It happened that you are in relationship with a single hot mama and it is getting more and more serious that you have started to think about the future together. This is the time to meet and impress her child. It is quite challenging and you should be prepared for that. It would be nice if you has started this process from the beginning. When you have just begun to date a lady with the child would be nice from you to bring a little present for her child on a date. It will help you to impress not only the child but it will help you to melt the heart of the mother as well.

When you are dating a single mother you should understand that her child goes first. But in other way you can be sure that she has a heart full of love that she would be happy to share with you.

The best way to impress a hot mama is to impress her child

Let`s discuss what are the best ways to do it

  1. Be kind, positive and open for communication. Children are very sensitive, they can feel easily if you fake your good attitude. Be kind to people around, show the child that you are a good guy. Ask more questions about the school, friends, hobbies, ask about the awards in sport and what interesting is going on in life in general. Smile more, don`t cross your hands and legs during communication with a child. Try not to speak very loud. Would be good to play a game with a child to set up connection. It could be an outdoor game or a board game.
  2. Children love presents. The best and easiest way to impress children is to give them the presents. Do you remember yourself in the childhood? I bet you were satisfied to get the presents. What you need to do is to ask about what the child likes or what is his/her hobbies and according to the child`s interests to choose a right present.     
  3. Sense of humor. Make jokes, laugh, keep smiling, behave as a child, be silly, children love it. Try to became friends with the child. Come up with the funny stories what have happened with you. Be easy going. You can be sure that it will impress the child.  
  4. Spend a quality time together. Arrange a day off in an amusement park, for example, enjoy the rides, eat ice cream, share a cotton candy. It will make a wonderful memories in the child`s head.       
  5. Take care about the child and the mother of the child. Make the kid feel special, pay a lot of your attention to the child. The kid should see your special attitude to the mother. But not overdo it because there is the possibility that child can be jealous.

Children are the most amazing gift what you can get from life. Just think about only several months ago you were alone and now you have got the chance to create the family who will meet you at home from work, who will love you and take care of you, who will make you happy every single day, who you will spend holidays with. Just imagine, your home will be cozy and warm and full of children`s laughter.