What is the first word that comes to your mind when you hear the word Ukrainian? Is it the word “beauty”? 😉

After visiting Ukraine for the first time, many people get the desire to learn this language. And many of them come back with the ability to understand and to speak to local people. So why does it happen? Why do people want to learn Ukrainian and why should you do it, too?

  1. This language is very beautiful. As you may have already known, it is the third position in the list of the most beautiful languages. Have you already heard Ukrainian songs? I bet you have, even if you think you haven’t (The melody of Ukrainian lullaby “Oi hodyt’ son” was taken as a base by G.Gershwin and Ukrainian Christmas song “Shedryk” is quite widespread).
  2. If you learn Ukrainian, you can understand many other Slavic languages: Russian, Polish, Czech, Belarussian and other as they come from one language family. Ukrainian people really find it easy to understand their neighbors Polish and Belarussian even not knowing their language.
  3.  Ukrainian language is not that difficult. We don’t mean you will be fluent in three days, but despite many cases and rules, Ukrainian is not too complicated. You read all the letters the way they sound in the alphabet. You just read what you see, for example word лiкувати – you read it /liku`vaty/, just like it is written.

What is more, there are many groups of the words with the same root what make it easier to learn more words. Compare:

лiкар – doctor

лiкувати – to treat

лiкарня – hospital

лiки – medicine

Some resources state that you will be able to learn Ukrainian within a year, if you take intensive classes and study on a daily basis. Just as it would work with any other European language.  

  1. Ukrainian is spoken by millions inside of the country, as well as outside, in Canada (location of the biggest Ukrainian diaspora), USA and several countries of South America like BrazilArgentina, and Paraguay. The founders of this population primarily emigrated from Galicia, which used to be part of Austro-Hungary before World War I, and belonged to Poland between the World Wars. The language spoken by most of them is the Galician dialect of Ukrainian from the first half of the 20th century. Compared with modern Ukrainian, the vocabulary of Ukrainians outside Ukraine reflects less influence of Russian. Ukrainian is widely spoken within the 400,000-strong Ukrainian community in Brazil. So as you can see, if you learn Ukrainian, you will find common language with about 50 millions of people around the world.
  2. You will have an opportunity to communicate freely with the most beautiful women in the world and understand what they say without an interpreter. Can you imagine how surprised she will be to hear your melodic “Hi, my name is Brian, what is your name, are you an angel from Heaven?” but in Ukrainian? Oh, I am sure she will present you one of her most charming shy smiles in return for this phrase for sure. You can also ask the Ukrainian woman you like to help you to learn Ukrainian… isn’t it a good reason to get closer? 😉