabulous gift. To tell the truth, one of the emotional moments of our life is connecting with people and having personal conversations about what is essential to you with someone and feeling listened to and understood. Multilinguals proudly sport their ability to interact with a greater number of people. A strong command of languages makes you a welcome guest everywhere. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be surrounded by the hospitality of strangers? Would you like to build stronger relationships? It’s one of the rewards of overcoming challenges. Honestly, how hard is it to learn Ukrainian? It’s not that complicated. And it’s really worth risking.
The second benefit
Furthermore, you’ll get a chance to appreciate customs, history, arts and crafts of another country, opening up a new romantic world full of empathy and acceptance.
And what about travelling? Speaking Ukrainian a little bit, you’ll have an opportunity to investigate the country and connect with locals in a new way. It also opens doors for new friendships, romance, dates, working or studying. Isn’t it fascinating?
My uncle Alex had been learning Ukrainian for a few months before he went to Kyiv. He was self-conscious about his pronunciation and listening skills. However, his girlfriend was so touched by his efforts that organised the best river journey he’d ever had, according to him, at least.
The fourth benefit
Another undeniable benefit is the opportunity to enhance a wide range of skills including problem-solving. A foreign language speaker monitors changes in the world easily, they are more flexible and creative.
The fifth benefit
And last but not least, it’s time to strengthen your confidence. Any language learner makes mistakes discovering a new language. For instance, writing “how to learn Ukraine” instead of “how to learn Ukrainian”. Nevertheless, it’s a natural process. You are leaving your world behind, transcending this world. But let’s imagine the awesome feeling when you are understood.