5 Signs You Have A True Soul Connection

A soul mate is a person whose mood and thoughts you feel, even if they are somewhere far away. You understand each other perfectly and feel the moment they think about you. And the idea you have known your beloved since times immemorial does not leave you.

If you don’t just live in the same apartment, but there is a strong spiritual and mental connection in relationships between you and your love, your life is already better than most of those around you have. Believe me, millions of people around the world could only dream of it.

Such a mental connection between two people is an invaluable gift … But you may not know you have it. In this article, you will find 5 signs that speak of a strong spiritual bond with your loved one:

  1. There are no secrets and “skeletons in the closet” between you, and you feel comfortable next to your lady.
  2. What is a soul connection? It is a tsunami that washes away all traces of lies and deceit from you. Your relationship simply doesn’t need it – even if it’s lying for good.

    If now and then one of you makes a mistake, you do not try to keep it a secret and tell about it, without worrying about how it might affect the relationship – because you know your partner will understand you.

    This is why, actually, you are incredibly comfortable with your dear. Your comfort zone is where you are together. You have a soul connection meaning there is incredible peace and tranquility when your partner is around; you stop worrying about all those little things which occupied your mind. You understand all this is not at all worth the worry.

  3. You have the same moral attitudes and goals in life and feel synchronicity.
  4. Soulful connection relationships, when a strong spiritual bond is created between two people, make their moral attitudes, family values, and life goals incredibly similar.

    And connecting spiritually with someone also means similarity of views on your future life as a family. In general, it gives you everything to live together till the end of your days, enjoying every moment.

    When your hearts are tied, you are much more likely to notice many events in your life are happening synchronously. This happens when both of you receive messages from the universe indicating you are on the right track and the universal consciousness wants you to do better.

  5. Your intimacy isn’t limited to physical contact and you attract each other intellectually.
  6. For you, intimacy is not only and not so much a sexual relationship. On a subconscious level, you know you can touch your woman’s heart just like she can touch yours in many different ways, as you are inextricably linked together.

    Having a deep connection with someone, your spirits communicate in so many different ways that a simple routine conversation seems incredibly romantic to you.
    How to know if two souls are connected? You must understand it is highly unlikely that completely different people would live as one happily… To do this, they must always have points of contact which bring them close.

    When you are inextricably linked spiritually, there is always an intellectual attraction between you. You easily spend long hours discussing any topic. You also share your problems, knowing two heads are better than one, and together you are able to always find the best solution.

  7. You heal each other.
  8. Among the signs of soul connection, this one is very significant. Couples, between whom there is a strong spiritual bond, are able to heal each other’s spirit. Even the mere presence of a partner has a beneficial effect on you. And if you manage to create your own method of mutual healing, it will eventually make you happier than everyone else in the world.

    Establishing a strong spiritual bond has the ability to heal all wounds in your heart, and also prevent new ones from appearing.

  9. You feel each other at a long distance.
  10. You know how your partner feels, no matter if there is a huge distance between you. You can tell if they are happy or not at a glance.

    You don’t even need to talk to them to understand something is bothering them, because your own heart tells you about it.

Finally, if you want to know how to connect with someone spiritually, read or tips to help you.

  • Increase Eye Contact
  • One of the saddest things to see is couples who don’t look each other in the eye. So, don’t become such a union.

  • Have “our time” every day.
  • Sometimes life is too overwhelmed to have the strength to maintain a relationship. One of the simple things you can do is set aside time every day in your busy schedule to be eye-to-eye with your beloved.

  • More touching
  • Physical touching is an extremely important element in creating a spiritual link. The energy we exchange is very binding and deepens intimacy with a partner.

  • Find Reasons to Laugh Together
  • Laughter opens your heart and instantly deepens your spiritual link. Learn to laugh at yourself, your partner, and together at one another – kindly and carefree.

  • Express Your Feelings Openly
  • Most broken relationships lacked openness in communication. This means the ability to express your thoughts and feelings honestly, with respect.

  • Love Yourself
  • The truth is that if you do not love yourself and do not accept who you are, you will try to win the unconditional love of your partner and impose on them endless expectations, demands, and beliefs about what they “should” be and how they “must” behave.

  • Forgive Past Grievances
  • Holding grudges and mentally “keeping track” of your mate’s misconduct is the surest way to ruin any relationship. The more you accumulate grievances, the more you isolate yourself and move away from your beloved.

Valeria Matskevich With Love.