You might know that international relationship isn`t for everyone. It`s mostly for very romantic people who knows how to wait and don`t rush things. It`s not easy to build a relationship on distance. You have to have a very stable nervous system, don`t be jealous and trust your best half who is waiting for you overseas. We have a very old and famous saying in Ukraine that equal to “Haste makes waste” but if translate it in English we will get something like if you hurry things up you will only make people laugh. We can use this saying to international relationship as well. How to understand that you are rushing things in international relationship? Is there a scheme (plan) that works for every international relationship? Unfortunately, there is not. International relationships are developing in different ways for every couple. It`s a very individual process that takes different amount of time for them.

There are 5 signs you are rushing in international relationship:

  • You want to discuss the future together on the first date.

You meet a lady at the restaurant for the first time in your life and feel a deep attraction to her immediately. You decide not to dance around the obvious and start discussing with her the possibility of future life together.  Why it`s better not to do it on the first dates? First of all because you are under emotions and can`t think clearly. Secondary you can scary the lady off with your pressure. Be careful, sometimes first impression can be deceptive.

  • You want to open her all your secrets before you even open a bottle of wine.

Don`t rush to tell a lady your whole life story at once. Especially don`t mention the disease and difficulties you had to survive in your childhood. Save that kind of information for later. Instead, ask more questions and try to know better your potential girlfriend.  

  • You want to introduce her to your family by Skype.

If she drops the call it won`t be a surprise. Don`t do such surprises before you didn`t agree it with your girlfriend. Meeting with the boyfriend`s family is a big step for Ukrainian girls. A lady should be ready for it. And it`s better to meet your family in real but not by Skype.     

  • You want your lady to leave her job to make a try to live together.

Try putting yourself on your girlfriend`s place. You can`t even know if your relationship works out or not. Could you leave your job in that case? It`s not that easy to find a good job in every country. So if you are not 99% sure that you want to spend the rest of your life with this lady, won`t make her leave her job because of you. Plan your meetings when she has holidays or days off.   

  • You want to spend your first vacation together at your family house with all the relatives in there.

In this case you won`t have enough time to spend together with your girlfriend and know each other better. It won`t be so romantic and passionate as it could be. Of course, it is your choice but I would suggest you to spend your first vacation together only two of you.

Don`t rush anything. If it`s supposed to happen, it will.