Nowadays it seems so easy to meet someone. You just need your smartphone and Internet access and in several minutes you are ready to swipe right and left, filter thousands of new smiling faces by height, age, eye colour and even political views or you just can text friends of your friends on Facebook. In theory with the globalization your chances to meet your perfect match are really high. Even if he or she lives in Tokyo or Kiev you are just one message away. In theory everything seems so easy, so why would singles need to hire a personal matchmaker if technology gives them extensive opportunities to do everything on their own for free?

How can a personal matchmaker make a difference?

Do you have this friend who is socially not awkward, good looking, easy-going, sweet, witty and successful professionally, but despite all these great qualities single? He or she is using online dating, goes out and doesn’t mind being introduced through friends, but still again ends up at the table for singles at a friend’s wedding listening to the old widow how she absolutely should introduce him or her to her freshly divorced niece or nephew. And this friend of yours politely declines the offer because last blind date arranged by the friend’s wife turned out to be a total disaster.  So do you have this friend? Have you ever been in his position?

Today we will discuss 5 signs that you need a personal matchmaker

  • You keep getting same unsatisfying results.  Different singles end up with different results, but the point is they are not happy with the outcome. Some singles spend weeks talking to someone online and never actually bring this online communication to the next level – face-to-face offline meeting. Other singles after exchanging several messages actually meet their potential soul mate in person just to experience another super awkward one hour long acquaintance that makes them wonder if they should date at all or maybe just be grateful that they have loving parents, wonderful friends, favorite job and maybe all they need is a Chihuahua or a Persian cat? How about a personal matchmaker?
  • Always stick to the same pattern. Do you feel like Bill Murray in the Groundhog Day? You exchange several messages, ask her out for lunch, share same stories, hear same questions, feel similar emotions and again absolutely lose interest after the date number three? She seems nice and interested, but again you can’t force yourself to pass through the “third date level” and like in an annoying computer game after failing at exactly the same place you have to start from the very beginning feeling totally frustrated. Or another scenario: after the date number two your dates keep giving you the same excuses: “I just don’t feel chemistry”, “You are a great guy and I would love to be your friend” or they just stop answering your messages and even block your number. Again you find yourself at the very beginning.  Could a personal matchmaker really help you break this time loop?
  • You always end up dating and breaking up with the same “wrong” type of people. We often hear people saying – “He or she is my type”, so we don’t think that it is wrong to have “our type” of people. I have a friend who has a thing for handsome narcissistic workaholic guys who keep breaking up with her right after she casually mentions she would love to “move in together / have a family / meet his mom / attend her friends wedding as a couple” giving her same excuses: “It’s not you it’s me”, “I am just not at that stage of my life yet and want to focus on my career”, “You deserve someone better than me”.  My friend became a real professional at picking up such guys and ending up with nothing. So could a personal matchmaker really get her what she actually needs?
  • You have tried it all. You have used ALL trendy dating apps and have a profile at all popular dating sites. You have watched numerous videos about pickup and modern dating and you have read several books about dating for busy professionals.  Perhaps you have even attended numerous speed-dating events and have a golden membership at a mail-order bride website, but at the end of the day you are still single. What about a personal matchmaker? Can a professional end your fruitless search?
  • You are using the same dating app for 3 years already. People can call you a veteran of Tinder or a mail-order bride website? You know by names all the customer service of your favorite dating site? Every Friday you pour yourself a glass of Chianti and debate whether to watch Netflix or spend an hour chatting to a stranger from Brazil? Online dating has turned into a routine for you? If the answers are “yes” and you are totally ok with such a scenario, then you can keep pretending that you have an active satisfying dating life. But what if you finally want to make a change? What if you finally want to meet someone real and special with whom you can share a bottle of Chianti, watch Netflix and make plans for Thanksgiving? In this case you should consider hiring a personal matchmaker.

Can a professional personal matchmaker really make a drastic change in your dating life? A personal matchmaker can’t introduce you to Megan Fox or Behati Prinsloo – they are out of the dating market. What can a personal matchmaker do for you?

  • Show you why you are getting same unsatisfying results in dating.
  • Suggest you ways to improve you dating strategy.
  • Show you how to break the pattern and bring your game to the next level.
  • Help you break the time loop.
  • Show you why you keep attracting “toxic” people.
  • Introduce you to the new type of people you have never dated.
  • Help you attract “right people”.
  • Save your time.
  • Prevent and reduce stress.
  • Get you real dates with high quality matches.
  • Show you the “other way” in dating.

Svetlana Mukha, with love